Achilles was just returning from his visit with his mother. Patroclus was sitting alone in front of the ocean, the waves barely reaching his feet. His eyes seemed focused in thought. Achilles stood above him. Patroclus smiled as he stood and wrapped his arms around Achilles.

"I missed you." Achilles said, with an emotion he reserved only for Patroclus.

"I missed you too." Patroclus wasted no time and he placed a quick kiss on Achilles' lips before anyone could come and see.

"What were you thinking about?" Achilles wondered aloud.

"You. That one time when you stole a piece of bread for me and your dad got really angry."

Achilles laughed, "You remember that? Patroclus, that was 6 years ago?"

Achilles was still softly chuckling, but Patroclus was showing a softer, more binding emotion.

"Sure, I mean, I remember everything about you..." Patroclus almost sounded nervous, embarrassed in speaking.

Achilles smiled, " really? Like what?"

"Well..." Patroclus was now smiling too, aware of the game Achilles was playing, " the way your hair shines, no matter what time of day. How you always look after me before yourself." Patroclus was still smiling, but he was turning serious.

"How your pride comes before all. The way you laugh at jokes that weren't even merely funny. How you have a soft spot for figs." He was completely serious now, everything he said was making Achilles' heart warm, until he was bathing in flames.

Patroclus' voice grew even softer, "When you're with me, you let go of expectation. The glow in your eyes right now. I will always remember.

And most of all, the feeling I get that I'd rather die than live without you."

They kissed once more, but with a passion Achilles' did not know he withheld.

That night, they would sleep together, holding each other tightly. Achilles didn't tell Patroclus what his mother had said to him.

That he was to die in battle the next day.