By Mathieu Leader

Doctor Who is owned by the BBC and not by me

"Doctor are you alright?" Clara asked tentatively at the now aged face of the doctor whom had steely grey corkscrew curls

"Mrs. take me to the Zero Room its downstairs?" croaked the Doctor in a raspy Scottish accent

Clara grasped the Doctor and hurriedly ran downstairs into a wide circular room with a tilted black leather chair with long electrodes attacked to thick grey rubber wires.

Clara gently placed the atrophic thin gaunt Doctor into the chair as the tubes latched onto his arms and a loud whirring sound began and the same golden reddish hue of light enveloped the Doctor as he shrieked.

"Doctor what's going on?" Clara questioned scared as the Doctor did not response as his body convulsed in what appeared to be a seizure.

Suddenly a blue hologram of a leather jacketed unshaven man with closely cropped hair with big ears.

"So you've stumbled across the Zero Room. A fantastic room that all TARDISES have that sort of provides a chronological chloric irrigation, expelling excess regeneration energies that impairs a Time Lords cognitive and physical abilities. That being said a lot of my lives did not use this room at all sort of a layby that drivers of the TARDIS use during temporal transit."

The hologram vanished in a whoosh and the tubes that where attached to the Doctor fell to the floor with a thud and the chair reclined upwards and the Doctor then rushed to the wall and pulled off the panel revealing a small closet.

He placed on a blue Crombie coat with a red trim a white vest and black boots.

"So it's done the machine you're not sick anymore?" said Clara worried

"Aye lass although I still have to figure out I am, also I'm a bit surprised you're not frightened or worried at my change of appearance?" The Doctor said surprised

"No, I'm actually used to it in a way I've overshadowed your lives in a way." Clara replied happily the Doctor rummaged into his pockets and pulled out a silver pocket watch and read the time he said briskly "Now little lady, it's your bedtime want you to be well rested for the adventures to come."

The Doctor ran up the stairs at a frantic pace and switched the levers and pulleys and the TARDIS landed with a whoosh.

"Just before I go Doctor I must ask this question why you asked me to take you to the Zero Room." Clara asked concerned

"If I did not do that err I would be having what you earthlings call dementia and as an assistant of mine you're not going to be able to cope. So I had to think fast thought of the Zero Room." The doctor spoke grimly

The Doctor waved goodbye and Clara went away back home.

The story notes

I watched Deep Breathe I found the post regenerative trauma sequence to be interesting and quite great to see how in-depth how bad the trauma was and I thought it would be great to do an alternative take bringing back a criminally underused element of the Zero Room and to get the trauma out the way.

The hint of the portrayal of Capaldi here is a grandfatherly Hartnell character mixed with the quick wittedness of three.