The group found a way topside to an alley way. White Fang and Harada started looking around. "All right," said Harada once they were satisfied, "White Fang, at your pleasure." The turtles arched an eye ridge.

"You guys are going to witness Cybertronian biomechanics at work," said White Fang. He then demonstrated how a Cybertronian changes shape. The turtles' eyes were wide.

"How did you do that?!" said Donatello.

"It's a bit complex for even our top scientists to explain," said White Fang's voice from behind. The turtles turned to see White Fang's human part of the disguise.

"Who are you supposed to be?!" said Raphael as he drew his sai.

"Sheathe the sai," said Harada, "that's part of White Fang's disguise." The turtle's arched an eye ridge again.

"It's a synthetic form that comes on by rearranging the atoms in the air and transferring my memories into it," said White Fang. Michelangelo blinked. "Atoms," said White Fang. "The building blocks of matter." Michelangelo stared blankly. "Okay, atoms are extremely microscopic particles that tell us what each object is made of and you're still not grasping it, so why am I still talking about this with you?"

"I don't know," said Mikey. "I guess you learn something new every day."

"Never mind that," said Leo. He turned to Harada. "You said you were going to be our guides."

"Get in the car," said Harada, "White Fang will stop at different spots." The turtles looked inside.

"There's not enough room for all of us," said Leo.

"We'll just ride on the roof," said White Fang.

"Who's getting behind that circle thing?" asked Mikey as he pointed to the steering wheel.

"It's called the steering wheel Mikey," said Raph.

"You know about cars?" said Harada.

"I know a thing or two," said Raph. Harada and White Fang looked at each other and grinned.

"All right Raphael," said Harada, "you can drive." He handed the keys to Raph. The turtles got in. Raph was in the driver's seat. Leo was in the front passenger seat. Donnie was behind Raph and Mikey was sitting behind Leo. Raph was about to put the key in the ignition when the engine started on its own.

"All right," said Mikey, "purring like a kitten! Nice start Raph."

"I didn't even put the key in the ignition!" said Raph. The car then started moving. Raph freaked out a little. He then remembered that the car turns into a six story robot. He poked his head out the window and glared at White Fang. "You must think that's funny!" said the turtle. White Fang and Harada started laughing.

"There's a camera in the rearview mirror," said White Fang. "I recorded the whole thing!"

"You gotta show me that!" said Mikey.

"I'll have the laptop set up," said Donnie.

"You will regret that Donnie!" snarled Raph.

"Just keep your hands on the wheel," said Leo. Raph grumbled and complied. They drove around New York on a Friday night. Raph honked the horn when the traffic started getting bad.

"MOVE IT GRAMPS!" he shouted.

"Is that really necessary?" asked White Fang.

"We've got things to see!" said Raph. "I wanna see as much as I can before we have to go back!"

"Patience is a virtue," said Harada. He then saw something. "Ah, turn left here." They turned to a Papa John's store. "Nothing like a little pizza to start the night."

"What's pizza?" asked Mikey. White Fang and Harada looked at the turtles from the roof.

"You're joking, I hope," said Harada. The turtles shook their heads.

"You've never heard of pizza?" said White Fang. "You call yourselves New Yorkers?"

"We subsisted on algae and worms!" said Raph. "Cut us a break!"

"EEWWW!" said Harada.

"That's it!" said White Fang. "Harada, start these boys off with Pepperoni!"

"Good thing I work at Papa John's," said Harada. "The employee discount will help." He stepped inside the store and the Manager, Danny, saw him.

"Harada?" he said. "Your shift isn't until tomorrow."

"I'm here to educate some people on pizza," said Harada. "These guys have been in New York for fifteen years, and they've never heard of pizza."

"What? Impossible!" said Danny.

"So, I'd like a large pepperoni," said Harada.

"That's gonna be $7," said Danny.

"Got it right here," said Harada as he fished out the money. It took about 10 minutes to make the pizza. Harada thanked Danny and found the turtles again. "Now then," he muttered, "we need a good secluded place." He looked around, and then glanced at the rooftops. "When in doubt," he said, "go for the roof." He motioned for the turtles to head to the roof of a nearby building. White Fang followed after them in robot mode. The gang headed to the roof and Harada laid the pizza box on a vent. It was disused, so no air came out of it. He let the turtles examine it.

"I wonder what's inside," said Donnie.

"Should we…open it?" said Raph. Leo opened the box and revealed the contents.

"Is it a weapon?" asked Mikey.

"I don't think Harada's old enough to buy a weapon," said Donnie. "I think it's food."

"It's…not like any food I've ever seen," said Raph.

"Should we...try it?" said Donnie.

"Wait," said Leo, "it could be dangerous."

"Dudes, stand back," said Mikey. He took a slice and inched to his mouth. He slowly bit down and chewed it. His eyes suddenly went wide.

"Uh oh," thought Harada, "I hope it's not poisonous to mutant turtles!" He then heard Mikey moan in happiness and then he scarfed down the whole slice. He then put his hands on his belly and belched loudly. He then looked at his brothers.

"Um, yuck!" said Mikey. "Harada, I don't know why humans like this stuff. I better save you guys from it."

"No way man!" came the collective response as his brothers and guide dove for the pizza. White Fang chuckled as he saw the teenagers devour the pizza.

"Who knew there'd be something better than algae and worms?" said Raph. He punched the air with both fists. "I LOVE IT UP HERE!"