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"I have no friends!" Alice retorted as she was being thrown over the shoulders of the tall elf and carried through the inn to the stables. "I'm serious, I didn't get any help, so unless you want me to start stabbing the air you're gonna have to call off this, 'you're gonna kill all your friends' thing."

The elf remained silent. As they exited the inn the girl realized that everything was dark. Its night time? Was I only out for a few hours? Or is it so early in the morning that the sun isn't up yet? Those jerks! Waking me up before sunrise and ruining my beauty sleep... oh wait, I woke up on my own, heh.

Alice's mood had not improved significantly since the day before, though her captors seemed uninterested in killing her and she very much doubted that they would be able to locate the few random people that helped her, she didn't want to take any chances and tried her best to bluff her way through. Although there was the crazy hermit who tried to grope her butt that she wouldn't mind seeing beaten up.

There were only four of them, Ranir, the evil elf that threatened to kill her who Alice assumed was Lucylle, and the elf that carried her.

"So ladies" she commented as the elf who had been carrying her draped her over a horse stomach down. She was pushed forward towards the horse's neck before the elf mounted and took the reins. "I'm sorry to break up the slumber party but our next activity seems kinda boring, how's about we just practice putting make up on each other instead? I know some of you really need it."

"Prattle on all you must, but no one can hear you." Lucylle mumbled tiredly as they all began to move away from the inn and away from the town.

Alice could see Yeivyl where she had left him near the edge of town looking inquisitively at her. Don't follow us Yeivyl... She commanded him silently as the group cantered off in an unknown direction.


It had been a month since Alice's death and Haldir found refuge from his conflicting thoughts in his work. Though he had seen death before this was the first time that it had struck him so forcefully. The whole chain of events leading up to that specific event seemed quite off. First Thranduil's sudden and dangerous command to get rid of her, and then there was the dangerous swarm of spiders that they had encountered. The creatures rarely strayed far from their territory during the day.

He tried to bring his mind back to the present moment, looked at the neighbouring trees to ensure his fellow comrades were still in position. Just as he finished checking up on his team did he see three figures canter into his surveying range. Not dwarves. He sighed mentally as he lowered his bow, but just as he was about to jump down from his tree when he heard a familiar song that made his hair stand on end. Up through the canopy drifted a young girl's voice, singing, "I'm a little teapot short and stout..."

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