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"What are you waiting for?" she demands. The words fall from her mouth in a seething hiss that almost made him pause. He hadn't expected this passion from her and it both shocked and delighted him. He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen a woman act like a woman instead of a well mannered, cold robot.

He smiled as he ran his fingers over her jaw. From this close, he could see every fleck of topaz in her eyes and the way her nostrils flared ever so slightly. He wondered if she was breathing him in as he was her or if it was out of fear.

Fear, he decided a second later, seemed infinitely more plausible. People were always scared of him.

"I'm not sure fucking you will have quite the same impact as fucking your sister might have. Seducing my enemy's wife sounds far more scandalous than fucking my enemy's sister-in-law," he taunted. Her cheeks flushed as soon as the word fuck left her mouth and he held back a groan at the sight. He wasn't sure why he'd thought her plain, she was stunning.

"Fuck you," she bit back, her eyes shining with a passionate anger as she struggled against her.

He smiled slowly, on corner of his mouth lifting higher than the other as fear filled her eyes. "That's exactly the point, Bella."

And with one last glance into her dark eyes, he lowered his his mouth to hers.