Unfortunately this is not a chapter for Sin. I just wanted to let everyone who has been reading this story know that I have hit a wall with it. I am not sure when I will continue the story, but I am sure that I will continue it again sometime in the future. Until that happens, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a story that I am currently working on that is quite different than anything I have ever done for Final Fantasy X. It is also a type of fic that most people shun on here or look down on. It is a self-insertion story. I started writing it out of mere curiosity as to how I would react if I got to Spira. It soon became a fun little project.

I can promise you this: I don't make myself a god or anything in it. I am trying to keep all the characters in character as well as myself. I am terrified of heights, I can't swim, and I don't know how to use a sword. So in this story I have to learn to overcome all of those things. I start the story on Besaid beach and continue it all the way through. I am currently on Mi'ihen Highroad in my writing of it. I have about 16 chapters written so far. I just figured this might be a way to give you something of mine to read until I can get to working on Sin.

I promise that this story will be funny, angsty, and interesting. I have yet to make major changes in the plot, but it is starting to happen where I am now. So if you are looking for a novelization of Final Fantasy X this story comes pretty close to it except that it is seen through my eyes and not Tidus's. I will warn you that it might not have perfect grammar and might be rough in a few areas. I no longer have an editor to look over my stories. If you are interested in Beta reading mine please email me. I can really use the help.

If you would like to see this story on FF.net please either email me or leave a review and I will start posting it. Thank you to all of you who have read my stories and have been patient. Sorry to let you down on this one.