I do not own Naruto. This is just a random idea that came into my head one day so I decided to write it down. Let me know what you think all input is good.

The Monsters at my shore.

I stood there waiting for a storm to hit land at the edge of Konoha, shifting my bare feet in the sand, just waiting. The skies had blackened and the wind picked up causing my long pink hair to blow all over. People used to make fun of my pink hair and say that it was too odd of a color to be natural, but the truth is the word "odd" didn't even begin to describe me. I didn't care what people would say because as long as he was there it didn't matter what others thought, just him.


When I first met him we were on different sides, he was a "bad guy" and I was a medical ninja for the "good guys". But once the war with Madara started the lines between sides blurred and it was just all out chaos, people dying on both ends. He stood in front of me with his abnormally large sword strapped to his back just looking at me with a look not even I can describe now. The first thing he ever said to me was

"you have pink hair…of all people I have to face it has to be a girl with pink hair"

I cant help but respond in kind, "a fish…of all things a fish"

With just those few words even in the middle of a huge all out battle we just broke down and started laughing. People looked at us as if we had blown a gasket. We never did end up actually fighting each other but instead he took a stance beside me and faced the battle-ridden area. He spoke words that are hard to forget.

"well pinky its better to take my last stand with someone who can make me laugh in this hell of a world than not at all"

Time skip-end of battle

The battle ended with our victory, Madara defeated and Naruto and Sasuke heros of our time. The man at my side turned and started walking away when for some reason I decided to yell out to him with questions of where are you going? why did you fight with me? But before I could he held his hand up and yelled

"ill come back to see you pinky just gotta wait a bit" with that he walked away.

Flashback end

Its been 2 years since peace was finally brought to the nations. Naruto is Hokage and Sasuke is..well he is just Sasuke. And me? I lead Konohas hospital. Not a day goes by where I don't think of the man who fought next to me for an unknown reason but I hope one day ill get to ask him. So here I stand, at the edge of the ocean waiting for a stranger to come back. As I begin to walk back I hear the voice I've been waiting to hear.

"hey there pinky"