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"Where are those kids" Peter said to Rod as he took a sip from his scotch. Mac and Alicia were upstairs again with the younger 3 girls; they were not ready for sleep yet and kept getting up to play. They had allowed them all to sleep in the one room with a couple of pull out beds, as they wanted to have a slumber party, but it was now 11:30pm and they were still as hyper as ever.

"Louisa, I will not ask again, go under those covers now" Alicia warned. Emily the youngest of the girls was in Alicia's arms she was getting tired, and stifled a yawn not wanting to fall asleep and miss the party. Alicia rubbed circles on her back to try and calm her slightly.

"OK, Em" Alicia said "I'll put you down in to bed and keep you eyes closed"

"Louisa, final warning or you can go and sleep in another room" Alicia said as she looked across to Mac who had just managed to get Amy into her bed.

"Can we have another story Mummy?" Amy asked

"No, it's almost midnight you should all be asleep" Mac said just as one of her agents arrived at the room door.

"Madam President we have an incident" was all he said.

"I'll get them all to bed" Alicia said as Amy and Louisa suddenly jumped out of bed ready to play. Alicia opened her mouth to shout at them when she noticed Emily had now fallen asleep. "I'm going to count to 5, if you're not in bed then its time for timeout, and I will have to telly Daddy and Uncle Rod" Alicia said with a raised eyebrow that got them both into bed quickly.

Mac left Amy's bedroom and once she was out of earshot of Alicia and the kids "Do we need to go to the sit room?"

"No Ma'am, it was an incident with the children at the party, they are on their way back home, but there was an incident that we have to tell you about"

"What kind of incident?"

"Well, it actually involved the Governors children, but your children were in the vicinity, it appears that Zach got into an altercation"

"Is he OK, and should you not be telling Peter and Alicia?"

"Yes Ma'am the Governors Protection detail are relaying this to them just now, and the children are all OK, they are in the motorcade now, ETA 5 minutes"

"Thank you, for letting me know" Mac said as Alicia had come out the bedroom.

"Emily and Amy are asleep and Louisa is almost there" Alicia said smiling.

"Apparently there was an incident at the party, Zach was involved in an altercation, he is OK though, they are on their way home, should be back anytime now" Mac said as the two woman casually walked to the family room where Peter was now pacing the floor.

"Alicia you won't believe it, Zach was in some sort of fight" Peter said

"I know, he should be home soon, it's probably nothing, just calm down" Alicia said as she placed her hand on his shoulders and gentry stroked down his back. It wasn't long before the 4 kids were back home and found themselves standing in the middle of the family room surrounded by their parents.

"Zach, what happened?" Alicia asked gently

"It wasn't my fault" he responded

"You just totally punched a stranger for no good reason" Grace shouted, she liked Ben he was cute and such an amazing kisser they had even swapped numbers, Zach glared at her, well if she wanted to play it this way he could get her in just as much trouble.

"Zach is this true?" Peter asked

"It's true that I punched him, but I had my reasons" Zach responded with his eyes firmly on the floor.

"OK, I think we have had enough excitement for one night" Mac said as she placed her hands on her kids shoulders to guide them out of the room, just as Alicia hugged Grace and immediately smelt beer on her.

"Grace, have you been drinking?" Alicia asked as Mac stopped to smell her own kids.

"Horace, you stink of beer too" Mac said

"Can I just state for the record that I don't drink or do drugs" Rebecca said with an innocent smile to her parents.

"Becca, go to bed sweetie" Rod said.

Alicia had walked over to Zach who stunk not only of beer, but pot.

"Zach, please tell me you didn't" Alicia said worriedly

"Didn't what?" he asked not knowing what the fuss was about

"You stink of Pot" she said in a whisper so that no one else heard

"No Mum, I swear I didn't. Some other kids were and they were near me, Yes I punched that boy that was making out with Grace and yes I was drinking beer, but that's it" he said, Alicia could tell he wasn't lying.

Grace and Horace were now sat on the sofa with Peter talking to Mac and Rod on the other side of the room.

"Go sit next to Grace and Horace" Alicia instructed her son before walking over to the adults.

"We were just saying we don't want to ruin their weekend, maybe best not to be too harsh" Mac said

"Zach punched a boy because he was making out with Grace, and he was drinking" Alicia said

"OK Alicia lets talk to them about the beer first and then, you take Grace, I'll talk to Zach and they both just get a warning, but they try anything like that again and they will be grounded for one month" Peter said, Alicia nodded in agreement, it was pretty fair they both know it was wrong to drink, but the last thing they wanted was for them to ruin their weekend with friends and family that they don't see very often.

Mac and Rod were already over at a the stairs outside with Horace, he was shocked when he discovered that he wasn't grounded, and knew it was only because they had guests, although this whole thing was Zach and Graces fault anyway if it wasn't for them he would not have got caught.

"So, that's quiet the adventure you had tonight" Peter said

"It was just a bit of fun, everyone there was drinking?" Grace said

"Rebecca wasn't" Alicia commented

"No, but she was upstairs with her boyfriend all night" Grace said

"We are not here to talk about Rebecca, this is about you two, now your father and I have decided to let you off with a warning, but you try anything like that again and you will be grounded" Alicia said

"I promise, it won't happen again" Grace said

"Zach" Peter said looking at his son for the same response

"I promise" he replied back.

"Good, now it's late so off up to get ready for bed" Peter said. "Zach, you and I will continue this conversation once your ready for bed" he added

"And don't think your getting off lightly, Young Lady, we need to discuss you and this boy" Alicia said before Graced bowed her head to the floor and went upstairs to get ready for bed.

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