Surprises: Unimaginable

In this Revenge of the Sith alternate universe, on the night of Chancellor Palpatine's mysterious death, the relationship of Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker is unintentionally revealed to the public. Including the Naboo and Padmé's family, the Naberries, who still don't know about the couple's three year old marriage, though they are about to find out.

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, and her family including Ruwee Naberrie, Jobal Naberrie, Sola Naberrie, Darred Janren Naberrie, Ryoo Naberrie, Pooja Naberrie, and Ryoo Thule. For those of you who may not know, Ryoo Thule is Jobal's mother. Making her Padmé's grandmother.

Genres include drama, family, romance, and friendship.

*** One does not need to read Surprises or Surprises: Free to understand. One can still enjoy this story without having read its predecessors, but I recommend it.

This story is set in the same universe as Surprises and Surprises: Free, though it's not quite a prequel or sequel. It's both I suppose. The first few chapters are set around the same as Surprises: Free. Then the later chapters are set at around the same time as Surprises.

Thank you to my beta, the Kinetic Violinist. Also, thank you to my readers and followers. I hope you all like this story.

Chapter One


The night of Chancellor Palpatine's death

Theed, the capital of Naboo

This was not how she imagined the evening would end.

It had been such a lovely evening. At least, that was how it began.

The plan was to celebrate the promotion ceremony of young Ryoo Naberrie. Family members, friends, and other beings went to the ceremony and brought gifts and food.

But it turned out to be an evening full of surprises. The kind most people don't care for. Including the members of the Naberrie family.

For one of its members, Jobal Naberrie it wasn't that she disliked surprises. In fact, she had enjoyed many unexpected, but wonderful surprises in her lifetime. Her beau proposing sooner than expected. Both of her pregnancies. Her youngest daughter's high aptitude scores. Her daughter's landslide victory when running for office. Her daughter's engagement. Her amazing son-in-law. Even her first grandchild.

But this surprise was...not unexpected. Not exactly. Wonderful? Jobal hesitated. She didn't know if she would call it that. Nor would she call the evening wonderful. Despite it having started out that way. Jobal and her husband of nearly thirty three years, Ruwee Naberrie arrived at the school both he and she, their children, and presently their grandchildren attended.

This evening, it was their eldest grandchild Ryoo's promotion ceremony. And like all the Naberries and every graduate before, the tradition was to have a ceremony to celebrate the graduates. From the young graduates to older adults looking to change careers. Or perhaps complete educations they had been unable to make as children themselves.

Again, the evening started out normal. Joyous...almost.

Everyone was there...again, almost. One being was missing, making the wonderful evening almost wonderful.

Padmé was not there. Not this evening, the previous, nor any evening for the past four, nearly five months. This evening her absence seemed to be more and more noticed. When the family asked to take a family holo and in young Ryoo's eyes when she asked if her aunt was coming.

"Afraid not sweetie," Darred kissed his daughter on the top of her head.

Pooja then looked up to her parents, "Is it because she and Grandpa are still mad each other?"

Half the family paled upon hearing the seven year old say such a thing. Ruwee especially looked pale, and even grim. Simultaneously, the next holograph was taken. The Gungan also looked at the family curiously.

"Pooja, honey," Said Grandmamma Ryoo through her teeth. She was still holding her smile. "Let's...focus on the holographs, okay?"

Tonight's ceremony even reminded Jobal of Padmé, of her ceremony when she graduated from primary classes and went on to the Legislative Youth Program.

Jobal missed her terribly, having not seen her in four, nearly five months. Not parting on good terms all those months ago didn't help matters. Jobal could have- should have done more. Said more.

Jobal also should have deduced something had happened that evening. She had noticed a few odd looks at the ceremony, but thought nothing of it at the time. She wanted to enjoy the evening. Then later after the ceremony when they were back at their home and had finished eating dinner, Ryoo and Pooja went into the living for awhile. They wanted to watch their favorite holo show. A few moments later, Jobal watched as Sola and her mother, Ryoo followed them in the living room. A few moments later they emerged from the living room. They all began acting like they knew something.

At first, she assumed it was about the Hero with No Fear. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. He rescued another being or overtook some new Separatists. Or even better, perhaps that General Grievous was no more.

While normally it was against her nature to wish any ill will on another creature or being, the Separatists, its droid army, and its leader had caused more than enough harm to the Galaxy. Plus with the menacing leader no more, it would mean the end of the war was near. Something she and every being in the Galaxy had been praying about for three long years. Assuming Palpatine ever surrendered his emergency powers- something along with the safety of her daughter and even Anakin she had feared for these long years.

But no, that was not it.

Her daughter Sola, and Jobal's own mother, Ryoo Thule also began acting suspiciously. Constantly whispering. Giving each other certain looks. Neither making eye contact with her or Ruwee.

Sola then told her daughters, "Say goodnight to Grandmamma, Grandma, and Grandpa."

"But-" Ryoo and Pooja cried. Not wanting to go to bed. Not to mention their bedtime wasn't for another hour.

"Now," Sola instructed. Her tone wasn't cold, but it was rather firm. Not exactly normal for her daughter. Unless her younglings were misbehaving, which they were not.

The girls did as instructed. After her mother, Jobal began to kiss and hug them goodnight. While doing so, she over heard her husband whisper, "What is going on?" Ruwee curiously and cautiously asked.

Ryoo Thule paused. "You'll see," Jobal heard her mother say. She then made her way out the door.

After Ruwee said his farewell for the evening. The two girls made their way up the stairs, Pooja turned to her sister, "...going on?" It was barely a whisper.

"Who knows," Little Ry shrugged, but then she wore that same smile. "Maybe things will be better now that-"

Sola then quickly turned to her parents. Kissing each of them on the cheek. "Night, I'll see you both tomorrow." Grabbing each of their cloaks from the closet.

Jobal and Ruwee and her remained confused and even a little hurt. They didn't think they had done anything to upset her or her own mother. Of course, Sola had said she'd see them tomorrow, but they normally stayed up and talked, gossiped, watched something the HoloNet, or played sabacc.

Maybe Sola and Darred were having a quarrel. She couldn't recall them speaking to each other much earlier in the evening. Of course, little Ryoo had been their priority.

But no, that hadn't been it. Darred seemed confused and offered a simple shrug as they left.

Walking hand in hand, she and her husband soon made it home. As they only lived twenty standard minutes away.

They went up to their master chamber. While Jobal prepared herself for a shower, her husband turned on the news and prepared for bed.

From the fresher Jobal could hear the words "Breaking News From Coruscant!" Also the Huttese accent of a certain Hutt and its companions raved on about the latest gossip. Though why Ruwee was watching or even listening to those pathetic beings. While Jobal admitted to enjoying the occasional gossip and dirt of her neighbors, she certainly never wanted to see that Hutt's face on any holo device of hers whatsoever. Even before the past gossip he had said about her daughter, she had never watched nor liked the Hutt. He had said many hurtful things about politicians, prominent families, and other beings. He also ruined many of those lives. From impeachments to trials. From separations to numerous divorces.

Jobal came into the bed chamber, about to remind her husband of these reasons, but then she could see his shocked face.

She turned her head to the left to see the latest story and then the footage played.

Only then did she understand what had Ryoo and Pooja had been excited about. What Sola and her mother had been on edge about. And what now had Ruwee stunned as if by a blaster.

Should Jobal really be surprised? No. No, not at all. She had long known- suspected was more the appropriate word. She never truly had any proof.

But now she did.

The entire Galaxy did.

She replayed the footage over and over again in her head. As if to make seem more real.

Her daughter Padmé and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker finding one another in a maze of pillars, presumably somewhere in the Senate Rotunda. Then embracing, but if only that was where it ended. But no, not at all. A moment later, their lips met. Practically announcing to the universe that they were involved.

Among other things.

These past several months, Padmé had somehow managed to keep her pregnancy a secret. Only family and a few friends knew. Until now, nothing more than a few whispers had been made about such an idea to the public. Some had noted lately that Padmé scarcely went out in public anymore. How nothing more than whispers had been said until now, Jobal had no idea. Voluminous robes could not conceal a pregnancy forever. Nor could they really hide it anymore. Now it may as well have been confirmed. Since such rumors would viciously begin to swirl with this latest revelation. Except instead of this being local or simply on planetary gossip, it would be on a larger scale.

Galactic scale.

Jobal closed her eyes as she put her brush aside after realizing she was long finished brushing her hair. She sighed. If only putting her worries aside could be so easy. Jobal then placed her elbows on the vanity put her hands together.

Again, this was not how she imagined the evening would end.

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