The day had started simply enough for Dawn. Her alarm had gone off and it was one of the few days lately where she didn't go back to sleep after she hit it off. She had put on her clothes and gone to the brand new Sunnydale High School. She had hitched a ride with Buffy and Xander who was working at the High School doing construction. Everything was revolving around High School again. Dawn was going there, Xander was working there.. well building it. Buffy was really working there, providing guidance to students in needs.. students who would have fit in pretty well with the Scooby gang.

Amazingly everyone thought Buffy was pretty cool and some of her friends had even gone to talk to her. Dawn never thought Buffy was the guidance counselor type. The way her friends spoke of Buffy, Dawn knew her sister was doing a really good job. And if she was in a good mood Dawn sometimes let her know that.

School was a breeze as always, unlike Buffy she had some brains and usually did well on her tests. Well unless there was some really big demon thing.. and she just had to help with the research. She was part of the Scooby gang and proud of it. She was the sister of the Slayer and therefore a vital part of the group. When they actually let her in on what was going on. She looked up things and brought them snacks. That was an important job.

After school Dawn talked to her friends in front of the School until Buffy started beeping at her. She was actually leaning over Xander and honking the horn and giving Dawn a nasty look. Xander actually looked embarrassed to be there. Dawn had tried ignoring her but then one of her friends had to ask the question, "hey isn't that your sister". She mumbled yes and run into the back of the car completely mortified.

"I can't believe you did that!." Dawn had cried as soon as the door was shut. She put on her seatbelt as Buffy turned around.

"We were waiting for you Dawn. If you don't want a ride, you can just walk." Buffy faced forward and Xander started driving.

"Well maybe I will and then you won't have to embarrass me in front of my friends. I thought you working at the High School would be cool." Dawn muttered to Buffy, as she crossed her arms and pouted.

Xander broke into the conversation, "C'mon Dawnie, it was no big deal. She was just honking the horn. Ok, granted she was a little enthusiastic."

"Hey!" Buffy said, slapping his shoulder.

Xander rubbed his shoulder and Dawn knew it hurt more then he let on. "It wasn't like she was wearing a clown suit.. ooh clowns." Xander shuddered slightly.

"You're giving Buffy ideas!" Dawn squealed.

"He did not Dawn.. I was already planning to wear a clown suit tomorrow. He just peaked in my closet." Buffy said rolling her eyes.

"Not funny." Dawn said as they pulled into the driveway. She grabbed her back pack and jumped out of the car. She ran into the house with Buffy and Xander trailing her.

"I was just kidding Dawn. I'd never wear a clown suit on a Wednesday." Buffy said.

"Ha ha." Dawn said rolling her eyes.

"Homework?" Buffy asked.

"I still have nightmares about homework." Xander said as he walked into the kitchen to steal whatever sugary snacks were in the cabinets.

"Yes. Way too much. My teachers are evil. can you stake them?" Dawn asked hopefully.

"Sorry, I don't stake humans." Buffy said as Dawn sighed.

"What's the point of having a sister for a Slayer when she won't even slay my teachers?" Dawn asked herself as she started upstairs.

"You're not gonna come to the Magick Box?" Buffy asked, usually Dawn wanted to be a part of everything.

Dawn leaned over the banister, "Is there a big new evil in town? Lots of research? And weapons? And ooh spells?" Dawn asked, her eyes bright with hope that somehow the day could be saved and turned into something fun.

"Sorry.. no real Scooby issues. Just vamps lately. It's really more of a hang out thing. You could do your homework and Xander could talk about his job.." Buffy trailed off as Dawn started to climb up the stairs again.

"Boring. Nothing interesting happens anymore. It's been quiet for weeks." Dawn said pausing again. "Which.. is good I guess." She said begrudgingly.

"So you're not coming?" Buffy called up the stairs, feeling very motherly for some reason.

"No, call me if something interesting actually happens. I'm going to try and slay my evil homework."

"Ok, I won't be home until late."

"I know Buffy, you're always home late." Dawn sounded exasperated.

"Oh yeah." Buffy replied, feeling twinges of guilt. "I'll come home early tomorrow. We can have movie nights. We can eat mountains upon mountains of popcorns."

"Ok.. and chocolate. We must have chocolate." Dawn said, very seriously.

"Can't forget the chocolate." Buffy smiled up at Dawn.

"Ready to go?" Xander said, suddenly at Buffy's side. Cookie crumbs fell out of his mouth as he talked.

"Blech!" Dawn and Buffy said in one voice staring at Xander in disgust.

"What?" Xander asked, and more crumbs fell out. He rubbed the back of his hand against his mouth, knocking a few crumbs from his lips.

"Thanks so much Xander." Buffy said, eyeing the crumbs on the floor.

"Sorry. so like I said before, are we ready to go?" Xander stuffed a huge cookie in his mouth and tried to chew neatly.

"I'm not going. I have a mountain of homework, Buffy won't slay my teachers. Not even the ones who give me over an hours worth of homework." Dawn said, looking at Buffy.

"Not even the ones who give you two hours worth of homework." Buffy said.

"Poor Dawnie.. tell Willow we're leaving?" Xander asked.

"Ugh! That's all I do around here, deliver messages. Fine I'm going!" Dawn stomped up the stairs, leaving Buffy and Xander looking at each other. She walked to Willows room and opened up the door, dragging her backpack on the floor behind her.

"Xander and Buffy want you to know they're leaving. I delivered the message, I've done my Scooby work for the day." Dawn turned to leave.

"You're not coming with?" Willow asked sounding disappointed. Dawn felt bad for being short with Willow, Willow was going through a lot.

"No, can't. Tons of homework." Dawn replied. Willow nodded a little too enthusiastically.

"Want me to stay home with you? I could help you with the homework." Willow said, smiling brightly.

"It's ok. Don't worry about me." Dawn was still a little afraid to be left home alone with Willow. "I'll be having fun with my algebra books while you're hanging out at the Magick Box."

"Alright." Willow got up and Dawn instinctively backed away slightly, dropping her school bag. A look of hurt flashed across Willow's face but it was gone just as fast. "See you later Dawny.." Willow walked past her and went quickly down the stairs.

"Bye." Dawn said feeling only slightly guilty for hurting Willow. Which made her feel guilty for not feeling more guilty. Dawn sighed and reached down and picked up her book back, she heard the door slam. She was home alone.

She walked down the hallway, holding her school bag to her chest. Dawn was sure looking forward to the algebra. She heard a small noise and stopped in front of her door. Her eyes scanned around wondering where the noise was coming from. She heard another noise, it was coming from her room. Dawn took a deep breath and swung open the door. The deep breath caught in her throat as her eyes locked with anothers.

There was a boy on her bed. No wait, there was an extremely good looking boy on her bed. On instinct she threw her bag at him. He was too shocked to react and it grazed his cheek. He reached up with a hand and rubbed his cheek as he stood up. "Ow! That hurt." He said indignantly.

"Good! Who are you? Why are you in my room?" Dawn said, still having a hard time looking away from his eyes. They were so familiar, deep and soulful. In fact the way he moved was familiar, it was with the grace of a hunter. She knew she recognized it. But it was from memories, years ago. She could almost remember but then he spoke.

"Your room? Not Buffy's?" he asked looking around. "Who are you?" he asked looking her over.

"I'm Dawn. This is my room, I'll be asking the questions here mister." She said standing up straight, attempting to do her best Buffy, tough girl imitation. The boy looked amused, he wasn't much older then her but he had a whole ruggedness to him. She couldn't stop the thoughts, he was definitely gorgeous.

"I'm Connor." The boy said, he suddenly had a name. Everything she saw in him fell in place. Of course he looked familiar, he was exactly like Angel.

"Connor? You're Angel's son? Angel's Connor?" Dawn asked, taking a step toward him.

"Just Connor." He replied, looking back at her. Not wavering, the two stared into each other's eyes. Each waiting the for the other to make a move.