Another night has gone by and daylight comes. I get myself ready to pose on top of a building along with my "guardian". I have an average body for a sixteen-year old girl; a little taller. My skin is a pale-grey color and my wings are grey on the inside and black on the outside. Because of the experiments those people did to me, my hair color changed as well as my eye color. My eye color is a dark shade of purple while my hair is raven black with highlights of dark grey and I have a bang on my left side of my face that sometimes covers half of my face.

My life was hell before I met my guardian. She is also a gargoyle. A strict one. She took me in when an accident occurred in the lab of the facility of those scientists. Her hair is bloody-red that matches greatly with her pale blue skin. She is a little taller than me. She wears a piece of lion cloth on her hips that is tied with a black belt and another piece of lion cloth with one strap on her left shoulder as her shirt.

I wear a black shirt with straps on my shoulders and another strap hanging on my shoulders at the sides and black ripped jeans. Unlike my guardian who wears jewelry, a golden like tiara and a golden ankle-bracelet, I wear only grip belts on my left wrist and on my toes.

My guardian and I turn to stone as the sunlight shows on the horizon. I dream the same dream.

I run in the hallways filled with scientists as they try to capture me. 'I need to get out of here!' is what I always said in my head as I ran to find a way out. My eyes glowed purple with the fury I had for these scientists. Another side-effect of my transformation. My eyes didn't glowed red like a female gargoyle; they glowed purple. I was mad with rage and scared that I had not noticed that a fire had started. Everything burned in its path, including some of the scientists and some of the other experiments.

In front of me were dead bodies being burned; both humans and gargoyles. Everything was bloody red until everything went pitch black.

The sun sets and our stone skin crackles as we awake from our sleep. We awake and apparently a storm has come up. My guardian turns to me.

"Alex, do you remember the news about that man, David Xanatos who we met some time ago, buying that old run down castle?" Demona, my guardian, asks me with a hint of old language in her voice.

"The one where you used to live a thousand years ago? Yeah, I remember. What about it?"

Demona is from the tenth century. In other words, she is more than a thousand years old. She was part of a clan of gargoyles who protected the humans. One night the humans attacked when the gargoyles were at their most vulnerable and killed every one of them. She tells me that she survived because she was always alone and trusted no one. She also tells me that some other gargoyles survived but they are in a deep sleep.

"Yes. I want you to go to Xanatos. Make sure the gargoyles awaken and that Xanatos does nothing to them," She orders.

"If I get shocked by lighting, it'll be your fault.," I make a note on the storm. She is crazy for gliding in a storm like this. She gives me a hard look, showing no amusement. "Alright but I might not be able to come back tonight or tomorrow night," I warn her. We are in Manhattan where the castle is too but a good distance from the castle. I might make it in one night but since she wants me to check what Xanatos is doing, it's going to take a little longer than expected.

"It doesn't matter. Just as long as they are alive and well."

"Alright then," I assure her that I was going to do my job properly.

"And don't let them see you. Keep yourself a secret," She warns me. I hate being around people so that is no problem.

"Of course. Secret is my middle name," I smile a mischievous smile to her.

"Yes and so is troublemaker," She sighs. "Just go," She waves me off and I turn to leave. Jumping off of buildings will never get bored for me. I can glide wherever I want. Feel the wind currents through my wings and feel the freedom.

I glide low through the city but not low enough for the humans to see me. I can see everything from up here. In an alleyway, a woman runs. She is being chase by a thief holding a knife. I know I'm supposed to help the woman but I don't find any remorse for the human. Sure I was human once but now I hate them. Humans are cruel to everything.

I make my way to the castle with ease. As I land on the top tower quietly I see no gargoyles. I go to the edge and see the gargoyles making their way into the castle. I would follow them to check on them but I was too lazy. It's either this excuse or the excuse that the gargoyles need some time to get use to their surroundings. They are from the same time as Demona but she wasn't put to sleep like they were.

I hear someone clearing their throat and quickly turn around to see a blond guy in a suit wearing glasses. "Hello Owen."

"Good evening Miss Alex. I presume you are here to check on the gargoyles," Owen, Xanatos personal assistant, says in a dull voice.

"You always know everything," I smirk. Nothing gets past this dude.

"Mr. Xanatos is with them, explaining some things. Would you like me to escort you to them?" He asks in even a duller tone of voice, if that was even possible.

"I'll stay in the shadows, thanks," I reply back.

"Very well. If you'll excuse me," With that he turns and walks down a set of stairs.

A few minutes later the storm stops and a helicopter appear. Xanatos walks out of the castle into the ground of the castle. The gargoyles must be inside. Some men jump off the helicopter. One of the men points a gun to Xanatos.

The leader of the gunmen shouts: "Secure the area!" and all but obediently obey.

"What do you want?" Xanatos asks in a demanding voice.

"You'll know. Soon enough," Is all the man says.

This might be interesting.

Normal POV

The gargoyles stood at the doorway surprised of what was going on outside.

"What's going on? Who are these people?" A red skinned gargoyles asks. He has white hair, though he is young, and a beak for a mouth. His wings are red on the inside and black on the outside. He wears a dark blue lion cloth held by a belt at his waist.

"They're attacking the castle! That's all we need to know!" An old looking gargoyles says. His skin is brown and has white hair and beard, showing his age. He wears armor on his chest and lion cloth pants. He holds his sword handle in his hand.

A big gargoyle, the biggest of them all, growls and lets out a roar and his eyes turn white. He has pitch black, long hair and his skin is a lavender color. He wears brown lion cloth with a black belt at his waist.

In a few seconds, the whole gargoyle clan attacks the intruders.

The humans are surprise of the creatures that suddenly come out and start shooting them. The lavender gargoyle is on his four legs and runs to one of the men. He turns and his tail swipes over the man's feet but the man is quick and rolls and is kneeling on the ground with a hand on the floor for support.

The gunman gets up and runs to the gargoyle knocking him down on the wall. The giant gargoyle stands up as Xanatos runs towards the man and knocks out the gun out of his hands. Xanatos does a judo flip and sends the man flying; but the man is quick again and rolls and lands on his feet.

Xanatos tries to go for the fallen gun but the man gets in his way. Suddenly they hear a growl. They turn and see an aqua colored gargoyle. He has fin like ears and has a big stomach. The gargoyle wears a dark blue lion cloth held by a black belt.

"Nice mask," The man says not knowing that it is in fact a real gargoyle or is just ignoring it. He takes out a pocket knife and swings it towards the aqua gargoyle's way. The aqua gargoyle jumps back, missing the slice blow and landing on his back. The man takes the chance and runs towards the aqua gargoyle. The gargoyle sees this coming and throws the man into the air with his feet. The man is quick for the third time and rolls and lands on his feet.

Meanwhile the old gargoyle has his sword in his hand and runs towards another gunman. The gunman takes out a gun tazer and tazers the old gargoyle.

Alex sees this and jumps down behind the man and grabs him. "Leave him alone!" She growls as she throws the man. The red gargoyle, aqua gargoyle and a small green gargoyle go to help the old one while Alex stays in place, attentive of the fight. The gargoyles had their faces filled with curiosity of the new gargoyle but paid more attention to the invasion.

They did not know that a gunman has a grenade and throws the grenade at them. The smallest of the three young gargoyles catches the grenade. He is small and has webbed wings attached to his arms and legs, unlike the other two who have their wings on their back. He also wears a dark blue lion cloth held by a black belt.

Seeing that the grenade did nothing, he throws it somewhere else only for the grenade to explode; sending all five of them flying.

Xanatos runs up the stairs and presses a rock on the wall. The wall moves and a laser gun appear. Xanatos takes the gun and aims it on the gunman who is facing the lavender gargoyle and fires above them.

The wall falls and crashes on the man. The lavender gargoyle looks over to Xanatos. Xanatos smiles, the gargoyle goes to fight somewhere else and Xanatos aims the gun to another man who tries to hide behind the stone ledge.

A female gunman is faced against the small green gargoyle. "Are you a Viking?" The green gargoyle asks, his eyes glowing white.

The woman merciless shoots at the small gargoyle. The gargoyle dances the dance of dodging and jumps off the ledge. The woman looks over the edge to try and find him only to be trampled by him.

The old and lavender gargoyles are on the stairs.

"These weapons. We must be fighting sorcerers," The old gargoyle exclaims.

"If so, we will protect this castle. It is all we have left," The lavender gargoyle orders.

Because of their chat, they do not notice a gunman on the tower. He throws them another grenade.

The red gargoyle and Alex are back to back facing a gunman each. The red gargoyle dodges the knife swipes the man tries to make. The gargoyle tries to grab the man to throw him. Alex is able to grab the gun from the other gunman and throws it away. Then they go into hand combat; ending with Alex pinning the man's arms behind his back. The man, though, kicks her legs making her release him and takes out a knife.

Xanatos sees this. "Time to take the gloves off," He says as he gets ready to shoot at one of the men but is interrupted by another gunman running into him. Xanatos accidentally shoots on top of the tower making the walls come crashing down.

Down below, civilians hear the gun shots and laser shots from above. Next thing they know, big chunks of rock are falling on top of them. They take cover as police cars and fire fighters arrive to protect the people. A red car shows up and a lady with black hair and blue highlights comes out. She wears a black shirt, red jacket, and blue jeans.

A grenade blasts threw a wall and the gargoyles come out of the wall coughing from the smoke. A gunman comes running out of the wall as well, being chased by a dog demon like gargoyle.

The lavender gargoyle is about to take flight for some other fight but a grenade is thrown at him causing an explosion, knocking him over the edge and falling into the air. He spreads his wings to slow down his pace and digs his claws into the solid side of the building.

More and more laser shots are heard and more rocks some crashing down. People try to make a run for it. The lady in the red jacket hides behind a rock for cover. "Get back!" She orders at some people who are close by. "Or you'll wind up street pizza," She mumbles, tired of people not getting away from danger.

She places her hand on the rock and feels a bump in it. She looks at it and sees claw marks. She runs her hand over it gently, curious. "Claw marks?"

On top of the castle, a gunman is able to get pass the gargoyles and make his way to somewhere in the castle. He takes out a code buster and places it on the code scanner. It overheats and the door open wide.

Another explosion is made and the small gargoyle tackles a gunman only to be tackle to the ground. "Help!" He yells.

The lavender gargoyle sees his clan mate in trouble and tackles the man off him. He growls in fury at the man for trying to hurts his clan. He did not notice that a gunman behind him throws him a smoke gas can. The smoke gas can let the gas out. The lavender gargoyle coughs as he inhales the smoke gas.

The man who went into the castle room comes running out holding a case under his arm. He runs up the stairs and holds the case in the air. "Got it!" He shouts to the other gunmen.

One of the gunmen pulls out a gun flare and shoots at the sky. Moments later a helicopter shows up and lands. "Let's go! We got what we came for," All the gunmen who invaded get on the helicopter.

Xanatos is on top is the ledge. "I don't think so," He is about to shoot at the helicopter but a gunman throws a metal like boomerang at Xanatos. Xanatos drops the gun and the helicopter leaves as the light of the flares clears and the gargoyles move towards Xanatos.

"I've never seen weapons like those before. And that flying creature that carried them off," The red gargoyle says out of breath.

"A dragon without a doubt," The old gargoyle says.

"It wasn't a dragon it was…uh...it was a machine of some sort," The small green gargoyle analysis.

Alex is quiet in the back hoping to get away.

"Thank you. Without you and your friends, who knows what those thugs might have done," Xanatos says, turning to face them.

"And the new comer," Mumbles the red gargoyle, making everyone, except the lavender gargoyle and Xanatos, look to see Alex. Alex tries to back away but the dog gargoyle growls behind her and the aqua gargoyle grabs one of her wrist to prevent her from escaping.

"Someone I once trusted said the same thing to me," The giant lavender gargoyle says, deciding to deal with the new comer later. "And then destroyed my people," He continued.

"Hmm, I can see I'll have to work hard to earn your trust," Xanatos says as the lavender gargoyle lets out a low sigh/growl. Xanatos takes out his phone and dials a few numbers. "Owen, we'll need a clean-up crew outside,"

"Why were you attacked?" The lavender gargoyle asks.

"The richer you are the more enemies you have. And I am very rich," Xanatos explains as he puts his phone away in his pocket. "Goliath this is your home as well as my headquarters. I hope you'll work with me to keep it safe,"

The lavender gargoyle, Goliath, looks around the castle.

"It's your decision lad, but...we have nowhere else to go," The old gargoyle places a claw on the leader's shoulder.

Goliath looks around one more time and lets out a heavy sigh. "This castle is our home, no matter where it has been taken. We will stay here," Goliath decides.

"Excellent!" Xanatos exclaims and walks over to Goliath and takes his giant claw. "I know you've been used by men in the past poorly but all that is about to change. Trust me."

"You broke the spell that imprisoned us Xanatos. For that we are grateful, but we will never trust humans again."

"I can tell this relationship is all we'll have to work at."

Down below, people are trying to figure out what has happened.

"What do you figure that was all about, detective?" An African American police officer asks to the woman in the red jacket.

"I don't know. But I'm going to find out," The female detective states with determination in her voice.

Alex POV

Since they had themselves occupied with Xanatos, I try to squirm out of the big guy's grip but he wouldn't budge.

"And who are you?" The lavender gargoyle, Goliath, asks me. If Demona finds out I let them see me...I'm screwed.

"Ah, yes, this is Alex. Someone I wanted you to meet," Xanatos covers me. I am grateful that he didn't blow my cover off but now that means I have to stay with the gargoyles even longer.

"So you mean that there are more gargoyles?" The small green gargoyles asks with hope in his voice. Every gargoyle's face lit up with hope but I break the news to them.

"I'm sorry. There were more of my kind but now they are..." I drift off knowing they would get the idea. They did since their faces turn into sorrow and pain. Technically I didn't lie if that is what you all are thinking. There were more like me but they all died in the facility. They didn't ask if I was human but they don't need to know that little detail.

"The humans," Goliath says more than asks. I nod my head knowing that he was thinking that the humans were the ones who killed them.

"I'll let you get to know each other," With that Xanatos leaves me with the gargoyles. Outside I am calm but on the inside I am boiling with anger. He covers me then he leaves me alone knowing full well I wasn't supposed to let them see me. I'm going to kill him!

"You are from this time, right, lass?" The old gargoyle asks me. I nod my head with a confused face. I know they are from a thousand years ago but they don't know that I know so I'll just have to play along.

"Yes. Aren't all of you?" I ask with curiosity in the voice.

"It's a long story," The red gargoyle says to me.

"Why are you here?" Goliath asks me, examining me.

"Xanatos helped me escape from the humans. He was fascinated by how I looked and let me stay with him, hidden of course. Then he bought this castle, inspired by the book, and brought you guys to live again," I say, still trying to keep up my cover. "He thought this was a great idea for me to open up a little more," I hope they take the bait.

"Well it's nice to know we aren't alone in the world," The green gargoyle says in a cheery yet sorrowful voice. I know too well that feeling of being alone.

"Can she live with us?" The red gargoyle asks, looking between me and Goliath. None of this was part of the plan. What am I going to do now?

"Yeah that's a great idea!" The aqua gargoyle exclaims. He, along with the red and green gargoyles, smile: even the dog gargoyle barks happily at the idea. The old gargoyle stood there thinking, grooming his beard.

"It would be a good idea but again it's your decision lad," He says looking at Goliath.

Goliath stood there thinking for a few minutes until he speaks again. "Very well. You can live with us here," The three young gargoyles smile at the answer and I am happy that I am accepted but what would Demona say about it. "Under one condition," Everyone stops to look at Goliath. "You help us understand the ways of this time," He says with half a smile.

He should smile more often. He is way too tensed and takes his leadership too far by the looks of it.

"Of course, Goliath. It would be my pleasure," I said smiling, feeling being wanted in this cruel world.

"Can we explore the castle?" The red gargoyle asks towards Goliath. Goliath took his time answering this one. He wants them safe and I understand that. This world has changed a lot from their world and it felt like they were in some unknown place, which they were. It's the same how I felt when I was kidnapped.

"Don't worry, Goliath. I'll watch over them," I said. Goliath takes his time a little more until he says, "Very well but don't let anyone see you."

The three young gargoyles nod their heads in reassurance. I nod as well but the last time someone told me to stay out of sight...yeah Demona is right. I am a troublemaker.