What was stopping the Doctor making his move on Rose? She suspected all along it was because Mickey was still around but when they get stranded on Pete's world and Mickey had gone off travelling the world to liberate other towns and countries from the Cybermen, she realises the Doctor had been harbouring feelings for her and it doesn't take long for their friendship to blossom into love.

They thought they were on their way back home, Rose just wanted to see her mother again after witnessing the massacre at the other Pete Tyler's mansion and seen the other Jackie Tyler as a Cyberman. The Doctor stood there with his suit and coat on the jumpseat, Rose was still in her serving uniform and was about to go get changed when everything started going wrong – again. The central column came to a standstill and most of the lights went out, leaving just a dim glow from the column and some of the coral.

The Doctor was dashing around the console, flipping switches in desperation but nothing was happening. He had to admit to Rose what he thought had happened, the power cell that had been salvaged when they had crash landed gave enough power to light the Tardis but taking off and back to their own world had proved too much, there simply wasn't enough for both. He scrambled to look on the screen, they were exactly where they had been parked for the last several hours they had been on this world. He saw the anxious look on Rose's face.

"Rose, I promise I'll fix this, I'll get you home. We might just need to let the power build up again. Don't forget, this is the wrong universe and the Tardis is bound to notice the difference and we only had the one power cell. We just have to let it recharge again, that's all. When we delayed in taking off, it must have drained. We're still in the same spot, we just de-materialised and didn't get anywhere."

He looked on the screen again to see if there was any sign of Jake or Mickey but they must have gone off straight away so there was no help coming from them and he had no way yet of contacting Pete Tyler who would be on his way back to pick up the pieces and sort out the damage to his house and of course inform the authorities of all the people who had died earlier. He didn't envy the man having to deal with all that but his status would guarantee it would all be covered up but would Pete still want to live there with a constant reminder of what had happened? There was very little light inside the Tardis so Rose wasn't able to go get changed but he managed to find some torches and said for her to go carefully to her room and grab a few things.

"Another twelve hours should do. It's late and I don't recommend staying in here. I'll walk you to your room, you can get changed and we'll go find a hotel for the night. It's going to be miserable inside here. Then we'll try again in the morning. The Tardis will be ok here for now."

Rose got changed by torchlight, leaving her door slightly open for the extra light from the torch the Doctor was holding outside and she grabbed a change of clothes and stuffed them into a shoulder bag. The power cell was still recharging so they set off to find a hotel even though it was quite late. Rose hadn't had the time to let everything sink in, to process the events since they had arrived. She had been apprehensive about meeting this world's version of her dead father but had taken a liking to him, unlike this world's version of her mother who had scorned her.

They didn't have far to go, a nearby hotel in a street leading off the main road had a vacancy sign outside and lights still on. The Doctor rang the bell and a man answered the door. The Doctor greeted him, holding onto Rose's left hand, making them look like a couple. "Hi, we need a room for a night or two, our car broke down, you have a vacancy advertised," the Doctor said, looking at Rose.

The man let them in and asked them to sign the register and the Doctor indicated to Rose to fill it in. "My wife is better at that sort of thing, aren't you love?" he said as Rose picked up the pen to sign 'Doctor and Rose Tyler', she had often had to do it before but usually they had a twin room since he claimed he never slept.

They were given a room key and upon arriving on the second floor were greeted with a double bed. Rose just looked at him and the Doctor shrugged his shoulders and sat in the rather uncomfortable looking chair.

"Why didn't you ask for two rooms and why did you have to say I was your wife?" Rose asked as she put her bag down and checked out the mattress. She was really tired and just wanted to go to sleep but there was little chance of that with him sitting in a chair all night starring at her.

"I didn't ask for two rooms for a number of reasons, most of all it said 'vacancy' and not 'vacancies' indicating there was only one room and I didn't want us getting turned away when we asked for two. Secondly, the man was married so he would probably frown if I had said you were my friend or even girlfriend, it was just easier to say you were my wife."

Rose was too tired to argue with him as she went into the bathroom and locked the door. She had managed to grab a pair of pyjama shorts and after getting ready for bed, emerged to find him lying on top of the bed. He looked at her and said the chair was terrible and then grinned at her. "Come on Rose, we've shared a room before. Admittedly it's usually got two beds but we can make do. Don't just stand there, get in," he said as he pulled the covers back for her. He had taken his jacket and shirt off but still had his white t-shirt on.

Rose climbed wearily into bed and pulled the covers over and that was when it hit her, the gravity of the situation and the events of the time they had been there. The Doctor turned to her and saw she was crying before he reached over to turn out the bedside lamp. "Oh Rose, I'm so sorry. I know you wanted to get back home to your mother but I'll do everything I can to fix this tomorrow. Please don't cry." He leaned over to put his arm around her shoulder and realised for the first time that they could be actually stuck here. Not wanting to upset her any more he kept quiet and leaned his chin on her head and kissed her forehead.

"Doctor," she said, wiping back the tears. "Will you just hold me for a while? Just while I go to sleep, it's been a hell of a day." She managed half a smile as he moved his other arm to hold her and pulled her close so she was resting her head on his chest.

He kissed her forehead again. "Of course I can, what are friends for?" He held on to her and could feel her tension. "Just relax Rose, don't be so tense. We have hugged before although not in bed," he grinned.

Rose just held on tighter, trying to hold back her tears, unsuccessfully. She realised she was getting her tears on his t-shirt but he didn't seem to notice, he just held her. It was getting on for midnight and it was hard to believe everything that had happened had done so in a few short hours. Many people had died or been turned into Cybermen which was twice as bad since they had been neutralised and driven mad. Rose felt herself drifting off to sleep but she could still see this world's Jackie Tyler, first snapping at her at the party then as she was turned into a Cyberman and shivers involuntarily ran through her body just at the thought.

The Doctor picked up on it immediately and pulled her around to face him. "What's wrong? You're not still thinking about this Jackie are you? We had no choice Rose, we couldn't go back inside and I know you saw her when she had been converted but there was nothing you could have done. You were just too late." He could feel her tears on his t-shirt now as she sobbed. He had to just let her cry, no amount of reassurance it wasn't her fault would help her. He tried to cheer her up by joking. "So Rose, how many times have you fantasised about this – you and me laid in bed?"

She looked up and smacked his arm and he smiled. He had hit a raw nerve. "Probably as many times as you have Doctor," she replied, burying her head in his chest again, wishing there was no t-shirt there. He had brought her back to reality, to their present situation instead of feeling guilty. He was good at doing that.

"Well, there have been times, too numerous to count, especially after our nights in watching a movie or reading in the library, oh and not to mention when we've been running for our lives but that's probably not as many times as you've thought about it."

He got a finger dug in his ribs for that remark and just smiled again. It was working, he was taking her mind off things. Realising he had a soggy patch on his t-shirt and no spare clothes, given the present topic of conversation and fuelling Rose's fantasies, he let go of her with one hand and struggled to pull the wet t-shirt off. Rose sat up, hardly believing her eyes as he got up and hung it over the back of a chair near the radiator then climbed back onto the bed again. Resuming his position he took hold of her again and she rested her head against his now bare chest. He smiled again, knowing she was relaxing more as he felt her tension drain.

"Doctor," she said sleepily, "You're going to crease your trousers you know and you'll be sorry in the morning." If this worked, some of her other fantasies may come to life as well.

"I think you should go to sleep Rose Tyler, never mind adding more fuel to your fantasies. Tell you what though, bet you didn't think the last time you woke up you'd be in another universe did you?" Oops, he'd put his foot in his big gob again. Rose moved away from him suddenly and he realised he had upset her again. "Rose, I didn't mean anything, please come back here."

She turned away and began crying again. He put his hands on her shoulders and tried to turn her around but she shook him off. He got off the bed and took off his trousers then pulled back the covers and got in beside her, his hand on her shoulder again and this time she turned around as he moved up closer to her. Tears were still on her cheeks as she looked at him as he pulled her close. "I'm sorry Rose, I don't think sometimes. Let me make it up to you." He kissed her cheek and put his arms around her.

She whispered his name and snuggled back up to him. He felt warm and comfortable as she buried her head into his bare chest again, putting her arms around him. She looked up and risked kissing him lightly on his lips. He responded to her kiss but was he just offering comfort to her? He didn't know the answer to that question. He lay back on the pillow, Rose followed and they looked at each other. Rose attempted another kiss, thinking he would back away but he didn't and returned it. She rested her head back on his chest and got comfortable and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

When she woke up, she wasn't sure where she was. She was lying on the Doctor she slowly realised and she lifted her head. His eyes were closed but he was smiling and said "Hi" when she moved.

"I'm not asleep, I was waiting for you to wake up. I was thinking about possible ways to get us back. How are you feeling today?"

"Better. About last night, thanks for comforting me, I really needed it." She tried to move but he held onto her.

"You kissed me first, how many times have you thought about actually doing that yourself, when you weren't being possessed?"

"Well you kissed me back Doctor and I wonder how many times you've thought about that. Anyway, it was nice, the kissing. Tell me why we never did it properly before?"

"Well, for starters, your mother and Mickey. Your mother would have slapped me and as for Mickey, well I never felt comfortable with him around."

"So now he's gone, you only have my mother to worry about. Believe me, she'll be more than happy we finally got our act together." She reached up to kiss him lightly on the lips again. "I think we need to practice this, don't you?" The Doctor agreed with her as the kisses got longer.

Rose retired to the bathroom to get changed and then they went to get some breakfast. They asked about keeping the room and were told it was available if they notified them before 2pm so Rose took the number and promised they would ring if they wanted it. The only problem was Rose had given her phone to Mickey, thinking she wouldn't need it. They walked back to the Tardis, making sure no-one was watching and went inside. The power cell was still recharging so they had a few more hours to wait but the Doctor spent the time checking nothing had been damaged when the power had given out.

He had a theory but didn't want to alarm Rose so he kept it to himself, he didn't want to dwell on it if he was right. Hopefully he was wrong and it had just been what he had told Rose last night, that the unit needed to be fully charged for them to take off and so he planned that when it was hooked up again, to keep to minimum power until they were back in their own universe. Rose was sat waiting patiently, she was anxious to see her mother again, to reassure herself her own mother wasn't anything like the Jackie had been in this world and that she was very much alive. She wondered how this world's Jackie had got that way, so bitter and about to get divorced when her own mother would have given anything to have her husband back.

Ten minutes before he thought the power cell would be ready, the Doctor was double checking everything so as not to waste time. They had spent a while sitting on the jumpseat together, just kissing slowly, getting used to the closeness they had just developed.

"So, all this time and you couldn't kiss me like that when Mickey was around. Why? You know he wasn't my boyfriend any more. You didn't want to make him jealous of you, did you? That's the reason. So why did you agree to let him travel with us then? If he was standing between us?"

He didn't want to answer. He couldn't tell her his real reason. He had wanted to kiss her since they had first met but knew she didn't feel the same way, not until he had changed then he didn't want to force himself on her. He supposed he would have got around to it eventually but getting over the first kiss had been easier than he thought but still at the back of his mind was the incident with Reinette, he had allowed her to kiss him although he hadn't returned it and risked Rose seeing him but all he had ever wanted to do was kiss Rose. He could have closed his eyes and pretended it was her. He could have lost her forever by risking saving the Frenchwoman and now he regretted it. Now he had to make it up to her.

The time came to try the power cell again. He had left only essential things on and minimal lighting and placed the cell into the socket. The central column began to rise slowly, he took Rose's hand and hoped it would get them home.