Dawn and Connor were fast asleep on her bed. They had fallen asleep while talking late into the night and had slumped down next to each other. Their bodies went in opposite directions, with Dawn's head on her pillow and Connor's at the end of her bed. Asleep the two looked like your normal average teenagers. If someone were to walk in they wouldn't have any idea that the sleeping teens were 'special', extraordinary. They slept side by side, barely touching. The only sound to be heard was the faint tic of a clock which sat opposite the bed on Dawn's desk.

The stillness was suddenly broken by a door squeaking open then loudly closing shut. Dawn didn't even stir at the noise but Connor sat straight up. For a split second he didn't know where he was. Panic and confusion shot through his body and he looked around the girl's room blindly before his eyes settled on the girl next to him, Dawn. His heart slowed down as the adrenaline stopped pumping throughout his body, he was safe. Dawn's sister Buffy must be home now. He looked at the clock on Dawn's Desk it was exactly 5:00. It was much later then Dawn said Buffy would be home.

Connor looked at Dawn reluctant to wake her up. She looked so beautiful, peaceful and relaxed. Awake she had been so animated but beneath that he could feel the pain inside her. He could feel that pain because he had pain of his own. They hid it in different ways, her with smiles and jokes and he with a glare that let people know to back off. But they were teenagers and not very good at hiding things, there pain bubbled to the surface in anger.

Connor glanced at the door hoping Buffy wouldn't come upstairs and spot him. He couldn't talk to Buffy without Dawn. Downstairs he heard people whispering loudly.

A girl said, "Shh! Dawn's sleeping, we have to be quiet."

Another girl whispered, "I'm sorry" in a guilty sounding voice that ran deeper then being loud.

Connor turned back to Dawn and slowly reached out his hand to her and gently shook her shoulder, warmth spread up through his hand and arm. He said quietly, "Dawn?"

Her eyes blinked open and she slowly focused on Connor's face. "You're still here." She stated sounding somewhat surprised. She smiled slightly then swung around to face Connor.

"Of course I'm still here." He replied sounding hurt, why he was hurt he didn't really know. "Your sister is home now" Connor said standing up.

"She is?" Dawn said a little panicked as her eyes went past Connor to the clock. It was 5:06 and Buffy would not be happy that Dawn had a guy over so late. A guy who had slept over and slept with her in her bed. Not even if the guy was Angel's son, maybe especially a guy who was Angel's son.

"Yeah, I heard her and another girl talking downstairs. We should talk to Buffy now." He stuck his hand out to her in order to help her up. She slid his slender fingers into his larger rougher hands and he pulled her up to him as a wave of electricity circled between them. Dawn was now very, very close to him, she looked up into his deep blue eyes and wondered if he could feel her heartbeat. Then Connor took a step away from her and she remembered why Connor was here.

"Ok, let's go down stairs." She said blushing slightly. "Follow me" She headed out of her room and down the stairs with Connor at her heels. She heard Buffy and Willow talking quietly in the kitchen and rummaging through the fridge for snacks. Dawn stopped suddenly right before she stepped into the kitchen. Connor wasn't expecting that and ended up pressed up against her, almost knocking her over.

"Sorry." He said blushing and feeling embarrassed. He moved away from her, his face a deep red.

"Wait here a minute?" She asked, her eyes silently pleading with him to understand. He gave a small nod and she smiled back at him gratefully.

Dawn slowly walked into the kitchen, unsure about what was going to happen next. Willow and Buffy looked up at her at the same time, "hi guys." Dawn said trying to sound nonchalant and casual and failing miserably. Thankfully Buffy and Willow were too tired to notice.

"Dawny! Did we wake you up?" Willow asked looking and sounding guilty. She was doing that a lot lately.

"I'm so sorry Dawny, I didn't realize how late it was." Willow said managing to look even more guilty then before.

"Dawn? Why are your clothes still on?" Buffy asked as she poured water into a teapot then turned on the stove. Buffy turned around and looked at Dawn with a disapproving suspicious look that reminded Dawn of her mother.

"I feel asleep with my clothes on!" Dawn replied sounding defensive. Then Buffy's eyes moved past Dawn, to a space above her left shoulder.

"Hi." Buffy said. Dawn whirled around, there was Conner standing in the kitchen doorway. He was trying to look casual and at ease. He was doing a better job at it then Dawn.

"Hi." Connor said with a slight smile. He stepped further into the kitchen.

"Oh! Um.. Connor, this is Buffy. Buffy, this is Connor." Dawn said emphasizing Connor's name and flashing Buffy a meaningful look.

"Nice to meet you." Connor said pleasantly.

Buffy just stared at Connor, "Connor?" she asked turning to Dawn who nodded.

Dawn started to say what Buffy already knew, "He's--"

"Angel's son." Buffy finished.