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Military man

1 November 1981 0430 hours

It had been an odd night for all those concerned with what happened past midnight on a Sunday, meaning teenagers and those working a late shift at work. There had been owls swooping around in the daytime, strange fireworks around condemned buildings, and oddest of all an old man looking to be in his hundreds strolling down an urban street with his beard swishing about his abdomen. It would be an odd sight in the daytime for the neighborhood of Privet Drive, but in the wee hours of the morning it was even stranger. He wandered up the street with a contraption similar to a cigarette lighter, which appeared to be extinguishing the street lamps. Of course had anyone seen the old man they would have called themselves insane, or in the case of a few residents, had a heart attack. The old man finally stopped walking as he reached a stone wall close to the end of the street.

"Good evening my dear friend" he exclaimed, though there were no visible people on the street, a medium sized tabby cat stepped from the side of the wall and waltzed up to the old man, quickly growing in size and shape until she became a woman appearing to be in her late 50's.

"Hello Albus, I assume you have not changed your mind on the placement of the young Potter?" she questioned, sparing no formalities.

"He will be safe here, due to his mother's sacrifice." The old man, now Albus said softly to her in a calming voice. Her reaction was expected.

"I had hoped you would have discovered a better placement, these muggles are some of the worst, but as long as he is protected from them and any outside forces, I will allow him to be placed here." She spoke with disappointment in her voice and disgust for the muggles in her eyes.

"How bad are the Dursley's?" he asked in a sharp voice, worry in his eyes.

"The father condones all sorts of nonsense, he and the mother allow the child to be spoilt within an unhealthy parameter. The man is verbally abusive to those he sees as beneath him and the mother has no backbone to speak of. The child has no bad personality to speak of as he is only a year and a half old give or take." She said with dislike prominent in her voice.

"I hope Minerva that I am not making a huge mistake" Albus said with a slight edge of fear in his voice.

"I say that as long as we check on him on occasion and make sure they are not treating him badly that he should be fine" Minerva said with concern for the small child. "How was the physical with Poppy?" she asked curiously.

"Young Harry has been cleared by her and Hagrid is bringing him on the bike." Albus said.

"A smart move, to have him use the motorcycle instead of something more dangerous for the child, he has already endured so much." Minerva said with a small amount of tears watering in her eyes.

"Yes, yes I thought so, I must thank you again for watching the Dursley's today. I know it must have been less than exciting way to spend a Saturday." Albus said, as they heard what sounded like a low thunder head moving towards them.

"Think nothing of it, I thought that you might have found Sirius Black to take Harry in though." She said an underlying question hanging in the air.

"I had hoped he would have, we spoke briefly not long after the fall of Voldemort" he spoke ignoring the shudder she had "He told me to erect what wards were needed to keep Harry safe while he went after the secret keeper, Peter Pettigrew." Albus said, in a disapproving tone.

"Sirius was always more rash than others, did you notify Remus?" Minerva asked as a motorcycle flew into view.

"I did talk to him and he was understandably distraught, he asked to be able to visit Harry once he had gotten older, but I told him it would have been nearly impossible due to his 'Furry little problem' as they called it" Albus said with mirth in his gaze as he looked at the giant of a man clambering out of the motorcycle, carrying a small bundle in his ginormous arms.

"P'rfessr Dumbledore, McGonagall, I've got little Harry" the giant said motioning briefly to the child in his arms, "He fell asleep over Nottingham, little tyke" the man said grinning, his smile soon fell as he realized his time with the child was coming to a close. "So this is it?" he asked motioning to Number 4 Privet Drive.

"It is indeed Hagrid, do not worry though we will keep a close eye on young Harry" Dumbledore said as Hagrid handed him the bundle.

"Very well Headmaster, I'll leave you t-to it" Hagrid said sniffling a bit "I still can't believe it, Lily and James dead and poor Harry off to live with muggles. I jus feel so bad fer im." That was the straw that broke the camel, or in this case giants back as Hagrid burst into emotional tears.

"Hush Hagrid, you'll wake the muggles" McGonagall said sharply though she too appeared to be holding back tears.

"Yes Hagrid after all it isn't goodbye forever, you'll see him sooner than you realize." Dumbledore said soothingly as the trio walked to the front door and gently set the wrapped bundle down and Dumbledore placed a letter on top.

"Surely not just a letter Albus" McGonagall said aghast. Even Hagrid looked disapproving.

"Not at all, I will pop in and explain things in greater detail at a later date, this is merely to let them know of this fact and give a brief description of what has occurred." Dumbledore spoke reassuringly to his companions, whilst casting some warming charms on the child. "Come let us be away from here" he said standing "I'll see you for the morning celebratory feast then?" he asked as the other two moved away. Agreements were thrown his way as Hagrid mounted his bike and McGonagall popped away into thin air. The Headmaster turned away and flicked his cigarette lighter shaped object and the lights were restored to the street as he vanished into thin air.

2 November 1981 0730

"May I have your attention please" Headmaster Dumbledore stood in front of the Great Hall where the entirety of the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were seated. "You have all by now I am sure heard the rumors that the Dark Lord known as Voldemort or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has been defeated" Dumbledore paused briefly while his students sat at the edge of their seats in anticipation "They are indeed true" he said as the room burst into an uproar, children hugging and shouting at the top of their lungs in celebration that the dark times they had faced were over. Dumbledore waved for silence though it was many minutes before it was achieved "We will celebrate after a few more words." Dumbledore said. "While the dark times are over for most, some of us still face hard times, many have lost family, friends, and lovers. They are not to be forgotten, they are to be remembered and celebrated." He spoke to a hall of students who moments before had been joyous and were now relatively quiet and somber.

"How did it happen?" one brave soul from the Ravenclaw table called.

"Voldemort attacked Lily and James Potter two days ago, though they fought valiantly against him he defeated and killed them, he then turned his wand to their child Harry, and attempted to do the same to him, his curse backfired through means unknown to us at this time and he was killed" Dumbledore said. Cheers rocketed through the hall once again and this time Dumbledore called for silence quicker and with more force. "While this is a wonderful occasion we must think of those who have lost people, such as young Mister Potter who is now an orphan, never forget that while you celebrate his fame, and remember what had been lost in Voldemort's reign of terror" he cleared his throat and continued "Classes will be canceled for the next two days in celebration, now on with the feast" he said sitting down. Murmured talking rose up through the hall at the end of his speech and the students dug into the feast with less enthusiasm than they might have had. "And one last thing" Dumbledore said raising his goblet "To Harry Potter" he said mimicked by all students and staff in the hall.


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