Notes: I recently had a shift in how we perceived the characters, and began writing a series of fics, exploring those changes in the characters in an effort to understand them better. There'll be 4 total: Akako, Aoko, Hakuba and Kaito.
Colours: Burgundy
By Icka! M. Chif

It's frustrating.

I want the Kaitou Kid. The Kaitou Kid isn't interested in me. Which is un-usual, because every man wants me. It's both my blessing and my curse.

This makes the Kid an obstacle. The world will be mine on a silver platter when every man is under my control. And who wouldn't want the world? But the Kid isn't co-operating.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem. A simple spell, badda-boom, badda-bing, and he'd be eating candy from my fingers. Yet somehow it never works. I can never get past his defenses. In his own way, he is as powerful as I am.

But he does have one chink in his armour.

Five foot Five, blue eyes, brown hair, fierce like a mountain lion yet sweet as chocolate and utterly clueless to who he really is, Nakamori Aoko sits to his left in class. Except for the times that she chases him around the classroom of course.

Saguru's noticed me staring at Aoko and shoots me a warning glare. I smirk back. If the Kid was a sleek shark among minnows, then Saguru was the golden lion among wolves. The leading expert on the International Thief 1412, he too has more than a passing interest in the Kid.

Much to my amusement, he's also fiercely protective of both the Kid's alter ego, Kuroba, and Nakamori. Probably without realising it. As far as he's is concerned, no one is going to capture the Kid other than himself.

The Kid seemed to find it slightly amusing, if a little frustrating, but the 2 of them are on decent terms, even if Saguru does get a kick out of calling him Kid when no one else is around. Although I'm not quite sure if the reason why he watches Nakamori closely a he does is because she's close to the Kid's other self, or because he wouldn't mind dating her. But either way, it's amusing to watch.

Both the Kid and Nakamori are oblivious to the entire exchange, the girl taking notes and the Kid looking like he's asleep with his eyes open. Not that it really matters, he'll still easily pass the up coming test with a minimum of hassle. That's just the kind of person he is.

The kind of person I want.

And what Akako wants, Akako always gets.

And Akako has a plan...


The Kid has a heist Sunday.

Nakamori asked the Kid if he had wanted to go see a movie about the same time, one of their favourite anime series had just come out with a new movie.

The Kid agreed. So did I. Without their knowledge.

With the two of them immersed in a a heated debate on if the Game King could beat Sai in a game of Go, it was easy enough to slide into a seat next to them to watch the movie without them realising it.

About halfway thru the movie, the Kid slipped out, leaving a balloon shaped vaguely like him in his place. Nakamori didn't even notice, much to my satisfaction. I would almost think he had done this before.

With the Kid gone, it was easy enough to cast a nullification spell, temporarily preventing any spells from being used except for mine. It's a handy spell to know. And since we were indoors, the forces of nature couldn't come to the Kid's aid this time.

I sat back and watched the movie. It wasn't that bad actually, even if I've never been a big Lupin fan. He sort of reminded me of the Kid in some ways.

The Kid came back at the end credits, dropping down from the ceiling to where his seat was as graceful as a dove. Nakamori grabbed his arm, as she rose, the lights coming on. "Just a minute Kaito!" She scolded. "Don't leave without m-"

The expression of surprise on her face was priceless as she realised that she was holding the Phantom Thief by the wrist. And for one brief second, as he stared back into the wide startled eyes of his long time friend, the Kid was un-guarded.

It was the opening I had been waiting for. A quick toss and a necklace of beads and charms settled around his neck. There was a *poof!* and tiny cloud of smoke appeared as his clothes changed back into the jeans and shirt he'd been wearing before, Nakamori still holding on to his wrist.

She gave a small yelp as she dropped his wrist and jumped backwards, her pale face accenting terrified blue eyes. He didn't move. He couldn't, the beads held him immobile until I gave him an order.

I laughed, giddy on the feeling of victory as I draped myself over him. He was mine now.

"Follow me." I ordered with a grin, leading him out of the theatre. He did, his movements easy, but lacking the natural grace he normally did. Aoko stayed shock still, watching us leave with out a word. None of the other theatre patrons took any notice of what had happened, being caught up in collecting their jackets, purses and children and moving towards the exits, chattering among themselves.

Save one.

Saguru glared at me as he passed us, moving towards Nakamori. "That was cruel." He growled.

I smirked at him. His opinions on it didn't matter. I had won.

What Akako wants, Akako gets.


School the next day was amusing.

The Kid escorted me to my seat, then sat down in his. Aoko was already sitting in her seat. Neither of them looked at each other, performing a strange little dance at their desks to keep from even casually brushing each other, where as normally they wouldn't have cared.

During the lunch break, the Kid and I ate our food under a tree and I fed him special delights from my bento. Aoko and Saguru lurked from the shadows for a while before Saguru pulled the blue girl away.

I was on cloud nine the entire day.


The Kid was a perfect servant. Quiet, obedient, always ready with a quick witted quip or a trick when ever the situation called for it.

I should have been happy, and begun plotting my conquest of the world.

And yet... a vague sense of dissatisfaction began to plague me.


The Kid sat on one of my large chairs that could have doubled as a throne a few days later as I reclined in his lap, my arms draped around his shoulders as I tangled my fingers in his hair. He was mine, all mine...

And I felt as if something was missing.

I had what I wanted. With the Kid under my spell, the world was mine for the plucking. And yet I didn't feel the thrill of conquest that I had always anticipated. There was nothing.

Fingers tracing his jawline, I peered at the Kid's face. There was something missing from there too. He was dressed the part alright, but... it was lacking. Like a dress up doll.

Then it hit me. The eyes. His eyes, which had always been a shining blue vortex, were now almost a grey shade. Still pretty, and flattering to his golden skin and raven's wing black hair, but wrong.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

"Are you happy here with me?" I asked idly, watching him.

The words were immediate, automatic. "Of course, Mistress." His expression didn't change, it remained in an almost bland neutral expression. His voice too, now that I paused to listen to it was flat, expressionless. I could have been asking if he'd like a rabid weasel down his pants and he probably would have replied the same.

"Would you rather be with the blue girl?" I pressed, hoping for a reaction. Before, talk of any of the Nakamori clan would have brought a different kind of gleam to his eye, an almost fond look.

"Never, Mistress."

It was the same. It was as if a puppet were talking.

Well, of course a puppet was talking. That's what the necklace did. It made the wearer completely obedient to the spell caster's will. But still, something was missing. The Kid I had chased for these months should have been fighting it. Instead of this... resigned look in his eyes. All the fight was missing from his eyes.

As well as the laughter, the mischievousness, the intelligence, the wild and carefree spark... everything that I loved about the Phantom Thief I had chased... it was all gone.

HIs heart was gone.

That was cruel, Saguru had said. I had thought he meant that I had captured the Kid and he had not... but now I wondered. I think he meant the -way- I captured the Kid.

I did it in front of Nakamori. She had seen, and been terrified. Terrified of -him-. He, who considered her his closest friend. Maybe something more...

Without the heart, there was nothing to tell the Mind to keep thinking, or his Spirit to keep struggling. I might have just as easily reached into his chest cavity, pulled out his beating red heart and eaten it with a side of fava beans and white wine. It wasn't just the beads that was keeping him compliant, there was simply nothing there.

No freedom, no heart, and no hope.

This wasn't the Kid.

It was the Kid, but it wasn't the Kid I wanted.

I had gotten what I wanted, and it wasn't it.

"Do you love me?" I asked, leaning my head against his shoulder, like a petulant little child in search of re-assurance.

"Of course, Mistress."

Lies. It wasn't in his eyes. I reached up and brushed some hair out of his eyes, then traced the lines on his face across his brow, down his cheek, brushed the jawline, then reached a hand around his neck again. He didn't respond until I un-clasped the necklace, causing it to slide off of him to land in a pool in my lap. His body jerked, like he'd just received a small shock.

Silence reigned as he took a deep breath, and I could hear his heartbeat pick up under the fabric my ear was pressed up against. He glanced down, looking at me for the first time since I had ensnared him. I smiled back, feeling wistful.

"I think you need to go." I said, suddenly finding the knot of his tie fascinating. I had thought, with the aid of the necklace, I could mold him to the shape I desired, much like you would clay. But instead of being pliant earth under my fingers, he was made of wood, which is flexible, bending without breaking under the strain.

In order to shape wood, one must carve from what is already there. In this case, cut away the very things I admired. I was finding the price a bit too high for my tastes for world conquest. The fun of it was gone.

I sat up, carefully straightening his tie, tucking it back under his white jacket and smoothing it out. "There's someone you need to talk to." I said, by way of explanation.

He tilted his head, looking at me with distant blue-grey eyes. The blue was coming back as hope and freedom presented themselves. That was as much as I could do. He nodded once, and I rose from my seat, taking the beads with me.

The Kid followed, his movements still slightly stiff, but with a bit more of his old grace. He took off his hat and gave me an old fashion western bow. "Thank you for your hospitality." He said politely.

I nearly laughed. He was still so strange. I waved it off. "No, thank you... Kaito-kun."

The half smile he gave me before turning to leave was enough to let me know he forgave me.

Now if I could only forgive myself...


Kid walked me to school the next morning, walking along side me without a word like he had for the previous days. I didn't ask, and he didn't comment.

We stepped thru the gates, and walked past Nakamori. The blue girl was doing her best to ignore us, until Kid left my side to walk over to her. "Hello." His voice was casual, masking any uneasiness he might have felt.

Nakamori jerked, looking up at him. She then peered at his neck, looking for the necklace that was locked in a chest in the bottom of one of my basements. "Kaito?" She ventured. He nodded.

And nearly flew into the tree several feet behind him as Nakamori launched herself at him in a massive glomp. He froze for a second, gapeing like a startled fish, his hands off to his sides as if he wasn't sure what to do. I snorted, a half chuckle, the noise attracting his attention. I motioned with a toss of my head for him to hug her back and continued on to the school.

In a way, I was jealous. But, their friendship was stronger then her anger. And they were good for each other. That didn't mean it didn't hurt however.

Saguru was watching them from the front steps, an amused smirk on his face. I paused a few feet from them and glanced back. Kid had his arms wrapped around her, his chin resting on the top of Nakamori's head with a peaceful expression on his face. "I talked to her." Saguru said conversationally. "About the Kid."


"I think she's still a little mad at him."

As if on cue, Nakamori took a step back and slugged the Kid in the arm, shouting at him at the top of her lungs for not telling her. She was at least smart enough not to comment about what.

Kid paused for a split second, then flipped her skirt and took off running across the campus laughing all the way as Nakamori gave chase, hot on his heels. The casual observer probably wouldn't have noticed the un-usually bright happy sparkle in their eyes and the glee in their grins.

The Kid is like me, he knows what loneliness is. He's walked with it, wrapped himself in it and used it as a barrier.

But unlike me, he has someone he can banish that barrier with, and take comfort in their company.

"I'm surprised at you." I commented, pleased that I wouldn't have to do anything to Nakamori. "With Kuroba out of the way, I would have thought that you would have made your move on Nakamori."

Saguru looked amused, his arms crossed. "There are some people that you are interested in dateing because you're looking for a mate. There are others that you want to date just to get them in bed-" He shot me a pointed glare, a not-so subtle dig at my capture of the Kid. I replied with a cool look of my own, ignoring the jibe. What I did was my own business, not his, no matter how misguided he was. He continued. "-And then there are those that you would like to date so that you can get to know them better."

"And Nakamori falls into the later for you?"

"If I ever had a sister, I'd want her to be like her." He said honestly. We paused to watch as Kid and Nakamori completed their first lap around the main building. They'd probably make it around the building a half dozen more times before making it back inside, and still have enough energy to chase each other around the classroom. "Get him, Aoko-chan!!!" Saguru shouted, encouraging her on.

I chuckled, amused as I watched him out of the corner of my eye. Saguru wasn't as quite strong as the Kid or the raven that once chased him, but he is still quite intelligent and had a force of will that was stronger than most men. He wouldn't just roll over and play dead because I said so.

Not to mention he wasn't too bad looking either.

I slid an arm around his, gently pulling him inside. "Tell me, Saguru-kun..." I said with a grin "How do you feel about... snakes?"

I always get what I want.


Akako (crimson child) + Kuroba (black feather) = Dark Red or Burgundy.
(Voices have also assigned the 5 main characters one of the 5 Chinese Elements. Akako is Fire, and Kaito is Wood/Air.)

In this case, Akako went from a scary character we didn't want to touch, to one that had a hidden past, hidden strength.We wanted to know what would she do if she ever did catch the Kid.
We're also fond of the Akako + Hakuba pairing. ^^;; (thanks, Magik!)
Thanks to Hauntress for the Beta read!!

"Game King could beat Sai in a game of Go" - yes, Yu-Gi-Oh! vs. Hikaru no Go. we're fans of both series.

Akako also states that a witches power is broken when a witch cries... we may end up playing with that later on.