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Summary: When Jasper was human he married the love of his life before he went off to war. He promised that he would never forget her, but when he was turned, he did forget her. When the new kid at Forks High walks into the lunchroom, will his memories of his true love be triggered?

"Promise me that you'll never forget me," he whispered in her ear as he held her tight to his body.

"I promise you. You'll be in my thoughts every waking moment I have till you are back in my arms," she choked out willing the tears not to fall.

Jasper pulled away from his love, and with the pads of his thumbs, wiped away the tears that had escaped and stained her pretty face. He knew he would need to leave soon but his feet and heart were currently disobeying his brain. He just stood holding his new bride, his childhood sweetheart, and committed every detail about her to memory.

"Jasper, it's time to go," Jasper's best friend, Garrett, called out to him.

Jasper just nodded and placed his hands on either side of his love's face and leaned in to kiss her. The kiss held his promise to return, how much love he had for her and his promise never to forget her. He pulled back but then kissed his love twice more before finally walking away to join Garrett, who had just finished promising his wife, Katrina, that he would return.

As if in a trance, Isabella walked over and put her arm around Katrina, and the two of them cried as they watched their men walk away from them. The tears racked their bodies, all they had been holding in since they found out their men were going to fight in the war came out of them in waves. Finally they were led into the Swan house by Isabella's father, and he led the girls into the parlor and told them to sit on the couch. Once they were sitting, he went to make tea for them.

It was times like these that Charles wished his late wife were still here to help him. Renee had died when Isabella was ten from influenza and it was left up to Charles to raise Isabella. Charles never took another wife. He felt that it would be disrespectful to Renee if he let another share his bed. He thought he did a fair job of it and was glad that Isabella had Katrina's mother and Mrs. Whitlock to go to when she had questions that only another woman could answer.

When Jasper came and asked for Isabella's hand in marriage, Charles didn't hesitate because he knew that Jasper was a good man, a hard worker and completely and utterly in love with his daughter. It had been Renee who told him when Isabella and Jasper were seven years old that they were going to fall in love when they got older and marry; of course she had been right. Jasper and Isabella got married when they were sixteen in a small wedding filled with Jasper and Isabella's friends and Jasper's family. Charles got choked up when he gave Isabella to Jasper which only made Isabella cry. She had such a big heart and cared about everyone in her life.


The nights were the hardest on Isabella, she had gotten so used to spending her evenings with Jasper that she didn't know what to do with herself, she tried sewing, knitting and even reading but nothing held her attention for long. She was restless and often went for walks to the hiding spot that Jasper and she used to play in when they were very young. There wasn't anything in that space, just an old hollowed out log that they used for playing in, on and around. Isabella would take a sit on the log, look up to the stars and talk to Jasper. In the daytime, she would spend it helping her father doing chores, sitting and talking with Katrina or Mrs. Whitlock and writing endless letters to Jasper.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. It was nearing Christmas and Isabella wondered if Jasper would be given the chance to come home. Isabella was sitting at the kitchen table writing another letter to Jasper, she told him of the preparations that were underway for Christmas, told him that the church asked her to play Mary in their annual retelling of the birth of Christ and what she was planning on getting Charles for Christmas, once she was done her note and before she signed it, she asked if there was a possibility that he would be coming home for Christmas. Isabella then sealed the letter with a kiss and after gathering up her shawl, set about walking to the general store so that she could post the letter.

Christmas came and there was no Jasper knocking on the door, Isabella was heartbroken but she tried not to let it show. She went through the emotions of being happy as best as she could but it wasn't till Katrina cornered her before dinner did she really break.

"Issy, I need to ask you something," Katrina whispered.

"What's wrong Katie?"

"Have you heard anything from Jasper lately?"

"No I haven't. I wrote to him before Christmas and never received a letter back."

"That's the same with me, I haven't heard from Garrett either."

Isabella felt bad for not only herself but Katrina as well. Katrina and Garrett's love for each other only matched that of Jasper and Isabella. Isabella had never seen anyone else have such a strong bond as they had. A few tears streaked down her face and she quickly dashed them away because she didn't want to go on a full out crying jag till she was home alone.

"We mustn't fear, they are most likely in a different spot from where we sent the letters. They will return to us my darling friend. They would never leave us." Isabella replied after a few moments.

Katrina just nodded not trusting herself to speak. Isabella wrapped her arms around her friend and then they walked into the dining room to join the others for supper.


It was a cold blustery day in January when Isabella got the horrible feeling that something was wrong. She had been in the barn tending to the animals when she dropped the pitch fork she was holding and double over in pain. She felt as if her heart was shattering and she let out an inhuman wail that startled all of the animals. Charles came rushing into the barn upon hearing the wail and was shocked to see his beloved daughter on the ground rocking back and forth. He rushed over to her, wrapped his arms around her shoulders and said, "Isa, what's wrong my daughter?"

"It's... Jasper... something... has... happened... to... him," Isabella replied in between sobs.

"How can you know this my child?" Charles asked confused.

"I can... feel my heart... breaking," Isabella respond.

Charles didn't know how to respond, he knew full well that Jasper and Isabella had a strong bond and if she was feeling her heart shattering, then it must be because something had happened to her Jasper. He just kept rocking Isabella and tried to sooth her.

It was a day after Isabella's outburst that they had received a telegram saying that Jasper was missing in action and feared dead. Isabella didn't cry because she couldn't feel, she was already dead inside. That afternoon Katrina came rushing over banishing her own telegram and her's read the same thing, that Garrett McAdams was missing and feared dead as well. The two ladies held each other while sitting in the parlor. Poor Charles was left standing in the doorway trying to figure out how to help the ladies, there came another knock on the door and when Charles went to answer it, he saw that it was Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock; he motioned them in without saying anything. Mrs. Whitlock went straight to the girls and Mr. Whitlock and Charles went into the kitchen unsure as to what to do with themselves.


A couple of days later the Whitlock's, McAdams, Swan's and Denali's had a small funeral for Jasper and Garrett, since there were no bodies, they only had markers with Jasper and Garrett's names on them and their dates of birth and death. "Loving husbands, sons and friends" was also inscribed on the markers. After the funeral was over, everyone left Isabella and Katrina at the cemetery so that they could have some peace after the trying day.

For days and weeks after the funeral, Isabella was just a shell of herself. She would get up, dress, eat, help Charles but one look in her eyes and you could see how dead she was. A couple of times she thought about ending her suffering and joining her Jasper in heaven but she knew that it was a sin to kill herself plus, she could never do that to Charles. It was late April, when it happened. The flowers were starting to bloom, signs of life were all around Isabella, but still Isabella didn't feel anything. She had taken to walking longer distances at night, she neither knew nor cared where she was going, she just wanted to walk. Perhaps there was a part of her that hopped if she walked far enough, she would be able to forget all of her pain and feel again but she knew that that would never happen till she was in the arms of her Jasper.

It was on one of these night time walks that she came across him. She had never seen him before, he was very beautiful and pale in the moonlight. He was tall and had shaggy blond hair, his eyes Isabella couldn't see but something about this man screamed danger but Isabella really didn't care what rationale was telling her to do; which was turn and run from this man, she just kept on walking.

"Hello, beautiful," the man purred.

Isabella only nodded her head and continued to walk pass him, the man caught up right away and grabbed her by the elbow.

"You know, it's not very nice to ignore someone when they speak to you," the man said.

Isabella still didn't respond, just looked down at the man's hand on her elbow and back at him. She was too dead inside to wonder why he felt color nor did she fear his red eyes. The man shook Isabella and said, "Don't you speak girl? Or are you a mute."

"Are you here to deliver me from this pain I'm constantly in?" Isabella asked in a flat voice.

"And what would a pretty thing like you have pain from?" the man asked instead.

"My hus... husband was killed in the war," Isabella choked out.

"Ah, human life, how fragile it is." the man said.

Isabella didn't answer, just stared at him waiting for him to kill her and release her from this hell on earth.

"Do you want to die?" the man questioned.

"I want to be with my husband again," Isabella answered.

"And you think that I'm here to kill you?"

"What else would you be here for?"

"I'm here because I'm hungry and looking for something to eat," the man replied.

Isabella looked around them, there wasn't anything around for the man to eat, this place was filled only with grass and rocks. No flowers were even in bloom here.

"But there is nothing to eat here," Isabella said gesturing to the ground around them.

"Oh, I already have my food," the man said with a sickening smile.

He then lunged forwards and clamped his lips around Isabella's neck. She didn't even have it in her to scream. She was just happy to be getting what she had wanted for many months... death and the chance to be back with her Jasper. Isabella felt her life slipping away and she made sure that Jasper was at the forefront of her mind, she hoped that by thinking of him, she would be able to find him that much better when she gets to the other side.

Her vision started to grow fuzzy and just before her eyelids slid close and the blackness take her under, with her last breath she whispered, "Jasper... I'm coming to you... my love."

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