Fairy Tail: Next Generation

Natsu, Lucy, Grey, and the others have all grown up and some of them have children. This is the adventures, trials, and excitement that the Next Generation of Fairy Tail will face. Also, this is my first Fanfic so please be honest. I would love to hear your ideas.

Characters :

Silas Dragneel: son of Natsu and Lucy, 16. Magic type: Fire Dragon Slayer

Jace Fullbuster: son of Gray and Juvia, 17, S-Class. Magic Type: Ice Make

Kayla Scarlet: daughter of Erza and Jellal, 16. Magic type: Sword Magic

Ashley Drayer: daughter of Laxus and Mira, 18, S-class. Magic Type: Take-Over

Lucas Redfox: son of Gajeel and Levy, 17. Magic Type: Iron Dragon Slayer

Douglas Conbolt: son of Romeo and Wendy, 14. Magic Type: Purple Flare

Sam Alberona: daughter of Cana, 15. Magic Type: Guns Magic