anyone, she wore long sleeved shirts and makeup. . Then Bella explained to them how Edward left her. Victoria and Laurent and Bella and them are best friends and they keep in touch. And as in all my stories Bella gets a backbone. Also ,Bella has mastered her physical and mental shield.

Isabella's POV

Idiot. Had to kill himself. If I didn't love Jasper and Alice I would be at home, with Jake and Charlie.

"Hey Darlin. You alright over there?" Jasper asks me, I smile weakly and nod. He scoots over. "No, your not." I sigh.

"I'm frustrated. If it weren't for his idiocy I would be at home with Charlie and Jakey." He frowns.

"I don't like you hanging out with the shifters. They're dangerous. Even more than the children of the moon. But hey, listen. If Caius Volturi approves of you being with them, none of the Culkens will bring it up. Ever again. Deal?" He asks. I nod and shake his hand eagerly. He chuckles.

"Now tell me. Are you taking Edward back?" Anger rises in me so fast Jasper whimpers slightly.

"Bella, darlin, calm down. I wasn't going to encourage you, I was going to discourage you." He explains. The anger disappears and in its place gratitude. He smiles.

"Get some sleep. Your going to have a long day." I nod. He pushes me some drowsiness and I put my head in his lap and curl up. He rests his arm on me and we twine together. I like his cold he likes my warm. I let sleep overtake me.

"Get up, time to save the dick." Jaspers warm voice says. I open my eyes and he has already hot-wired a car. I get in with it hesitating and as he drives I crave his coldness so I squeeze myself into him.

"Bella, I can't go any farther. Go up to the clock and stop him. I'll meet you there in a few minutes! Go!" I don't even bother to answer, I just jump out and run. Through traffic, and a sea of red cloaks. I spot him and run faster. Normally I would've been dazzled. But I'm not. I've also learned to control my blushing. I rush over and throw myself against him.

"Hey fucker, do you have a death wish. I'm alive. Move!" I scream in his ear. He stumbles back pulling me with him. I yank myself off him once we are in the castle.

"Love?" He aka, sounding hurt. I hiss at him.

"If you call me that again I will rip your head off without touching you. You have no idea what you put me through." I scream. I got bitten. With venom. It was hell for me. I have scars all over my arms. Then I realize the jacket I was wearing that covered my scars is gone. Oh shit. I fold in my arms and sit against the wall, hoping he won't notice. He doesn't.

"Come." A voice says, defiantly male and vampire.

"Ok, Bella go enjoy the festival." Edward says. Just the three more vampires appear and Jasper walks in. I throw my arms around him, reveling in the coldness.

"Bella? Get away from him!" Edward yells and starts towards me. I throw out my shield subconsciously.

"Darlin. Take it down. There's no danger. I still don't know how you learned how to do this but..lower it." Jasper commands. Oh shit. If I pull my arms away then Jasper will see the scars and freak out.

"Bella, why are you nervous, you were excited. What happened?" He asks.

"Jasper close your eyes and give me your jacket or shirt. Now." I tell him. He laughs.

"Bella what's happening?" He asks.

"Jasper. I'm going to block your mind from Jane, Alec Edward and Aro and anyone else gifted. Listen very closely. I lied to you. I lied to you since you came back. This is a serious lie. I don't wish the Volturi to know. Or you. Or anyone. Not even...umm..Jakes friends knew and that's crazy." Jasper reads the code.

"How is that-" he spins me and grabs my arms. All the vampires run to see my scars. I see Jaspers very angry face and suddenly he's the Major.

"Isabella, I don't wish to have my head ripped off again. Do tell me his you got these? How you survived? How Jakes friends didn't know? It was vampires and the tre-"

"Major shut the fuck up. The nosey Volturi are here. Unless you wish to exploit Jake before Caius makes me right, hush." I scold him. Edward is in shock. Jane, Felix and Demetri and staring in awe.

"Bella..." He whispers, and it's back to Jasper. He hugs me. He's dry sobbing.

"Jasper, you would've been killed. The second I say the names you will have a panic attack. No joke, so let's go to the throne room. Talk to Caius about our deal and then I will tell you. Everything." He nods and pulls back.

"Jasper! Your control-"

"Shut up Fuckward, just because a gay veggie vampire like you doesn't have control doesn't mean the Major, the God of War doesn't. One more word against and your head will be detached from your body." He shuts up.

"We will have this to the kings." Demetri says and we follow him. We have to jump through a hole and I'm on jaspers back. We run, vampire speed to the throne room. I stay in Jaspers back.

"Need help Bell?" He asks mockingly.

"No. Right suppose since Demetri and Jane know, Aro will. Then Marcus and Caius, and then the whole castle so no use." I drop and my jasper catches me. Jasper sits cross legged on the floor and I, in his lap.

"Caius Volturi, don't you think I should be allowed to hang with my friends?" I ask. Jasper snorts.

"Liar. They're werewolves!" Caius growls.

"Liar. Shifters. They have amazing guys were really all savagey back then."

"No. The wolves are dangerous. I've fought them myself." He says grimly. Oh jaspers a cheater. I jump off his lap.

"Jasper Whitlock. You are a cheater." I hiss at him and he whimpers and crouches in a submissive position. The Volturi watch in awe as I put him to his knees.

"Rise, I forgive you. You let me use you as an air conditioner." He hugs me and pulls back.

"Now, show the Volturi-" I effectively cut him off by using my hand as duct tape. He struggles to speak. I look at the the thrones. Marcus is almost smiling. Caius is struggling not to laugh. beautiful and perfect. Black silky hair, built and defined features. Red eyes that go on forever. I loo away quickly and release Jasper.

"Jasper and Edward. If I know the Volturi law better than you, something is wrong." I say.

"What do you mean?" Edward asks.

"Umm...well...what the vampires did was illegal. Punishable by death, and I made up with them. We are best friends and I dint want them in trouble. Jasper, long story short. James killed because of...Vicky out for vengeance. Vicky's power is hiding scent. Masked her and Laurent. Me. Torture. Bitten. A lot. A lot. A bit of broken bones and umm...internal bleeding...but really they didn't mean harm! Also, she could argue that according to law it was a mate for a mate even though I am not Edwards mate. So when I explained Edward left me in the forest, dying, they had pity. So of your going to kill bad. You can't. I'm shielding them." I resist the urge to stick out my tongue. Jasper hugs me.

"Your so brave Bella. I'm so proud. Any thing else you need to tell me?" I gulp. He glares.

"I punched Paul, the new shifter in the face and he phased and attacked me..." I smile weakly. The guard is staring at me in shock. Caius is looking at me with pity.

"Caius do not pity me. I dint want anyone's pity. Jasper wen through much worse, this was nothing."

"Your human." Marcus says. I roll my eyes.

"No shit Sherlock, yes I'm human! Do you not hear the heart or is old age finally getting to you?" He stares at me for a moment and then laughs.

"Edward will you join us?" Aro asks, and I send Jasper my amusement and he sends me confusion, I point at Aro and then Edward, everyone following my fingers. Jasper starts laughing.

"Did you break into Carlisle's st-you didn't!" I giggle,

"You never locked the door, and I couldn't help but read all his vampy info. Carlisle is really weird. So is everyone. Like seriously Jasper. I can't take the Volturi seriously, after what I read. I did cry a lot." Jasoer sends confusion.

"Really? Jasper. They're in the Elite." He nods. Jane and Alec.

"Yes, that was sad. What else?"

"The Romanians, the whole thing with his mate, I talked to redhead. She said the only thing holding her to this earth is me. She says she owes me. For every bite." I explain.

"Jasper will you join us?" Aro asks in his angels voice. Jasper shakes his head no.

"Isabella will you join us?" Aro asks.