"Donna, could you please hand me that water bottle?" The Doctor said, gasping for air.

"Here," Donna said as she handed the Time Lord a water bottle. He chugged half of it and poured the rest on his face.

"I really should not have run that 10K," the Doctor gasped.

"Not my fault," Donna said.

"Anyways, Donna, I-"

The Doctor stopped in his tracks and stared at Donna.

"And what're you staring at, Spaceman?"

"Donna, have I ever told you that you look really nice in that outfit?"

"What're you on about, Doctor? You okay?"

"Top of the world!" the Doctor said, a dreamlike tone in his voice.

"Doctor? Let's just get back to the TARDIS," Donna said, grabbing the Doctor's arm and dragging him into the blue box.

"Oh, Donna~" the Doctor said, getting uncomfortably close to her. Her hand reared back...


The Doctor found himself on the floor with a stinging pain on his face.

"What, you drink a love potion or something?" Donna asked, looking through a book labelled "Time Lords and Things That Mess Up Their Brains."

"Apparently, you did, because your symptoms match up. You're acting really weird," Donna added.

"I didn't drink any love potions, I've fancied you for a while..." the Doctor cooed at her.

"That settles it..." Donna said. She began rummaging in a drawer and found a syringe with a weird purple liquid in it. She stabbed the needle into the Doctor's arm. He passed out a few seconds later.

He woke up to find himself in a bed in the TARDIS infirmary.

"Where am I?"

"TARDIS infirmary. You okay? Feeling normal?" Donna asked.

"Last thing I remember is running that 10K..."

"It's best you don't remember anything after. Less awkward that way," Donna said as she stood up and walked away.

"Donna? Donna! Wait! What happened?! DONNA!"