Joey got the lead in a movie, which he thought would be his "big break," but Chandler didn't agree, and they got into a big fight that ended with Joey driving Phoebe's grandmother's cab to Vegas, alone. Chandler tried apologizing over the phone, but Joey kept refusing to hear him out.

Monica couldn't stand to see such a great couple break up, especially so close to their second anniversary, so she talked everybody into taking a group trip to Vegas, to help Joey and Chandler make up.

Rachel ran into Mark just before the trip, and she kept it from Ross, but he found out and got mad. After some drama, they made up and decided to get married.

Joey was embarrassed to admit that his movie had run out of money, forcing him to work as a gladiator at Caesar's Palace. Chandler told him it didn't matter, and they made up. As long as they were in Vegas, they decided to catch Chandler's dad's burlesque show.

Monica and Phoebe gambled so competitively that they got kicked out of the casino. When they went upstairs and raided the mini-bars, they got a message about Ross and Rachel eloping, so they hurried to the chapel, but it was too late.

The morning after, everyone was a little mad that Ross and Rachel had married without any of them as bridesmaids and best men, so they promised to have a belated wedding reception where all could take part (and give presents). Joey and Chandler drove Phoebe's cab back to New York, while the others flew home.

After Ross and Rachel held their lavish reception, they left for a honeymoon in Greece. Monica was supposed to water the plants at their apartment, but while there, she couldn't resist the impulse to open all the wedding presents. When Ross and Rachel returned and found out, they forgave her, on the condition that she help send out all the thank you notes.

Phoebe started dating somebody named Denise, but then her ex-boyfriend David returned from Minsk to say that his research grant had ended. Phoebe made the tough decision to give David another chance, and he never made her regret it. When after a year, he had to go away again to do more physics research back in Russia, Phoebe decided to move with him, but promised to keep in touch with everybody through email. They all chipped in for a computer and computer lessons to make sure of that.

Meanwhile, Monica dated a food-critic after he reviewed her restaurant, and soon they fell in love. Phoebe came back to attend Monica's wedding and to sing some of her new Russian-flavored songs. It was the last time that the whole gang got together at once, because Ross and Rachel had now moved with their babies to the suburbs.

For a long time, Joey and Chandler remained in New York, near Monica and her husband, but they moved to Los Angeles when Joey became a big movie star. Chandler gladly quit his horribly boring job and became a TV sitcom writer, getting paid to be funny. This was the life indeed, although they would always have fond memories of New York and all their friends.

The End