The Third "One-Eye"

Tokyo Ghoul X InuYasha

Rating: M

Pairing: Uta-san X Kagome

They say there were possibly only two "one-eyes" in the world, but what if… This perfectly normal human woman, knew that there was a third one?

(Chapter 1)

Uta-san watched her from behind his glasses, the stranger that walked into his shop. His heartbeat was in his ears and drumming against his ribcage; she had appeared in the doorway of his shop, and she had no smell that gave him the information of her being a human or being a ghoul.

For safety he put his glasses on and smiled at her when she walked in, and she immediately looked at all of his different works.

He studied her… This woman. Her scent was strange, like fresh rain on the Sakura tree.

It was intoxicating.

His hands were in his pockets and his hair was under the beanie he wore.

He peered at her from over his glasses for a moment, his black nails bringing them down his nose slightly.

The woman was a very strange human woman, the scent of hers alone was enough for him to gage that. He saw her nose twitch as she studied the masks on his walls.

"These masks are beautifully constructed." She spoke, glancing at him finally. His glasses had positioned themselves in front of his eyes a second before that though, and he stared at her with his hunched shoulders and lax pose.

"Thank you, are you looking one for any specific reason?"

She was silent for a moment while studying him, her blue eyes strangely piercings his even through his dark lensed glasses.

"For my son, it's a birthday present and he's seen a few people have them. A recommendation later and here I am looking to see if I can spare some cash." She laughed softly, and he thought for a moment that it was infectious.

He let a chuckle escape himself.

He strode over to her and held out his hand, she took her small and dainty one and grasped his and they shook. She smiled up to him brightly, and he returned her radiant smile with one of his soft ones.

"I'm Uta, the owner HySy and the maker of all these masks."

"Kagome, mother to a five-turning six year old." She smiled softer and then peered down at his tattoos. A blush crept up her cheeks and a twinkle entered her eye.

"Your tattoos are amazing! Where did you get yours done at?"

Uta blinked behind his glasses and scratched his head.

"I can't remember, sorry. You like tattoos?"

"Oh yeah, I have one of my own. My son wants one like his father had, but I'm not too thrilled on the idea of my 5 year old ever getting a tattoo." She laughed and coughed politely, looking again at the masks.

"Uhh… How much do you charge?"

He stared at the strange human (he was supposing) woman, assessing her.

"It's not out of pay-check range, I'll tell you that."

She looked relieved and bowed her gratitude.

"When would be a good time to bring him in?"

"How about tomorrow?" His heart thumped at the idea of seeing this human again- she seemed like a normal one, but there was just something about her.

She smiled.

"Call it a date."

His heart was still thrumming even after she left, he grinned to himself.