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The Predicament of Marriage

Chapter One: A Bad Days Predicament

The gathering throng of Death Eaters, cast in stark relief by the February moon, resembled a congealing pool of blood upon the earth. A sibilant whisper shivered through the crowd, as the emaciated form of Lord Voldemort made it self apparent.

" Tonight I have an unpleasant surprise......" A thunderous silence answered this statement as Voldemort scanned the crowd like a vulture looking for a meal. "Wormtail has acquired us a Muggle for tonight's entertainment." Relief flooded the Death Eater ranks, for a surprise from their Dark Lord usually entailed a world of pain--for them.

" My Children, ahh yes children-" suddenly Voldemort looked at his followers and did the most unimaginable and grotesque thing....... he laughed. Palms became damp, shivers ran down spines, heart rates became erratic, and muscles twitched as this ugly parody of humanity echoed through the moors. "Tonight I will demand that one of you make a great sacrifice. This Muggle," he spat the word " is no ordinary Muggle, she has more power than all but three of us do here! Her addition to our ranks is necessary, not only for her power, but also because she may act as a spy against that fool Harry Potter and Dumbledore."

His voice rose in pitch his eyes glowed hotly, and spittle spewed as he mentioned the names of Potter and Dumbledore, Excited whispers and frantic questions stammered forth. Voldemort continued " Her greatest use has yet to be mentioned.... Tonight I will bind her to one of you as her master......her HUSBAND!" Shocked gasps riddled the night. Who would be the unlucky Death Eater that had to marry a Muggle??? Another voice broke the night.

The nefarious form of Lucius Malfoy broke from the group, and prostrated himself before Voldemort. " My Lord...why must one of us marry it?" His voice filled with disappointment, did this mean he couldn't torture the Muggle??

"Why Lucius are you worried you wont have any fun tonight? I want a child Malfoy, a legitimate child of such power and cunning that it is able to check that blasted Potter!!!" A stunned silence answered this decree.

"My Lord, who is this girl that has enough power to make you crave her allegiance?" Voldemort swept his copious robes aside and revealed the petrified form of Hermione Granger. One person, who stood alone even in the crowd hissed out a breath, as his heart stopped.


Severus Snape was having a bad day. First, the Winter Holiday was coming to an end, heralding the arrival of obnoxious students, and then his customary midnight brood was interrupted by the excruciating pain that called him to Voldemorts side, an know this. His heart sputtered as he recognized her... Ms. Granger?! How did that know it all chit get herself into these predicaments. How was he going to get them out? Maybe--

" Severus!" Voldemorts brittle voice sprung him from his musings.

"My Lord?"

" You are the only one other than Lucius and myself that has a power greater than hers. Since Lucius is married, and I will not sully myself with a Muggle for a wife, it falls to you to prove your loyalty, marry the girl, and breed us a champion!" This had officially become the worst day of Snape's life.

It took all of his willpower to keep his disaffected mask in place. "Marry the Muggle My Lord," he scoffed, " she is my student it would seem odd if we were married, she is only a child, Dumbledore ----"

" She is 16, that is of age, and she will tell Dumbledore what you wish, are you defying my command?"

"No Lord, but we are known as enemies it would be unseemly --"

" If you do not marry the girl then I will kill her, and then you. Is that clear ?"

Snape felt desperation constrict like a vise around him, "but My Lord--"

"Crucio!" Severus' skin felt as if each pore were being torn with a white-hot needle. Each breath was a small death as the pain permeated his viscera. The last thing he saw before his mind succumbed to the pain were the wide eyes of Hermione Granger. I'm sorry.


Hermione Granger was having a bad day. If her mother kept with her incessant nagging she was going to cast a Silencio spell on her just so she could go through one day with out a headache. When Mrs. Granger asked her to go run some errands, she was out of the house before you could say 'Apparate.' The crisp winter air helped to clear her fogged mind, only eight days until the end of the Winter Holidays! Eight days until she was back at Hogwarts, its library, and her friends. The day was definitely looking up! Unfortunately Hermione wasn't, or she would have seen the wand being pointed at her head. As it were, the poor girl was blindsided with Petrificus.

When Hermione did wake it was to the reality that she could not move, see, and was surrounded by a noxious smell. In a moment Hermione would wish things had stayed that way. When the cloth that wrapped her was unceremoniously ripped away, Hermione could noticed three things. She was prostrate before Lord Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy was leering at her, and she was the main attraction for a group of Death Eaters.

" Severus!" Voldemort said. Professor Snape? Isn't he on our side?? Maybe there is hope!

" My Lord?"

" You are the only one other than Lucius and myself that has a power greater than hers. Since Lucius is married, and I will not sully myself with a Muggle for a wife, thus it falls to you to prove your loyalty, marry the girl, and breed us a champion!" What did he say? Married......breed.......to SNAPE??? This had officially become the worst day of Hermione's life.

She heard Professor Snape futilely attempt to change Voldemorts mind. His plea was cut short by a simple 'Crucio.' Unable to stand due to the pain wracking his body, Professor Snape collapsed to his knees in a shush of red robes. His black abyssian eyes, no longer barren of emotion, bore into hers. I'm sorry, they seemed to say as he was mercifully claimed by unconsciousness. The last thing Hermione heard before she was once again covered in cloth was, "Proud Severus, I will have my way !"


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