Lacunae By Bat the Wood Elf

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Bat: Ah! And now for the formalities, ne Yami-chan? ^.^

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Yugi: / (giggle) I think she enjoyed being the um. janitor. /

Bat: Not fair! I know you're talking to each other, both your eyes glazed over!

Yami: (mutters) That insolent fool.

Bat: What did you say?

Yugi: (Covers Yami's mouth before he can say something nasty in reply) He said, 'the weather is really cool.'

Bat: . oh. OK! ^.^

Yami: ..

Bat: Now on with the story!

Chapter 1: Fortuna

Yugi raced through the frigid rain, desperately trying to outrun his soon to be attackers. His will to live was what helped him run at a speed that should have been impossible for his small size.

He ignored the clothes sticking to his body; he ignored the blinding rain and only tried to concentrate on the sound of their jeering voices.

'Where are they? Are they close?' he thought to himself, but didn't dare to look back.

Yugi still didn't understand why he was a bully magnet. Maybe it was because of his small stature. All he knew was that it was for lunch money yesterday, to frighten him today, and might be to kill him tomorrow.

So he ran. At least that way, he had a chance.

Luck was with him. Up ahead was a crowd of people waiting to cross the street. All he had to do was hide among them..

'No.' he shook his head, dismissing the thought.

'They would just drag me away to someplace like that alley and beat me there.. Wait a minute. that alley. I might be able to hide there. by the time they get through the crowd they wont know where I went. It's my only chance right now.'

He pushed through the people and hurried into the alley.

Yugi's face brightened immediately. "There's a door! I can hide in there! I'm sure that whoever lives here wont mind if I explain everything to them." he murmured.

There was no lock on the plain looking door; it was only marked with the address '333' ( A.N.: Half way to H.E.L.L.! ^.^ Sorry about the pun.)

He ran in and quickly shut the door behind him, only to be greeted by flights of stairs that seemed endless.

Yugi groaned, but ran down as fast as he could. He could hear them now, they had no qualms about yelling and made no attempt to use stealth in their chase.

So he ran down the stairs, into the bowels of the building.

He was pretty far down and didn't hear the clink of their shoes on the metal stairs, so he stopped and attempted to listen to what they were saying.

Their gruff voices echoed in the empty stairwell. "This is the Domino city morgue, isn't it?" One asked, snickering.

"Yeah, I think it is." another one answered, "Lets see how the midget likes a date with the dead instead of us!"

Yet another one laughed cruelly and said, "If we push that dumpster outside in front of the door, his date could last all night."

Yugi's heart sank as he heard the roaring laughter and the audible click of the door, along with what he knew to be the screech of the dumpster being placed in front of the door.

Yugi resigned to his fate. He was trapped.

Not seeing the point of running anymore, he slowly made his way down the rest of the stairs, tears running down his cheeks.

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