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Oh! And here's a bit of a sneak peek…

A few feet away from her sat one of the greatest of men—a man who occasionally called her 'my dear' and who at that moment cast a spell wordlessly to make them some tea. Her cup floated over to her, still steaming.

"Thank you." She said. He made some soft grunt of acknowledgement.

She had every intention of getting off the chaise and starting dinner, as it was her turn- truly she did - but the characters had just gotten themselves in a delicate situation, and though she had absolute faith in the write at that point, she was at a loss as to how on earth the protagonists would get out of it this time.

"I saw some of my former students in town today." Severus reported.


"They said you looked much too cheerful to be married to me."

She laughed lightly. It took her a few moments of silence to look up and catch him watching her. She frowned. Had he said something she missed?

Yes, he had said something, only it was more that she had not missed it. The students had assumed they were…married. She supposed she should have been surprised by this, but she had not even noticed.

They lived together in the same house, no home. They were lovers. They fussed over who would cook dinner and rowed over who would be invited to it. He sometimes took her hand in public, and once when they had been at the Weasleys enjoying mulled wine, he had pulled her onto his lap and made her blush a moment. Occasionally, he surprised her with flowers. She surprised him with rare ingredients Luna picked up on her travels.

"Oh." She blushed.

He looked mildly interested then looked away. "Yes. You are rather obnoxiously merry these days."

"So sorry." She apologized. "I'll try to be less happy with you."

"You're happy?" He asked in earnest.

"Of course. Very happy. But I could always leave, if it bothers you." She proposed.

"No need to be hasty. Maybe you could just quit your job."

"Nope." She defied from behind her book.

"One of them?" He tried in jest.

"No chance. You'll just have to get over my happiness."

"I'll endure." He said into his own open book in his lap.

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