OK so this fic is a little different, it is a crossover between commander in chief and the goodwife. (My 2 favourite TV shows ever). I don't own either TV show, but I do own any original characters. Hope you enjoy.

"I can't wait to see Auntie McKenzie" Louisa stated.

"No, but you do remember what we said" Peter responded as they stepped into the car which was waiting from them at the airport.

"Yes, I have to call her Madam President" Louisa responded. Louisa was one of the first daughters of Illinois and was 9 years old, she has one younger sister Emily who is 7, and two older siblings, Grace who is now 16 and 17 year old Zach.

"Why Daddy?" Emily questioned as Alicia fastened her seatbelt

"Well you know that Auntie Mac is the President now, and that is how you have to address the president" Peter explained, "Like how people call me Mr Governor"

"But I call you Daddy, not Mr Governor"

"Yes, that's because I am your Daddy. Amy, Horace and Becca will still call her Mum"


"I can't wait to see Becca and Horace" Grace said. She loved them like cousins, although they weren't actually related their Mothers were best friends. Mackenzie Allan and Alicia Cavanaugh were room mates at Harvard. They both attended here for their undergraduate degrees before going to law school. Alicia chose to go to Georgetown to follow her boyfriend at the time Will, and Mackenzie went to Yale to stay closer to her mother, this was where she met her husband Rod Calloway.

"And you all need to remember than Auntie Mackenzie only got out of hospital last week, so you all have to be extremely careful, especially you two" Alicia said pointing to her youngest who children who would normally end up climbing over Mac, playing baseball or generally just having fun.

Mackenzie had an operation last week as she had suffered appendicitis; it was a turbulent time for the president, as there was no vice president in place after the resignation of General Warren Fitzgerald Keaton.

OK, so this is just a short little piece to start with, if you like it let me know.