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Chapter One: Five Years Ago

The man walked to the black Jaguar, parked next to the curb in front of his apartment. A strong, crisp wind tore at his red trench coat as he walked, his black hiking boots eliciting an echoing clunk in the chill night air. He pulled his coat closed as a rather powerful blast of wind tried to tear it off.

He was glad when he reached the warm comfort of his car. After starting the car, he quickly turned on the heat. It's warmth steamed up his sunglasses. He leaned back against the seat and flipped on the radio. Kinoc was running late. He glanced in the rear-view mirror, checking to see if the large man was on his way or not. A tired man with a scarred right eye stared back at him, instead. He sighed and looked away from his reflection. His good eye narrowed at what he heard on the radio.

The infamous gang called Sin has struck again at Bevelle Academy near First Street Park. Police arrived to find North Dorm burning.

The man's eye widened.

Luckily, none of the students were injured. No arrests were made. The students were moved to one of the other dorms for the weekend until North Dorm can be repaired.

For those of you who haven't heard of Sin, Sin is anti-religion gang that has been known to attack churches and schools that have a religious affiliation. The police have been tracking down this group for five years now and are having great difficulty finding their leader. In fact, five years ago…

The man flipped off the radio. A bang on his window made him jump. He looked up to see Kinoc's pudgy, bearded face grinning at him through the glass. The man rolled down the window.

"Sorry I'm late, Auron." Kinoc's smile faded. "I was watching the news."

Auron nodded. "I know," he said, his tone as dark as his sunglasses. "Get in the car."

Kinoc strode over to the passenger side, rubbing his hands before he entered the Jaguar.

"I'm glad Yuna's ok," he said awkwardly, staring down at the floor, his gloved hands playing with his green wool coat.

Auron looked at him a moment then stared out the windshield. "Hm," he muttered to the affirmative. "Let's go," he said softly, shifting the car into drive.

Kinoc looked up. "Yes, let's go have some fun."

Auron groaned inwardly, as he pulled the car out onto the deserted street. Kinoc always had a knack for getting him in trouble. He briefly wondered what trouble that would be tonight.

"There's a nice Blues place downtown," Kinoc said, his eyes twinkling when he saw Auron stiffen. "I thought you might like that."

Auron's eye narrowed. "What is it Kinoc? What have you done now?"

"Can't I do something nice for a dear friend every once in a while and not be guilty of something?" Kinoc asked, in mock hurt tones.

A small smile touched Auron's lips. "No."

Kinoc lowered his head. "Unfortunately you are right this time, my friend. But I will tell you about it when we get to the club. For now let me tell you about this place."

Auron nodded, his grip on the steering wheel tightening involuntarily as they neared an old rundown factory. He stared straight ahead as they passed it and left the slums. Kinoc didn't seem to notice his friend's discomfort. He chattered on about the band that was playing at the club and the kind of food they served there. Every once in a while he would direct Auron in the right direction. Five minutes later they were parked in a dark parking lot outside an average sized building with a bright blue neon sign that read "The Raven."

The place didn't look too bad to Auron as they walked towards the door. It wasn't the usual rundown bars that Kinoc loved to drag him to. When they reached the door Kinoc handed a well-built man some money and they were led in.

The interior was dim and smoky. There were small lights suspended from the ceiling above each table and at the back of the room was a stage. On the stage a lone man sat on a stool and played slide guitar. A sigh escaped Auron. The bar was in the left-hand corner of the room and that is where Kinoc led his friend.

"I'll have some spaghetti and a Bud Light please," Kinoc said. He glanced at Auron. "What'll you have? I'm buying."

"Sake," he said softly.

Kinoc raised an eyebrow. "Are you not hungry?"

Auron shook his head. Kinoc ordered the drink and handed over the money to pay for it. The bartender slid a mug, an Asian cup and a tokkuri over to Kinoc. Kinoc handed the tokkuri to Auron.

Auron grasped the jug and followed Kinoc to a small booth near the stage.

"Is it that bad?" Auron asked, eyeing the jug once they were seated.

Kinoc stared down at his drink and nodded.

"Out with it," Auron said impatiently, pouring the sake into the small cup.

Kinoc sighed. "The department wants you back, Auron," he said softly. "They need your help with this case. You're the only one who knows anything about Sin."

Auron's eye narrowed as he drank.

Kinoc shifted uncomfortably under the man's glaring eye. "You teach at the school that keeps getting hit. You know this group better than any of us."

Auron lowered the cup to the table. "I don't work for the department anymore," he said, his voice dead calm.

"There's something special about the case this time," Kinoc said, his voice hushing as a waitress dropped off his food. When she left he continued. "We know who the leader and second command are."

Auron's grip on the cup tightened.

Kinoc lowered his head, hesitating. "Auron, it's Jecht. I don't know how or why, but he is the second in command now." The cop looked up and met Auron's eye. The only sign of emotion on the man's face was his clenched jaw.

"He is dead," Auron said, in that same dead calm voice.

Kinoc slid a picture across the table to Auron. "This was taken last week after one of the attacks on the school."

Auron looked down at the picture and closed his eye. A scruffy brown haired man stood next to a red convertible, cigarette tucked in the side of his mouth, his arm around a burly dark skinned man.

"We have a few theories as to how your partner is still alive," Kinoc said, trying to ignore the pain etched on his friend's face. "None of them are pleasant."

Auron slid the picture back across the table. Kinoc was shocked to see that he wasn't surprised.

Kinoc's eyes narrowed. "You know something that you aren't letting on."

Auron filled his cup back up and stared down at it, remaining silent.

Suddenly Kinoc gripped his friend's arm. "You know that it is an offence to withhold information from the police."

Auron sighed. "Look up the name Seymour Hitowari and you will know everything that I know." Still no emotion showed in his voice.

Kinoc's eyes widened. "Seymour Hitowari? Isn't he the..." He stopped as the realization washed over him.

Auron downed the entire cup in one gulp. "Yeah, he is the owner of Bevelle Academy."

Kinoc studied his friend. "How long have you known this?"

Auron looked in Kinoc's eyes and then returned his gaze to his cup.

"I see. Why didn't you say anything?" Kinoc asked gently.

"The same reason he shouldn't have said something now," a low voice boomed from behind them.

An extremely large black man moved to stand next to Auron, blocking his way out of the booth. Auron calmly set his cup down and looked up at the man.

"Who are you?" Kinoc asked, slipping his hand to his coat, which sat on the booth next to him. He had a feeling that "Brutus" here would be trouble.

Suddenly the man's hand darted to Auron's throat to lift him up in the air. "I wouldn't if I were you, not unless you want to shoot your friend."

Auron was clinging to the man's wrist. His feet dangled a good half a foot off the floor. Kinoc slid his hand back up where the man could see it. Auron wasn't about to go down so easily. He let go of the man's wrist, feeling his windpipe creak as he did so. He pulled his arm back and punched the man in the solar plexus. The man dropped him and immediately punched at him. Auron sidestepped, and outside inside blocked, knocking his opponent's arm away. He then side-kicked the man in the stomach, sending him falling backwards into a table. The impact knocked the man out cold.

Auron griped the table as he choked. He felt Kinoc's hand on his shoulder.

"Are you ok, my friend?"

Auron nodded. "What are we going to do with him?" he rasped.

Kinoc's eye narrowed at the tone of voice Auron used. "Arrest him, why?"

Auron shook his head and coughed again.

"We're also going to get you to a hospital," Kinoc said, slipping his hand to Auron's shoulder.

Auron stiffened. "I'm fine, Kinoc."

Kinoc suddenly started laughing.

Auron raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

Kinoc grinned. "You. You never change. You are always fine even if your arm is falling off and no matter how tough a fight you get in your sunglasses never fall off your face."

"Hmph," Auron snorted, pushing his sunglasses up his nose, which caused Kinoc to burst out laughing again.

Auron rolled his eye and walked over to the large dark skinned man. His eyes were rolled in the back of his head, showing the whites. Auron kneeled next to him and checked his pulse. Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back. Auron slammed into the wall, the wind knocked out of him. The large man stood up, grinning.

"You think it is that easy to beat me?" he asked, cracking his knuckles.

Kinoc slipped to his gun and aimed it at "Brutus" yelling, "Freeze!"

The thug stopped in his tracks. Auron stumbled to his feet and moved away from the man, coming to stand next to Kinoc.

"Brutus" faced the two of them. "You really gonna shoot me?" he asked, stepping forward.

Kinoc cocked the gun. "Don't try me," he said, his voice cold.

"You're bluffing," the large man said, taking another step.

Auron looked at his friend. Kinoc's hand shook ever so slightly. "Hand me the gun, Kinoc," Auron said softly.

Kinoc stared at his friend in shock. Suddenly the large man roared and charged Kinoc, ramming into him and knocking him into a table near the stage. The musician had long ago stopped playing and had fled to the backstage room.

The dark-skinned man had his back to Auron. Auron slipped up behind him and wrapped his arm around the man's throat. "Brutus" straightened which lifted Auron off his feet. Auron tightened his grip on the man's throat and heard him choke. The thug's air had been completely cut off. He suddenly started to back up towards the wall and then slammed Auron against it. Auron grunted in pain, but didn't lose his grip. The man slammed him again. Auron continued to cling to him. This time "Brutus" got a running start and slammed back against the wall. Auron felt a rib crack and let go, falling to the floor.

By now Kinoc had recovered from his attack and stood, searching for his gun. Finding it, he grabbed it and faced the big man. The thug was facing Auron, who was sitting on the floor, holding his ribs. The man lifted his foot up getting ready to kick Auron. Kinoc pulled the trigger. Blood splashed on Auron and "Brutus" fell backwards to the floor, dead.

Kinoc ran over to Auron. "Are you ok?" he asked, helping him stand.

Auron wiped the blood off of his face with his sleeve. "Yeah," he muttered.

They walked over to the dead man. Kinoc faced Auron. "Who was he?" he asked, eyeing his friend carefully.

Auron shrugged and walked back to their table. He took one last sip of his sake and left the bar. Kinoc sighed. He pulled his coat back on and shook his head. Such as a waste of good food. He walked up to the bartender, handing him some money. "For the damages," he muttered. "Please call the police. Tell them Kinoc will file a full report in the morning."

The bartender nodded and Kinoc left the bar.

Auron was leaning against his car, staring down at the ground. Kinoc strode up to him and slammed him into the car. Auron gasped as his rib protested.

"You want to tell me what the hell just happened?" Kinoc snapped. "We both nearly lost our lives to that tub of lard, so don't tell me you don't know anything."

Auron met Kinoc's eye. "Please let go of me." His voice held a dangerous tone that Kinoc had never heard before. Kinoc released him. Auron walked around to the driver's side door and unlocked it, slipping inside the car. He unlocked Kinoc's door and Kinoc slid in.

"I don't know who that was, but I have my guesses," Auron said, surprising Kinoc.

"Yeah, I guessed he worked for Seymour," Kinoc said, eyeing Auron. "Tell me, why didn't you say something about Seymour when you found out?"

Auron turned on the car. The heat blew out of the vents, taking a while to warm up. He pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards Kinoc's house.

"By the time that I found out about Seymour, I was offered the job at the school," Auron said softly, keeping his eye focused on the road. "Seymour made me promise not to tell anyone or I would lose my job. I can't afford that because it would leave Yuna and Tidus (Jecht's son) open to Seymour's attacks."

Kinoc nodded. "So, I was right in thinking that you wanted that man dead."

Auron's eye narrowed and he stiffened.

Kinoc chuckled. "It's ok, my friend. It's understandable."

"Hmph," Auron snorted, scanning the road before he turned onto their home street.

Kinoc slipped his hand to Auron's shoulder. "You can just drop me off at your place. I could use a walk after what happened."

Auron glanced at him quickly. "You are sure?"

"Yes," Kinoc said, chuckling again. "Besides, I have a nice long report to think about."

Auron sighed.

Kinoc looked at him. "It's ok. I haven't had this much fun in a long time."

Auron smirked. "Yeah I guess if you count getting half beaten to death fun."

Soon, they were stopped in front of Auron's apartment saying their good byes. After Kinoc left, Auron faced his home and was shocked to see a light on inside. Steeling himself, he walked to the door.