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(Ash's POV)

The moment I fall on the cold, rock hard floor of the ravine, I know that it's over. Calem might have lost the battle this time but at least he can still continue with his life. To save Serena was my only wish. At least we are both here, together, as angels watching over our friends and family. I still remember meeting her in the woods. The minute I took her back to camp, a small boy shot me a glare. One that said "Stay Away". I couldn't help it. Each day, I try to resist the urge to go find her, but eventually, my heart wins out. We would talk and laugh, have fun, play games, and sneak sweets after dinner. It was fun until we had to part ways. She left summer camp early to move to the Kalos region with her mother. I can't believe I forgot her, when time passed, I guess I started realizing that I had to move on with my life and forgot all about the girl in the straw hat.

My head still hurts. Every now and then, it replays the moments of our time together. The last thing I remember is her trying to tell me something at the airport. I was ushered away too soon. I don't get it though. I traveled with lots of girls before but I feel something different about her. Something no girl has given me before. A hope to one day settle down and live my life, telling stories of my adventure, sitting side-by-side with the person I love. I think about Serena's daughter for a minute. Her name is Cocoa but she was also Calem's daughter as well. How was she so nice? I guess she got that from her mother or Calem really is a nice guy but is the jealous type. I know I would be if someone rejected me like that. Serena didn't mean to though, we were kids. Then why did she like me? Just because I saved her in the woods. Anyone could do that. There had to be more. She can't possibly love me for that long. When we met up, I guess I did have a strange feeling in me. Well, I had just admitted it to her, I love her.

Where is Serena? Is she okay? We should both be here, right? I feel like this is my fault in a way but I know it's not. I just keep hearing voices in my head…..

Voice 1: He really hit himself hard…

Voice 2: You think?

Voice 1: Well, it's just really obvious

Voice 3: Stop it before you two start fighting again!

Ash: The bottomless pit…..I can see a light…..*blacks out again*

Hmm….Was that the real world? Am I being reincarnated? Becoming another person, someone that can admit their true feelings without hesitation. I sigh to myself. I wish I could see her face, she gives me hope. I'm starting to see white. I start walking towards it until I see three blurry faces. One is a blonde boy with glasses and a blue jumpsuit. The other is a younger girl with a small Dedenne in her pack. The last is a beautiful girl with honey-blonde girl. Her face turns to relief as I open my eyes. What is going on?

(Back to nobody's POV)

"What happened?" Ash asked groggily. His eyes were drooping and he could barely see. His vision was still unclear but he knew that they were his friends.

"You crashed into a rock wall while getting pumped up for a gym battle" Clemont explained while he adjusted his glasses.

"Then, I blacked out, didn't I" Ash said finishing his sentence for him.

"Pretty much" Clemont replied. "You were out for about, a day or two"

"Aww man"

"Excuse-me, is he awake yet?" a voice said from the door. The four of them turned their attention to the door, a young boy stood there.

"Yeah, he is" Serena said calmly. "Thanks for the help Calem"

"CALEM!" Ash shouted. His eyes shot open and his jaw dropped.

"Are you okay, Ash?" Serena asked rubbing his shoulder, trying to calm him down.

"You okay?" Calem added as he walked over. "Man, I haven't seen you since summer camp. How are you?"

"Summer Camp?" Ash said stuttering.

"Yeah, we were friends. Serena, you, and me"

"Right, friends"

Ash's memory started to clear up now. He was friends with Calem when Serena introduced him. They had moved to Kalos together since they were cousins.

"Well, we should get going now" Serena said.

Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie waved good-bye and headed to the next town. Ash stared at Serena, something told him that something interesting was going to happen, and this adventure was just the beginning.

20 years later…..

Ash's journey had ended and believe it or not, Ash now lives in Lumiose city with his wife, Serena. Clemont and Bonnie were going to come over tonight for dinner. So what is it like now?

(Ash's POV)

I stare out the window, smiling. Man, has it been a while. Anyway, Serena is out grocery shopping for dinner. My 12 year old daughter, Cocoa was outside with her Skiddo. Ironic, ehh. When I told her the name, she loved it. Strange thing is that she looks like what she did in my dream. Not only did I have a daughter but I have a son named Jet. He has a Pichu. He has my cap collection. He has charcoal, black hair with a pair of glasses. Jet wears a silver shirt with a black vest and he also has Blue jeans. He's 10 years old and about to go off on a journey with Cocoa.

One other thing, Clemont, for some reason, actually has a wife and a son. His son's name is Rodney and he is the complete opposite of his Dad. Blonde hair, leather jacket, shades, has a thing for Cocoa. He is 12 years old as well. What's really strange is that he's married to Korrina, Shalour city's gym leader. Rodney probably gets it from her. Rodney has a Plusle and a Minun.

Does Bonnie have any kids? She was around 8 when I traveled with her so Yes. Right now, she is at least 28 years old. Finding a husband was pretty easy for her. Right now, she has a daughter named Scooter. Her real name is actually Scarlett but Scooter is her nickname. She's eight years old. She has long blonde hair but wears it in a French Braid. She wears a black dress with a white cardigan. She also has matching black lace shoes. Her Pokémon is a Helioptile. Even though she's eight, the Professor gave her a pass that said she could have her own Pokemon as long as she traveled with Cocoa, Jet, and Rodney.

So far, my life is great. The kids are leaving tomorrow so we're all throwing them a going away party. My life sure has been crazy but I love it. Especially my wife, Serena.

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