Chapter 1

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!" screams the girl as she is held down on the cold ground in a dark park. Tears pour from her eyes and stain her flushed cheeks as rough hands rip her clothes from her gentle frame. "Please don't." she sobs. A rough hand slaps her hard on the face leaving a big red handprint. She screams in pain as the man smiles.

"You little whore."

"I'm not a whore." The girl whimpers.

"You are otherwise you wouldn't be so wet." Says the man as he harshly rubs his hand against her soaked panties.

The girl closes her eyes and thinks of why this could be happening to her.

"You will like this." Says the man as he rips off her bra then her panties.

She is now laying in the cold dirt. She is shivering from fear and that fact that she is freezing. She keeps her eyes tightly shut, as she fears the worst. A quick sound confirms her fears. She hears the man unzip his pants. She tries to get away but two more men are holding her arms and legs tightly. She screams as he rams his thick cock into her tight virgin pussy. The tears flow faster from her eyes as she feels herself ripping inside as he roughly pumps in and out of her.

'How could this be happening to me? I'm only twenty.' The girl thinks as the guy gets faster and harder.

He grunts as he cums inside of her. He pulls out of her and stands up and looks at the girl on the ground.

'Are they done?' thinks the girl but she was wrong. She is assaulted twice more by the two other guys. And they were each rougher than the one before them.

When they are done they put their cocks back into their pants and leave.

The girl finally opens her eyes and sees that they have gone and it is daybreak. "They raped me all night." She moans her voice hoarse from screaming. She tries to move but soon realizes that the men had tied her in a spread eagle to four trees that surrounded her. She gathers up enough of a voice to let out a loud scream for help.

A young boy with unruly blue hair was jogging through the park when he hears a scream for help. He looks around and guesses that the scream came from behind a clump of bushes and by some trees. He slowly walks over to the bushes and walks around them to see a girl naked and tied in spread eagle to the trees.

"Holy shit. Are you alright?" he asks as he takes off his light jacket and drapes it over the girl.

They girl opens her eyes and sees the boy, "Help me."

"Of course I will. My name is Eli. What's yours?" he says as he digs through his waist pouch and pulls out a cell phone.

"Madison." Says the girl weakly.

"I'm gonna call the police ok. Do you know how long you have been out here?" asks Eli as he dials the number for his partner at the police station.

"I was walking home from classes last night. The last time I checked my watch it was 10 p.m." Says Madison as fresh tears flow from her eyes as she remembers being jumped by the three men.

"I'm a cop too. Don't worry your going to be safe with me." Says Eli softly as he waits for his partner to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" says a female voice on the other end.

"Sakura, its Eli. I was on my morning jog when I found this girl who I would say has been raped more than once. She's alive but badly beaten, should I untie her?"

"Holy shit Eli, hell yes untie her. But be careful she is going to be scared. Where are you?"

"In the very middle of the park."

"Ok I'm on my way with a couple of units. Make sure she's ok and warm."

"Just get here ok." Says Eli before he hangs up the phone. He turns to Madison and smiles, "I'm gonna cut you loose ok."

"Please." Is all Madison says.

Eli takes a jackknife out of his bag and begins to cut the ropes. "So what kind of classes do you take?" asks Eli trying to get Madison's mind off of what ever happened to her.

"Photography classes. I actually teach them."

"Sounds like fun. I wanted to take a photography class but I never really have the time. I'm always working." Says Eli as he cuts the last rope.

Madison just smiles as she feels the last rope cut.

"I'm going to take your case ok." Says Eli as he sits beside Madison.

"What kind of cop are you?" asks Madison thankful he helped her.

"Honestly I work in the SVU."

"Special Victims Unit." Says Madison.

"Yeah. So I'm gonna ask you some questions ok?"

Madison nods her head yes.

"How many men were there?"

"Three that I know of. Well three held me down and raped me but I'm not sure if there were others watching."

"Do you know the men?"

"No I don't."

"Eli Moon where are you?" yells a girl.

Eli stands up and sees Sakura and two more people from the SVU who work with Eli and Sakura a lot. "I'm over here." Says Eli.

The three walk around the bushes and see the girl lying there covered by Eli's jacket.

"Hi I'm Sakura." She says as she kneels beside Madison.

Madison doesn't take her eyes away from Eli's face.

"Her name is Madison." Says Eli as he smiles at Madison.

"Li go tell the paramedics we found her." Says Sakura as she stands up.

"Fine." Says the man with unruly brown hair and deep amber eyes. "Come on Meilin."

A girl follows Li. She's got long black hair pulled up into one ponytail in the back of her head. They walk off to find the medics.

Madison takes her hand out from under Eli's coat and gently takes hold of his hand. "Don't leave me." She whispers.

"Don't worry Madison I won't leave you." Says Eli with a smile before he looks at Sakura.

Li returns with the medics.

"Li where's Meilin?" asks Sakura as she moves out of the way for the medics to take Madison.

"She found the girls things, she's bagging them." Says Li as he watches the medics lower the stretcher.

"Miss you have to let go of him." Says one of the medics.

Madison doesn't want to, so opens her mouth to argue but Eli looks at her face, "Don't worry I'm going with you in the ambulance."

Madison smiles and let's go of Eli's hand and watches him step out of the way for the medics to do their job. Once they have Madison on the stretcher they start to move her away to their ambulance. Madison gets a look at where she was raped and beaten and she begins to freak out and cry.

"Madison it's all over now. Don't worry." She hears that Sakura girl say.

Madison looks around for Eli, she sees him waiting in the back of the ambulance for her. She's loaded into the ambulance and the doors are closed leaving her alone with Eli.

Madison falls asleep and when she wakes up she is in a small single hospital room. She tries to sit up when she it met with two hands to help her. She starts to freak out but look over and sees Eli standing there with a worried look on his face.

"I'm sorry Eli. Reflex."

"It's ok. Do you want help sitting up?"

"Yes please."

Eli smiles and takes the controls for the bed and pushes a button so the head of the bed rises.

"Thanks. How long have I been asleep?"

"Well I found you at five this morning and it's noon so about six and a half hours."

"Oh wow. I have to ask did I get anything last night?"

"You're mean like a STD or get pregnant?"


"The doctor wouldn't tell me. He said since I wasn't family I couldn't know."

"Oh." Says Madison softly.

"I can call the doctor if you want."

"No he will make his rounds and I will find out then."

"They took your things to the station to be tested for evidence and when we were going through your wallet we didn't find any family pictures or anything."

"You wouldn't I don't carry them around. My family is gone. My father left me and my mother long ago and my mother died when I was sixteen. I was an only child so I have been living on my own ever since. That's when I moved from London to here is Japan."

"Ok. Do you have any friends you may want to contact?"

"Nope. I keep to myself."

"A beautiful girl like you and you keep to yourself." Says Eli with a gentle smile.

Madison smiles and is about to say something when a doctor walks in.

"Oh good your up." Says the doctor with a bright smile on her face.

"Yeah um so what are the results of my tests?" asks Madison as she holds Eli's hand tightly.

The doctor looks at Eli and back to Madison, "Do you want him in here?"

"He's my support." Says Madison as she smiles at Eli, while adding in her head, 'Even though I met him this morning.'

"Ok. Well everything came back negative. You have no STD's and your not pregnant." Says the doctor as she looks at her clipboard.

"Oh good." Sighs Madison as she gets a gentle squeeze of her hand from Eli.

"And even more good news we got DNA result of all three men. I sent the results to the lab at the police station. I guess detective Moon here can tell you anything else after that."

"Thank you doctor. Oh when can I go?"

"Well you're free to go now. You just have a lot of bruises and some minor cuts that's all. I must say you are a very lucky girl."

Madison smiles and nods her head yes. The doctor smiles and leaves the room.

"Oh thank god." Sighs Madison after the doctor has left.

"Listen since you can't have the clothes back that you were wearing and we can't take anything from your apartment I got some clothes from my place for you." Says Eli as he walks over to a table and lifts up a small duffel bag.

"Thanks Eli." Says Madison with a bright smile. She tries to get up but she feels a lot of pain.

Eli sees she's having trouble so he drops the bag and walks to her side to help Madison out of the bed. Once Madison is on her own two feet Eli gently let's go of her but he doesn't leave her side. Madison wobbles a bit but she shakes her head gently and walks to the duffel bag and picks it up.

She turns to Eli with a smile, "Little privacy?"

"What? Oh yeah." Says Eli as he quickly walks in a circle and then walks to the door. As he opens the door he hears Madison giggle. 'Heaven.' Thinks Eli as he walks into the hallway closing the door behind him.

Madison watches Eli leave and sees him stand outside the door so no one can come in. She smiles and walks back over to the bed. She puts the bag on the bed and opens it up. She pulls out a gray sweater that had POLICE written across the front in black letters. She puts the sweater on the bed while thinking, 'My god that thing is going to be huge on me. I guess he thought it would be comfortable.' She pulls out a new package of panties and she sets it on the bed, next she pulls out some green scrubs. Madison pulls off the hospital nightgown and throws it on the bed. She picks up the underwear and opens the bag and pulls the panties out. 'My god he got the right size.' Thinks Madison as she pulls them on. The pulls on the scrubs and then she puts the sweater on. Madison looks in the bag and sees a pair of socks and sneakers. She puts on the socks and then the sneakers. "Again the right size. And these sneakers are new." She throws out the garbage and walk over to the full-length mirror and laughs. 'The sweater goes halfway down my thighs and it's huge.' Thinks Madison. She walks over to the door and pulls it open.

Eli has been watching the people in the hall while he waited for Madison to change. Suddenly the door is pull open and Eli falls back into the room, falling on the floor and landing on his ass at Madison's feet.

"Sorry." Giggles Madison.

Eli looks up at her and smiles, "It's only my ass."

"Thank you for the clothes. Did you buy me new sneakers? I know you bought the underwear because I highly doubt you wear women's panties." Says Madison as she holds out her hand to help Eli up.

"Yeah I did buy you sneakers and maybe the underwear are mine." Says Eli with a smile as he stands up.