I have absolutely no business starting another chapterfic. Yet, of course, here I am~ ^_^;;
To be fair, this is one of the fics that have been sitting on my laptop for a while, partially finished. But I've decided to post it to help force me to write things! It will be a true drabblefic—no chapters will be over 100 words, and I will try to update every day. Hopefully, this will get my creative juices flowing (because you know that's true laziness, when you can't even write 100 words a day. lol).

Kuchiki Rukia the board reads. The girl in question is ridiculously small, not even hitting five feet tall, and the smile she throws at the class gives Ichigo the jeebies. It's fake, all of it, from her high-pitched voice to her small curtsy. He can tell right away, because while her smile looks plastered on for show, her eyes are solely her—sharp, intelligent. But no one else seems to notice, and they all drink in the new transfer student's act.

"You'll be sitting next to Kurosaki-kun," the teacher informs her.

Her eyes shift to his. She freezes.

A/N: I have zero idea where this fic is going lmao