The limo containing the first family of Illinois arrived at the Ellipse outside the Whitehouse.

"Wow" Grace said as she stepped out "This is amazing" she added as she linked her arm through her Fathers. Emily held her Mothers hand and Louisa took Alicia's other hand as Zach walked behind them to the door. The family were allowed in but had to go through security first. After they had been through security they were taken to the residence and into the family room where Mac and Rod were sitting waiting with Kate and the kids.

"Emily" Amy shouted as she jumped off of the chair next to her Dad and ran over to her cousin

"Guess what we can watch Frozen in the Cinema" she shouted loudly to Emily and Louisa.

"Amy, you need to ask Auntie Alicia and Uncle Peter first" Mac reminded her as Amy looked expectantly and Peter and Alicia.

"Well I'm sure that Louisa and Emily would love to do that" Peter said as he picked Amy up to give her a hug.

Louisa and Emily stood close to Alicia, both slightly nervous to be in the Whitehouse with the President, even if it was there Godmother. Grace had gone over to hug Rebecca and Zach and Horace were already talking about football.

Alicia crouched down to talk to her youngest daughters "Hay, why don't you go and see Aunt Mackenzie and Uncle Rod" she said quietly

"And remember what I said" Peter reminded them.

"Hi, Madam President" Emily said as she walked over to the Mac.

"Hi Sweetheart" Mac said as she hugged Emily then Louisa "You know what though, you don't call me Madam President, I like being Aunt Mac" she said. "Now how about we show you to your rooms and you can unpack, and then you can go watch frozen.

"Mum, can we go to the party?" Horace asked

"Have you finished your essay?" Mac asked

"Yes" he said, although what he didn't say was that it had been bought online using his parent's credit card.

"If Grace and Zach want to go, and it's OK with Aunt Alicia and Uncle Peter then yes you can go"

"Dad, can we go to a party?" Grace asked

"Yes OK, but no drinking and back for 11pm" Peter said as Rebecca grabbed Grace to go upstairs to get ready,

Later that night the 3 younger girls were in the Whitehouse Cinema with Pop Corn, Juice and Frozen on the big screen, the teenagers were all at a party and the grownups were talking in the family room with some drinks.

"So Peter, I have something I would like to ask" Mac said

"Sure" he responded

"I would like very much if you would consider being my Vice President" Mac said to silence from Peter and Alicia. "I mean of course, take your time, think about it and talk about it with the kids"

"Mac, I would be honoured, but really the press will devour me over my lack of inexperience, not to mention my past"

"Well yes, I understand that may be a problem, confirmation may be harder, but I honestly think you could do really well in Washington. I trust you and that's what I need right now" Mac said

"Well I don't know what to say, but we will definitely talk about it" Peter said

At the party Grace and Zach didn't know anyone, but everyone wanted to know who Grace as she and Rebecca had spent ages getting ready. Grace was wearing a pretty short skirt and tight top, if her Father had seen her or even Uncle Rod there would have been no way she would have got out the house. Rebecca was a little more conservative, but was waiting on getting invited upstairs by her boyfriend Mike. She was so ready for this, or at least she thought she was until she got there and decided against it.

Grace had a bottle of beer in her hand that one of the boys had passed her and had been sipping away when she seen a really cute boy at the other side of the room, he came over and sat next to her.

"Hi, my name is Ben, I haven't seen you around before, I'm sure I would remember such a pretty face"

"I'm from Chicago, Becca and Horace are like cousins, but not really cousins, our parents are best friends" Grace rambled before drinking her last beer and placing the bottle down

"I'll get you another bottle" Ben said as he leaned over to the cooler and pulled another bottle out for Grace, after opening it he handed it to her, and she started to drink again as they chatted away. The chatting didn't last for too long and they were soon making out on the sofa.

Horace was with Stacy outside one of the loungers and Zach was sitting out the front with some Beer on a bench, with some of the other kids who were smoking pot, the offered one to Zach who said no and continued with his beer. Zach glanced at his watch to find it was already ten past eleven and after curfew, he looked at his phone to see a text from his Father looking for them to come hone. He got up and stumbled slightly not really used to alcohol the same way that Horace was. He walked into the living room and seen his sister making out with a boy, he walked over to her and tapped her shoulder.

"I'm with her" Ben said

"Grace, we need to go" Zach said ignoring Ben who was getting angry with Zach for interrupting his time with a beautiful girl.

"Look Mate, she is with me, go find yourself another girl to screw" Ben said as he suddenly felt Zach's fist to his cheek. It was only a micro second later that secret service got involved and all 4 teens in the car. Their parents were sure to hear about this.