Come Back to Me

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Chapter 2: Amanda


Simone stood frozen in place as a pair of frozen eyes locked on to hers. Immediately, she moved to step back, finding herself running straight into a guard. Shaking her head, the blonde's eyes were wide, suddenly feeling more than okay with the idea of remaining locked up.

A few months earlier, Simone had almost been able to say with a clear head that she was moving past Amanda. It had been a slow process, but that was to be expected. They had grown up together. Those years, they meant so much. And eventually, she finally accepted that Amanda wasn't coming back. She wouldn't see her again. It was just something that would have to

And then, she decided to go back. Maybe if she went back to the school, maybe if she taught there, she could let go of the memories. She forced herself to move on when she met Michael. They had been introduced through her Aunt Immaculata. And it just...made sense to be with him. He was nice to her. Being with him brought a sense of normalcy, though not one that she had ever been comfortable. He was what was right, but never what she wanted. And that wasn't fair, not to him. But she went on with it anyway, because it was safe, especially compared to the life she had been living before. Teaching was more stable than working in photography. And dating a man brought forth no ridicule. Thank God Immaculata had never figured out what had come about between her and Amanda. That relationship, however good it seemed, was never stable. It was never safe. And maybe that was what was so enticing. Being with Amanda was always an adventure. There were surprises and mischief and she loved every moment of it. She loved her.

But that didn't matter. That part of her life was over. Her aunt offered her a job. She accepted it. And she hoped that could figure out who she was, what she wanted. At the school, could start over.

It wasn't until she met Annabelle that she was able to do that, to feel that she could really start over. With her, it seemed like those adventures could happen again. With Annabelle, there were surprises and impulsiveness. She had never been naive enough to think their relationship would work out. Something had always been bound to go wrong. And as soon as she began to hope that wasn't the case, that they could possibly be together, she was forced away. All the strength she had left had lay in her belief that if she got out of there, she could find Annabelle again.

And now that strength was gone now that Amanda was back. She felt weak and sick and she had to fight the tears from escaping. Those hazel eyes had stared back at her for so many years, just to be gone one spring morning.

Suddenly, she was pushed slightly forward. Slowly, she made her way towards the chair opposite Amanda. For a moment, she was so grateful for that glass. It formed a barrier between them. As the guards retreated to the back of the room, their careful gazes still trained on the blonde, she attempted to find her voice. She spoke the first words that she could form, a frown spreading across her face. "Go."

A small look of hurt appeared on the other woman's face, but a smirk replaced it quickly. "Don't look so excited."

Simone shook her head. "You left. Do it again." She couldn't deal with this, she didn't want to.

"Look.." Amanda said quickly, letting a long breath out. For a brief moment, she glanced away. "I- I'm sorry for showing up, but I'd appreciate a little less attitude.." She paused, then added, "I'm here to get you out."

For a split second, she just stared at the other woman, confused. She almost decided to ask how that was possible. It had been hardly 2 months since she had come here. How was she expected to get out 18 months early? How was that possible? Before she could ask, a wave of bitterness swept across her. She didn't want Amanda's help. She didn't want to even look at her face. And in that moment, she just wanted to tell her everything that she hadn't been able to. "No. No. Even if you could do that… you wouldn't be able to handle it, right? You won't be able to breathe." The last words left her mouth low and angry.

Amanda's eyes just stared at her, wide as she realized that the blonde was using her own words against her. "Simone-"

Tears began to well up in her eyes. When she looked away, Amanda's voice spoke up, quiet. "I got a call, okay? Someone by the name of Tillman. They said you were in prison. She told me she could get you out of here."

Simone's eyes shot up. "What? Who was it?"

"Some Senator. I don't know." The brunette shook her head. "But they wanted someone to check up on you, to keep an eye on you."

"No. I-" She shook her head. Keep an eye on her? Why Amanda? She was probably the only one left. Immaculata had practically disowned her.. and her parents. Who knew what they had thought when they found out. She was alone. She was really alone. "Why are you doing this?" She asked finally, quietly. "You didn't have to tell them you'd do it."

Amanda shook her head. "You're right. But I wanted you to understand… I still do."

Simone closed her eyes. She didn't want to understand why Amanda left, or why she was here. She just wished more than anything that her hands weren't tied behind her back, that Annabelle hadn't been pulled away from her, that she wasn't in this damn situation. After a few long seconds, she opened her eyes, meeting those of the woman across from her. "Fine. Get me out of here."

Amanda took a breath, nodding once. The confidence began to return to her voice. "Alright then."


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