I decided to try Danny Phantom fanfic. This will be my first one. I loved this show when I was a kid and I wish it would return.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom it belongs to Butch Hartman.

Danny Fenton was like any normal teenager at Amity park but he had one huge secret that separated him from any other teenager. He's half ghost.


"Alright Box Ghost time to get in the nice thermos." Danny interrupted sucking the Box Ghost into the thermos.

Of course before he capped the lid you can still hear the ghost yell beware! Danny rolled his eyes. This was the sixth time he caught Box Ghost this week.

"Danny who did you find." The voice said breaking his train of thought through the Fenton phones.

The person was none other than Sam. Danny's best friend/girlfriend.

"It was just the Box Ghost again." Danny sighed.

"Dude isn't that the sixth time this week?" Danny's other best friend Tucker asked.

"Ya seriously I should just keep him in a separate thermos so he can never get out." Danny mused.

"I bet the entire Ghost Zone is sick of him, I heard Skulker has been hunting him just to shut him up." Sam muttered.

"I will meet you guys at school I need to still patrol."

"Ok Danny."

"Cya dude."

Danny continued to fly around. Everything looked calm.

"Better get to school before Lancer gives me another detention for being late." Danny mutters to himself.

Danny flew to school and fazed into the rest room turning back his human self. He opens the door to Sam and Tucker waiting.

"Hmm your finally on time for once." Sam observed.

Danny feigning hurt said "I'm not late all the time."

Tucker laughed "Um ya you are dude."

Danny fake pouting replies "Shut up Tuck."

"We better hurry boys before we're late to class." Sam warns.

Danny laced his hand with Sam's while they proceeded to walk to English class.

The trio sat at their normal seats beside each other.

The bell rang signaling the beginning of a boring lecture but things took an interesting turn.

"Now class it seems my lectures aren't captivating enough so I decided to take a different approach." Mr. Lancer prattled on. "You will all right a paper on ghosts."

The class groaned and sighed.

"But to make it interesting and to get your minds thinking the entire class plus my self will be taking a field trip into the Ghost Zone curtsy of Mr and Mrs Fenton.

The whole class cheered except for the trio.

Danny looked shocked and wide eyed at his friends who looked the same as him.

"You have got to be kidding me." Danny uttered under his breath and slumped in his chair.

This can't end well.

Well what do you think of chapter 1? Please review I would like to hear what you guys think since it's my first Danny Phantom fanfic. I will including a lot of characters when they enter the ghost zone. Some good some evil and maybe a surprise ghost comes to see Danny.