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Ever wanted something so bad that you would do almost anything to achieve it? That is how passionately I feel towards Lord of The Rings. How painful it is to be trapped in my life enable to travel to the mystical and wonderous land of Middle-Earth. To listen to the ethereal music of Howard Shore and feel sadness, happiness or fear as each track plays in my head; my longing grows stronger each second, minute, hour and day. To beg my parents everyday for the movie, yet I have enough money myself but cannot buy it without their consent. To long for the Lord of The Rings commercials so that I can forget my problems and leave this world behind....

I guess I do leave sometimes, when I daydream of course... but that's not good enough for me. I want to hear the Elves sing, see the vastness and beauty of Rivendell, I want to live; to seek adventure! I don't want to be trapped in this life of mine. To grow up going to school each day just to come back home with homework. For 12 years this process lasts, then it repeats itself; this time, with more freedom. Then you reach adulthood and take on responsibilities, a job, kids, marriage and other stressful things. By the time you don't work anymore, you are old, not too old for adventure... but your imagination may have taken its toll.

Then when you look back upon your life, you realize that you never did keep that promise to yourself of going to New Zealand or the Alps to live your childhood dream of living Middle-Earth. You then realize that you've spent your whole life contributing to the economy, for another generation of humans that will eventually destroy this - literally- perfect planet. Of course your life was not horrible - in fact it was great, you've had your good times as well as bad... but an annoying feeling in your gut stills lingers in your mind.

I wasn't willing to do that.... how I longed for Middle-Earth! But life goes on, and I knew that as I dreamed of Legolas, or Pippin or Lothlorien; tomorrow I will still go to school, face the same teachers and come back with the same amount of back-aching homework.

I sighed, and decided that a cup of water would do the best for me at the moment being. I got up from my desk and trudged my way to the kitchen. Trying to search for a clean cup in the dark wasn't very effective or very smart, but I did not care of that matter. I was more engrossed in the thought of how to pronounce 'Thranduil' , whether to say thran-du-IL, or thran-dool, I didn't know. But that was definitely going on my 'Questions to ask Legolas' list.

After what seemed like eternity I finally got a glass of water into my hands.

Not wanting to go back up to my Lord of The Rings themed computer, I decided to head downstairs to my backyard. I slid along my dark house silently; I didn't want to wake my parents, they'd just tell me to go to bed. I opened the screen door dividing me from my destination and stepped out into the cold hard pavement. Gliding to a lawn chair I sat contently watching the stars and the moon. I always did stupid things like this, for God's sake! it was the middle of the night! but I didn't care, I didn't want to sleep. Not yet.

I pulled my hands into my pajama sleeves as the cold night air of October found me. I closed my eyes and imagined the myself in Ithilien, free to go where I please. All of a sudden I heard a rustle in the nearby and when I turned to look, I found a snow white bunny staring back at me. 'Wha? There aren't suppose to be any wild bunnies in this part of the world. Nor SNOW WHITE bunnies.' I thought to myself. But I was only able to have a brief glance at it, as the rabbit quickly sped away as if in a hurry....

I must have fallen asleep for when I awoke it was morning, and the soft chirps of songbirds rang in my ears.

But when I opened my eyes I found that I wasn't in my backyard anymore, nor was I seated upon my lawn chair I lay in the middle of a dense forest on soft green grass. 'This must be a dream.' I thought. I pinched myself. "Ouch!" So... I wasn't dreaming. Did you ever realize... like when you think about it, you hardly ever have the conciousness to pinch yourself in a dream? It seems like the whole idea slips your mind. I've only pinched myself once in a dream... it felt weird, sorta like pinching yourself when your leg's fallen asleep. It doesn't hurt, just a numb feeling.

Slowly I rose from where I had lay and viewed my surroundings. Judging by the leaves, I realized that I was in a forest of Maple trees. "Well, that didn't help much." I mused. Maple trees grew in many places from North America to most of Europe.

"I'm probably in Middle-Earth!" I laughed. "Besides, where else would I be?"

Being the unbelievable smart-ass that I am, I looked up at the sun to try and figure out which direction to go or maybe what time it was... not that it would help my case.

It had barely risen, and east lay right in front of me. 'Or perhaps its setting.... how was I to be so sure that it was morning?' a little voice in my head asked. 'Cause genius! birds usually sing in the morning and if it were dusk, would the sky be so bright?' another replied. I shrugged. Fair enough.

"Now... it should be around...  morning." I muttered. Hence the knowledge I recieved from my times of not replacing the battery for my watch, wow I figured out it was morning! So smart! (sarcasm! Sarcasm! SARCASM!)

I guess secretly, I, too, hoped that I would suddenly mysteriously drop into Middle-Earth and - by some strange turn of events - find out that I was either an Elf or Half-Elf, and have all these funky powers and kick ass and win Legolas' heart... Now wouldn't that have been nice? But it hasn't happened yet now has it? I'm still short, clumsy and do not possess any funky powers.

Frankly I hate Mary Sues, I hate them! They all know how to shoot an arrow, ride a horse, be an experienced and deadly warrior and they seem to know EVERYTHING! Well what about us girls who DON'T know how to do those things? Sure, I knew how to skate, speak a BIT of French, and also a good artist. So? What good does THAT do me? I've had dreams where I'm riding a horse - I always seem to fall off. And I have my OTHER faults... like I couldn't fight for beans, so if I really WAS in Middle-Earth I'd be dead in a second if I were up against a couple of orcs. I'd probably kill myself tripping over rocks or twigs before the orcs even get to me. Oi!

So now you ask why I'm so knowledgeable in the field of the sun and the trees.

Well, as for the trees thing, I can only identify um.... four types of trees. Maple, cause I have a Maple tree right in front of my house. Birch, because it has white-ish, silver-ish bark. Pine. Who couldn't? And Willow because I used to love to swing on its vines.

As for the sun, my window faces east so I wake up everyday with the sun in my eyes. Besides its practically common sense to know that the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

"North!" I announced and headed in that direction. Careful not to step on anything sharp - as I am going barefoot - I slowly make my way through the forest taking in all that I see. Thoughts of happiness filled my head and daydreams of what I would say to the Fellowship - to Legolas - occupied my attention. But little did I know of the possibility that they may not have even been born yet for I could've dropped into any time, any century, any age.

"Dilio!" A tenor voice called. I was so deep within my thoughts that I didn't notice the circle of Elves that surrounded me until that blond Elf yelled something.

I gazed up to find numerous arrows pointed at me, then taking a more acute observation I realized that before me was Haldir of Lórien, yet, he seemed younger and it was he that called out.

"Tangado haid!" He said to his fellow Elves and then he turned to me again. "Lasto beth nin, dilio!" he commanded.

It took me a while to recover from my episode, but eventually I blinked out of my little phase and for once, realized the danger I was in.

Mimicking the elvish words in my mouth. 'Tangado haid.' I had NO idea what THAT meant and 'Lasto beth nin' was something Arwen said to Frodo when they first met, something about light... or hearing aids... eh? I still haven't forgiven her for stealing Glorfindel's scene, Glorfindel rocks and she stole his moment of glory! But, anyways of course I knew that 'dilio' meant stop, I even used it in one of my fanfics!

"Hey, I already stopped, no need to tell me again." I found myself declaring, not knowing whether they'd understand me or not.

"You speak Westron." The Elf said in surprise.

"Yeah... I guess I do." I smiled, I though English wasn't Westron; oh well, guess it was some sort of funky magic thingy. I looked up at Haldir. Dang! he was tall! I was only 5' 1½...so short!

"Who are you? What business do you have in the forest of Mirkwood?" he asked lowering his arrow.

"I'm Alice, and I don't really have any business in Mirkwood. I fell asleep in my backyard and so yeah... here I am." I stuttered.

Quickly a rapid conversation in Elvish arose and I was left standing there like an idiot.

"You will come with us to the King, he will know what to do with you." Haldir was kind enough to inform me. "Any resistance and we may have to harm you." He gave me a stern gaze.

I raised hands innocently, "K, no problemo here senor Haldir." The moment those words left my mouth I knew that it'd been the stupidest thing I could've done. I whacked my head and 'Doh!'ed.

"I did not tell you my name. Speak child! And tell me how you came across it!"

I shrugged and laughed nervously, "Lucky guess?"

His gaze did not break and again, he raised his bow and arrow.

"Awww man! Not again. Dude it was just a mistake and it slipped out." I whined. "Can't we settle this when we get to the King?"

"So be it." He sighed. "Time slips away as I stand here trying to reason with you."

I crossed my arms and pouted, I was pretty sure that that wasn't a compliment. 'Don't be such a biatch Haldir.' I thought. 'And I looked up to you!' No pun intended. 

We began to walk, I had Elves all around me so that I wouldn't escape. Now why would I want to escape? I'm already here in Middle-Earth, and it that wasn't good enough, I get my experience sugar-coated. I was gonna get to see Legolas! I risked fainting right there and then just by the thought of meeting him.

As our journey progressed I kept on tripping on tree roots and got a couple of curious stares from the Elves around me. I was itching to do that thing where you raise your index and middle finger up to point at your eyes to indicate that 'I see you too' look, but decided against it as I didn't want myself to end up in deeper shit. I'm such a clumsy fool.

Eventually I got bored out of my mind and somehow, I subconciously started to hum "Canon by Pachelbel"; I loved that song, ever since I started playing it I became obcessed. Whenever I felt bored, I'd start humming it... I did it so frequently that I didn't even notice that I did it! Soon I realized that the surrounding Elves began to smile as they heard me hum.

'I guess they like anyone that can sing or hum.' I thought. 'Hey, if it got Frodo some Elf friends it'll help me too.'

It's amazing what the company of Elves could do to you....


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