Hayate Yagami was a fairly ordinary girl. She had lost her parents at an early age, but her uncle in England had insured that she could take care of herself until he was recalled when she was seven. Everything was fine...that is until she found the letter.

Dear Hayate,

If you are reading this, then chances are you're old enough to understand the truth. No matter what though I want you to know we always loved you despite the circumstances behind your birth.

I can only hope I am telling you this in person, but if you are reading the letter that means something happened to us and this is the only way for the truth to be known.

The man you know as your father isn't your father. While I loved my husband this happened just before we met and he married me despite knowing I was pregnant with another man's child. If, as I have always suspected is true, then your real father is alive and well.

There was a man at a bar near the college I was attending in America and one thing lead to another. I never saw him again, but the way he entered into my life he made sure I would know to contact him if anything happened. Let's just say our meeting isn't as mundane as you would think, but we agreed never to mention those events again.

The man who I believe is your biological father is named Dean Winchester. He wouldn't have given me his name if not for the fact that there was no way I would have slept with him without it.

If you want to contact him, I can give you some help in proving your story to him. He was justifiably paranoid because of his line of work.

Hayate read the list of things to mention, as well as the number left behind. It looked like some sort of government agency number, with an official seal and everything.

She debated on whether or not to call, but taking a look around her house (paid for by her mysterious uncle) helped to make up her mind. She was tired of being alone, and she wanted to see what sort of man her mother fell for.

Bobby Singer was about to make another pot of coffee for a research run when one of his 'official' phones rang. It was the one for the "FBI" cover several other hunters used.

He was paid a good sum of money by other hunters to help with their cover ID.

"Federal Bureau of Investigations," he said gruffly.

"Ano... hello? I am looking for Dean Winchester?"

Bobby blinked. The voice was way too young and she was asking for Dean by name...and to top it all off she was speaking Japanese. What in the hell had that idjit gotten himself into this time?

"May I ask who is calling?" he replied back in the same language. You could almost feel the relief on the other end.

The kid on the other end (and it was definitely a child speaking) explained about the letter. Bobby asked her a few questions that insured she was looking for the same man (and considering Dean was an idiot, it was likely it was him she was looking for) and left with a sour taste in his mouth. Dean was going to have hell to pay when he saw him again.

The girl left him her home number and Bobby agreed to call back the next time he saw Dean.

Dean took two steps into Bobby's house before he was slapped on the head by the man.

"What the hell Bobby?"

"You're a damn idjit is what. I always knew your habits would come back to bite you in the ass, and sure enough!"

"What habits?" said Dean confused.

"I just got a call from a kidlast week asking for Dean Winchester by name. She even had a list of things that could only point to you."

Dean blinked.

"A kid?"

"In Japan. She had the fake FBI number and a letter from her recently dead mother explaining that her father wasn't her father, and to ask for you," said Bobby gruffly.

"I don't... wait, did you just say Japan? Shit..."

"So she's telling the truth?"

"There was this one chick about eight, maybe nine years ago. Exchange student I think. Saved her life during a hunt..."

"I get the picture. If this kid is telling the truth, are you going to man up or not? She said her parents died in a car crash two years ago and she only found the letter," said Bobby.

"Wait, two years? Who's been taking care of her since then?" said Dean.

Bobby could see Dean was taking this seriously. If the girl was his daughter, then he had better do something or Bobby would never let him live it down.

"She said her step-father's uncle sent his secretaries to insure she knew how to live on her own. They had to go back two months ago," said Bobby.

"She's been living on her own for two months?!"

"What are you going to do?" asked Bobby.

Dean grit his teeth.

"If she is my kid, there's no way in hell I'm leaving her all alone. The biggest bitch will be getting a passport," said Dean finally.

"I can handle that. I have a few friends in Japan, and they might be willing to help bring her here since I know you hate flying," said Bobby.

He knew Dean was a good kid, it was just his bad luck he had someone like John as a father. The fact he was willing to take responsibility for a kid he didn't know he had spoke volumes about his character.

One month later...

Dean was waiting at an air port, mostly because the girl's plane would land soon. He was really, really hoping this was his kid. He had always wanted a family, but he had never expected it to happen like this. If she was his daughter there was no way he was going to let her live all alone. Unprotected.

Finally her flight landed. He waited impatiently, despite having no idea what she looked like.

He observed the passengers come off the plane, and saw a girl having trouble walking without a pair of crutches. It took him a few minutes to realize she was the only one under thirteen on the plane.

Which made her the girl he was waiting for.

"Here, let me give you a hand," he said.

"Is okay. Waiting for someone," she said in botched English.

Dean leaned down to meet her at eye level.

"Hayate Yagami?" he asked.

She blinked, but nodded.

"I'm Dean."

It was easy loading up her small suitcase into the car, and he even helped her into the car. It took them a few hours to get to Bobby's, but it was a rather awkward moment for them both.

The second Bobby saw Hayate next to Dean, he knew without any doubt that the kid was definitely the idjit's daughter. There was something about her demeanor that screamed the same stubbornness that seemed genetic in all the Winchester, and they had the same eyes as well. Hayate might have blue, but he figured that had to be from her mother.

He didn't mind acting as translator until the girl learned some English.

Dean stared at the envelope in his hands. This was the moment of truth for him. Carefully he undid the seal on the paper.

"Well?" said Bobby, but he knew after one look this kid was related to Dean.

"It's positive. Hayate is my biological daughter... Christ Bobby, what am I supposed to do?" said Dean running his hand through his short hair.

"Well for starter's yer not going to turn into John," said Bobby flatly.

"I know that! Kids need a stable home, and while I love dad his parenting skills were crap," said Dean.

"Want me to break the news to Sam? Seeing as how he hasn't spoken to you or John in over a year?" asked Bobby.

"He'd be more likely to answer your call than ours," agreed Dean.

"What are you going to tell him?"

Bobby didn't need to elaborate who he was.

"Nothing. If Dad knew that he had a grandkid he might try to turn her into another hunter like us, and I'll be damned before I even think of allowing that to happen," said Dean flatly.

"I might have someone who can help. There's another hunter by the name of Ellen who's semi-retired. Runs a bar for others like us and she has a daughter named Jo. She might be willing to watch Hayate in between hunts so she has a stable home and still gets to know you. Plus there's the fact that Ellen isn't exactly a fan of your father, so there's little chance he will run into her before you tell him," said Bobby.

"What happened?"

"John got her husband killed on a hunt. She's not exactly fond of Winchesters but she might be willing to help once she finds out the situation. Keeps her safe at all times."

Ellen was surprised to get a call from Bobby, and even more so when she found out why.

"So let me get this straight. One of the Winchesters had a kid and you want me to keep her?"

"You're not a fan of John and you're a hunter. Dean doesn't want his father anywhere near her because he's worried John might drag her into the same search for the demon he forced the boys into, and she's still an innocent," said Bobby.

"Kids need a stable home to really thrive."

"I suggested the Roadhouse because he could visit it and not draw John's suspicion. She stays safe and gets a chance to keep her childhood while learning about hunting. Dean's willing to pay you in cash if he has to," said Bobby.

"I'll do it for free just to piss off John. The fact his own son is willing to go around him just to keep his kid safe from him is good enough for me to help. But the cash will help pay for her schooling," said Ellen.

Plus Jo might enjoy having a little sister around.

Hayate liked America, and she liked her birth father as well. Dean was goofy, but really kind. He put in an actual effort to learn her language while she learned English. Sure it was awkward, but considering how alone she had been after her caretakers had left she liked it.

She didn't mind going moving to a new place. Her mother had hinted Dean had a very dangerous job.

"Here's your new room," said Ellen. It was next to Jo's and the door was right in front of her own. The basement was often used to house hunters who needed an area to crash and didn't want to attract the cops.

Hayate could see the room was rather sparse, but the bed was relatively new and had fresh sheets.

Bobby had explained the reason behind the iron wires in between the window panes and why there was usually a line of salt on the sills. She didn't know whether to believe in evil ghosts, but she could see they did and that was enough for her.

When she came down for supper, Ellen handed her a plate and gave her a soda.

Almost immediately there were questions from the other people in the bar, but Ellen answered them so she could eat in peace.

"Who's the kid?" asked Gordon.

"Another hunter Bobby's in contact with found out he had a daughter, and since he doesn't have a permanent home is paying me to watch her in between hunts. She's safer here than Bobby's considering he's not equipped to raise a girl and I have Jo to help me," said Ellen.

It was enough to keep the other hunters from bothering the girl without raising suspicion.

"How old is she?" asked another.

"Not even seven. And I've been asked not to tell her about hunting until she hits puberty, so keep your mouth shut," warned Ellen.

Dean was very firm about that. No hunting or mentioning hunting until the girl was at least thirteen. He remembered vividly the way Sam had reacted when he finally learned what their father did and he did not want a repeat with his daughter. The last thing he wanted was for Hayate to have nightmares about the very real monsters out there trying to eat her.

If she wanted to be a hunter later, that was her choice. He wasn't going to take away her childhood more than it already had been because of her mother's death.

Three months after Hayate moves into the Roadhouse...

Dean was in one place he had sworn to avoid, if only to respect his brother's wishes to be left out of the hunting game.

Unfortunately, he didn't have much choice. Sam was the closest hunter and he wanted to get this done fast and right.

So he went to visit his brother in Stanford.

Sam was not happy with Dean, but he agreed to help if only to get rid of his brother.

"So what was with that phone call I got from Bobby six months ago?" asked Sam finally.

"Which one?"

"The one where he basically tells me one of your screw-ups have 'come back to haunt you'?"

"If we get this done and over with fast enough I might have enough time to show you. I'm sure it would be interesting for all of us," said Dean cryptically.

"You got a girl knocked up, didn't you?" Sam accused him.

Dean flinched.

"You did, didn't you? Does dad know about the kid?"

"No, and if you tell him that he's got a grandkid I swear to god I'll shoot you myself," growled Dean.

Sam blinked.

"Dad doesn't know about his own grandkid?" said Sam incredulous.

"I'm not letting him drag Hayate into hunting. Not a chance in hell."

"So his name is Hayate?"

"Her. And I plan on keeping her from dad for as long as possible."


"Like you said, we were raised as warriors. Remember that Christmas you finally found out what Dad was really doing? You cried yourself to sleep because you were terrified that monsters were going to break in and eat you. I told the hunter watching her that she wasn't to mention what we do for a living until Hayate was thirteen at least," said Dean.

Sam was quiet after that, shocked his brother was being so responsible for once. He knew Dean slept around a lot, but the fact that his brother was keeping something this big from their father was shocking to say the least. Hearing his reasoning behind it however made it easier to believe.

"The interview isn't until six in the evening. Think we would be close enough to wherever she is for me to meet her and still make it in time?" said Sam finally.

"If not, I'll pay for your plane ticket," said Dean.