My name is Shadow. People don't ever know who I am; my name is basically who I am, a shadow. I have joined halfway through the third year at Hogwarts due to a letter I received, a letter I keep as a very treasured possession because it tells me who I can trust. I arrived to find several Professors in the entrance hall waiting for me.

"Hello Shadow, welcome to Hogwarts!" An old wizard exclaimed brightly, his magical eyes shining brightly, "I am Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster and this is Professor Snape, McGonagall and Lupin." He gestured to the others.

"Thank you sir, I am glad to be here," I replied with a small, nervous smile.

"We are going to get you sorted quickly so you can get breakfast," Dumbledore returned a smile, "Follow me." I followed them into a side room where a stool sat in the centre with a frayed, old hat on it.

"Sit on the stool and place the hat on," said Professor McGonagall. I stepped further into the room sat down tentatively and placed the hat on. The hat began to whisper in my ear.

"Mmm… you have a very strong mind- I see- powerful, as well- nice bit of talent, brave too… mmm… yes…. Gryffindor!" The hat exclaimed before falling silent again. I gasped; my mother had been in Slytherin, she had expected me to be there as well.

"Well, that was unexpected," said the greasy haired Professor Snape.

"Mmm… yes," came the voice of a sickly looking Professor Lupin.

"Professor McGonagall will show you to breakfast, you must be hungry," Dumbledore smiled. I left the small room behind Professor McGonagall; we crossed the entrance hall and entered a much larger and grander hall. Inside the Great hall stood four wooden tables, each was laden with all types of food. Hundreds of students were spread between the tables, many turned to look at me as Professor McGonagall guided me to the Gryffindor table and handed me my timetable as I sat down.

"Potter!" She called to a boy, whose hair was like mine-jet black, who sat opposite me, "You have a similar timetable to Shadow, please may you show her around?" she left before he could answer. Two people who sat either side of him looked at me (one- a boy- with fiery red hair and plenty of freckles, the other- a girl- with bushy brown hair) I guess they were his friends.

"I'm Harry," He said, "And this is Hermione and Ron."

"Harry Potter?" I asked, usually people probably looked at his scar or asked awkward questions.

"Yes, why?" he sounded irritated; most people probably reacted like this.

"Just heard about you, like most," instead of looking at his scar I stared straight into his eyes.

"Fair enough," he replied.

"So, who are you?" Hermione asked.

"Shadow," I replied with a pleasant smile.