This was a homework assignment...i a little different from the ending of the movie, in my words and some dialogue from the actual scene.Hope u like!

David stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at the drowsy face of his mother with utter affection. He had tucked her comfortably into bed and now caressed her slim hand gently. The day was over - that one most wonderful day of his life when all his wishes came true, the day of which would never come again. He had been so happy, just Mommy and him, without anyone to intrude on their fun- filled day. But he knew it was time, time for his excessive pleasure in spending his time with the one he loved most to finally end. The light was sinking behind the shade of night, and golden shadows shone through the large windows. "It is nighttime already? " she asked, as if in a dream. "You know, I really out to be tucking you in. Strange. Hmmm.. How fascinating. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I don't know what's come over me." She hadn't remembered how she got there but she just knew she was there, and with David. "Yes Mommy, the day went fast," he choked, almost afraid to let go of her dear hand, and with that, squeezed it tightly. She nodded her head sleepily, returning the devoted gaze of the small replica of a boy - her other "son". "You know, it was a beautiful day, very beautiful." She said, pressing her hand closer to the David's sad but grateful face. Stroking it ever so gently, with his little trembling hand still clasped unbreakable upon her own, she added: "I love you David. I do love you. I have always loved you." Those words crushed him in sheer bliss and surprise, and tears spiraled down his soft cheek, amounting in great measurements. He had been waiting all his life to here those words from her, his long search to try to find a way to please Mommy so she could return the love he felt for her. And now, those words finally came. "Oh Mommy, I love you too!" he cried, thrusting his short arms around her. He had tried to fulfill the one quest that meant something to him in his once immortal life, his one wish, and it came true. Nothing else seemed to matter now. SO he crawled up onto the fluffy bed, and cuddled next to her, saying: "Goodnight Mommy, goodnight." And with those last words, he closed his eyes for the very first time and went to the place where dreams forever go on until woken, but wake he never had to.