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*Good morning sunny Hillside! It's 5:45 on a beautiful Friday morning, and we're bringing
you the hottest music on this generation...*

An arm snaked out from under the covers to hit the snooze button, effectively cutting off
the DJ and the music. Covers were pulled back slowly as her eyes adjusted to the sun
streaming in through the window.

Another day and...oh god it's THAT day.

Sighing heavily, she slid out of bed, looking at her yawning self in her closet mirror.
Wrinkling her nose, she opened the closet and searched for something to wear, finally
deciding on a pink spring dress. Grabbing her clothes, she walked into the bathroom to
begin her morning routine.

An hour later, she reentered her bedroom; dressed, her hair plaited down the middle of
her back, humming a nameless tune.

Grabbing her bookbag, she opened her desk drawer and picked up a picture. This was the
ending part to her daily ritual. Tracing the face in the picture, she smiled softly, then
replaced the picture and left her room.

She walked down the stairs and out the door, ignoring her father bellowing for Olga. At
age 14, she had told her father in no uncertain terms that she was no longer going to
answer to her sister's name. They hadn't spoken much since then.

She walked down the street to catch the bus for school, her mind no longer thinking on
the date, only that it was Friday and she only had eight more hours of school until she
could escape for the weekend.

She was at her locker after second hour when a masculine arm wrapped around her waist.
"Hey pretty in pink," a voice said low in her ear. "What are you doing tonight?"
"Move the fingers Geraldo," she stated, glancing back at him slightly. "Or I tell your
girlfriend what you told me last night."
"Girl, I didn't even see you last night."
She sighed dramatically. "How soon they forget." She glanced further back to her
giggling best friend standing behind them.
"Hey Phoebs, call off the dog, okay?"
"Calling." the oriental girl sang out.
Phoebe and Gerald had started dating their first year of high school and they hadn't
stopped yet. Because of their relationship, Helga had found herself actually becoming
friends with Gerald. Which was odd, because she didn't have much to do with his best
friend anymore, other than the occasional double chaperoning of the couple.

"So," Gerald asked again. "What are you doing this o' so special evening?"
She frowned. "What are you talking about?"
Phoebe leaned in, handing Helga a bag. "Happy Birthday, Helga."
Her eyes widened, as she took the bag. "You told him?"
" I had to. I needed to stop by the store to pick up the bag and he was with me."
"What's the big deal?" Gerald asked. "Why don't you want anyone to know it's your
"Because it isn't a big deal. It's just another day. When people find out, except for
Phoebe, they tend to make a huge deal over it and it gets messy."
Gerald grinned, his brown eyes gleaming. "Ohh, messy. I like messy."
"Down boy," she said opening the bag. Inside was a CD she'd had her eye on last month
and a new pink journal. The journal was an every year occurrence. Helga looked up at
Phoebe, smiling.
"Thanks Phoebe. I really wanted this CD."
"I know. Read the card."
She slid the card out of the bag and opened it. The front picture showed only a large
banana split sundae with a spoon.
"Hope you get everything you want for your birthday." The inside of the card read.
Phoebe had signed her name and added a little something on the bottom.

"Sweet sixteen, don't you think it's time you splurged?"

Helga looked up into the knowing look of her friend.
Thanks Phoebe, I'll keep that in mind."
What is it with you two and ice cream?" Gerald asked, shaking his head. "Ever since I've
known you two, you've both had this fascination for ice cream."
"There isn't anything wrong with ice cream," Phoebe stated innocently, her green eyes
taking on the same wicked gleam her boyfriend's had held earlier. "Especially with hot
fudge and whipped cream."
"My virgin ears don't need to hear this." Helga stated and turned to walk away only to run
right into someone. Before she could lose her balance, a hand shot out, grabbing her by
the arm and pulling her upright.
Behind her, Phoebe snickered and Helga immediately knew who she had run into.
"Why are you always where I'm walking?" she snapped, pushing past him and walking on
to her class.
A pair of green eyes watched her walk away wistfully, then turned back to the
"Is she always this bitchy on her birthday?" he asked.
Phoebe nodded. "And she'll be even more irate when she discovers I told you. She was
quite upset Gerald knew."
Arnold looked back towards the direction Helga had left, and shrugged.
"Doesn't matter. It's her sixteenth birthday. And everyone at least deserves that day to be