foxpaw was walking in the forest alone. he knew he shouldn't, but none of the warriors had time. he knew what would happen if he ran into tigerstar...rape. foxpaw wanted to kill tigerstar, not only his he trying to kill firestar, but he rapes cats from the other clans no matter what gender. foxpaw walked by a bush and, tigerstar, walked out. "t...tigerstar what are you doing here?" asked foxpaw.

tigerstar walked up to him and smiled, "foxpaw you are perfect." he said. tigerstar licked foxpaw's muzzle and foxpaw backed away. " wont do that to me." hissed foxpaw. tigerstar walked up to him and started to rub foxpaw's cock with his tail, which made foxpaw moan. fox paw gave in to tigerstar. foxpaw saw tigerstar's cock and saw how big it was. "foxpaw, you will be mine." whispered tigerstar.

tigerstar climped on top of foxpaw and started to fuck him in the butt. " hurts." cryed foxpaw and tigerstar went faster. after a while of it hurting it started to feel good. "mmmm OH GOD TIGERSTAR!" screamed foxpaw. "foxpaw i want you to beg." hissed tigerstar. "PLEASE MASTER TIGERSTAR, FUCK ME, IN THE ASS I NEED IT SO BAD." screamed foxpaw, tigerstar cummed and then made foxpaw suck his cock.

"good foxpaw." tigerstar said and left foxpaw laying on the ground covered in cum.