Clay knew she would come today. Elena and he had some sort of intuitive connection because he was the one that had bitten her. She would come because Jeremy had called her, she felt obligated because of everything Jeremy had done for her.

Clay had sat by the gate all day and dusk was beginning to fall. Jeremy had brought him out some food earlier that day because he knew what Clay didn't say. He needed to see her after all this time, 12 months, a whole year. Elena had left before, when things got bad between them, but usually it was for a few days sometimes a couple of weeks but she had always come back, except this time. This year had been one of the most painful of his life, Jeremy had commanded him not to go near her, or talk to her, or email her…damn Jeremy. Had it been his choice he would have gone to Toronto and dragged her back a year ago. He loved her and needed her, she was his mate, his other half.

He could hear a cab in the distance pulling up the dirt road and knew it was Elena, he could feel she was close.

The closer Elena got to Stonehaven the more apprehensive she got. She had been able to stay away for a whole year, she had been able to keep blood off her hands for that long and hoped they could continue to stay clean, though she doubted it. If only Jeremy hadn't called her… if only Clay wouldn't be there… if only she hadn't been bitten…. None of it mattered. After a year in Toronto starting a new life for herself, a career, found a man who loved and respected her, she was being dragged back to the life she had run from.

"Here is good." Elena told the cab driver as he pulled up outside the gates to Stonehaven. She had never returned Jeremy's call so nobody knew what time she was arriving. She held on to the hope she could sneak in the house and find Jeremy so he could explain what was going on. More than anything she wanted to avoid Clay for as long as possible…

Elena grabbed her purse and duffle, threw some money at the cab driver and got out of the cab to face her demons. She hadn't walked 5 steps before she smelt Clay behind her, great.

"Welcome home Darlin'." He said in his southern draw, you would think he had walked right out of Louisiana and not have been living in upper New York State for over 20 years.

"Are you the welcoming committee? Or did Jeremy finally chain you up to the front gate where you belong?" Elena retorted coldly. Damn him for waiting for her. She didn't even ask herself how he knew she was coming, he always knew…

"Missed you too." Clay drawled, reaching for her bag.

Elena yanked it out of his reach and took a step back.

"Easy, I just want to help with the bag."

"Its fine, I got it." Elena spit back, walking around him and heading for the house.

Clay trailed behind her with a small smile on his face. Finally, she was back where she belonged, at Stonehaven, with him. Now he just had to convince her to stay and he had a couple ideas…

Elena heard Clay sauntering behind her and had to restrain herself from turning around and wiping the smug smile off his face. She stumped up the driveway and reached for the door handle but Clay's hand was already there

"Home sweet home" he said as he opened the door.

"Home. Right." Stonehaven had been the only true home Elena had ever known, thanks to Clay. Although she would never forgive him for the way he had given it to her.

Crossing through the door Elena remembered the first time she had taken the same steps and remembered the joy and love she had felt.