As requested... More Hannily. Enjoy.

Naughty Little Liars
Phone Sex

-Emily and Hanna are having a late night phone conversation when a game of 20 questions turns naughty.-

"Stop worrying Han, it'll be fine" Emily tells her friend through the phone.

It's nearly two in the morning and they should both be asleep, but instead they've been on the phone for two hours talking about everything and nothing.

Emily's light is off but the moonlight in her window illuminates her room slightly. Pam in asleep in her room downstairs, but Emily still keeps her voice deep and low, not wanting to make too much noise.

Across town Hanna's laying on top of her blankets, with her bedside lamp on. Her mom is out of town for the week on a business trip so she's not worried about waking anyone.

"I just don't know what I'm feeling anymore. It's all so confusing."

"You think too much, I'm sure things with Caleb will work out."

Hanna can't help but sigh because Emily's words don't make her feel any better, especially when she knows just how wrong her friend is She can't get back with Caleb, sure she loves him, but her mind is somewhere else, and she can't think clearly.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore Em, can we just talk about something else? Distract me?"

"Um, okay…" Emily's voice is hesitant as she tries to figure out a way to comply with the blonde's request.

After a minute of silence Emily comes up with an idea.

"Want to play 20 questions?"

Hanna lets out a laugh.

"Oh my gosh we haven't done that since like 6th grade!"

Emily laughs too. The sound sends Hanna's heart racing. Ignoring it she answers back.

"Okay, let's do it. You first."

"Hmmm if you had to pick one song to listen to on repeat for the next week, what would it be?"

"Tame question! But probably Dark Horse. You know I love me some Katy Perry."

Emily just giggles into the phone, because she'd sat through too many Katy Perry concerts not to know about Hanna's obsession.

"So my turn, what's the weirdest place you've ever made out with someone?"

Emily can feel her cheeks heat up a little bit, because she has too many options to choose from.

"Probably the photo booth at Noel's party or the locker room at school…"

Hanna gasps into the phone smiling wildly.

"The locker room?! Naughty girl!"

Emily just blushes further, glad that Hanna can't see her, she just laughs.

"Okay moving on, I've got a good one. Play kill, marry, sleep with… your options are Fitz, Wren and Holbrook."

Hanna laughs.

"Come on Em, you can't ask me to play that if you can't even say the work 'fuck'…"

Emily lets out an indignant little squeak, but Hanna just giggles louder before answering.

"Fine, fine, you don't have to say it. But let's see I'd sleep with Holbrook, he's hot, and I'd marry Wren, which leaves Fitz…"

Surprised by her answer Emily questions her.

"Wait you'd marry Wren and kill Fitz? Why?"

"Well I had to choose someone to kill off, and besides he still kinda creeps me out, and I don't like him with Aria. Plus he's cockblocking team Sparia, and we just can't have that!"

Emily giggles but then slaps her hand over her mouth remembering her mom.

"True, true. Okay now your turn."

"Hmmm, what's your fantasy?"

The brunette lets out a tiny gasp; the sound sends heat straight to Hanna's core.

Dropping her voice to a barely there whisper Emily responds.

"Han, I can't answer that!"

"Awe come on, I'll tell you mine…"

Almost tempted by the thought of knowing Hanna's fantasy she stops just as she's about to blurt it out.

"I can't… I want a new question."

Pouting, Hanna responds.

"Okay fine be a prude…"

"Hey I'm not a prude!"

Deciding to test the waters Hanna pushes further.

"If you aren't a prude let's up the game, naughty questions only from now on, and no backing out."

Paralyzed at the thought of what Hanna's suggesting she clears her throat, about to say no.

"Come on Em, it's just me, what're you so afraid of?"

Sighing Emily relents.

"Okay fine. But you can't tell anyone anything…"


Mentally patting herself on the back Hanna decides to ask the first question.

"What body part turns you on the most?"

Breathing a sigh of relief at the tameness of the question Emily answers.

"Hips. Holding onto a girl's hips, pulling her toward me it's the best…"

Hanna swallows hard but doesn't say anything. Taking it as a hint the brunette asks a question.

"What's your biggest turn on?"

Feeling another jolt of arousal at Emily's willingness to play her little game she takes a breath trying to calm herself.

"A sexy voice. Gets me so fucking hot. Every damned time."

Automatically Emily's voice lowers when she speaks into the phone, the husky sound enough to leave Hanna desperate.

"Mmm I agree. A sexy voice is hot, especially when a girl whimpers or moans my name, there isn't anything better."

Emily can't believe she just admitted that to Hanna, but somehow this game seems to have emboldened her.

Swallowing the lump in her throat the blonde can barely respond, the sexy tone in Emily's voice is too much. Not able to contain herself anymore Hanna slips a hand down her chest, rubbing her nipples softly.

She almost lets out a gasp, but manages to bite her lip.

Not wanting to stop their game she forces herself to speak

"Do you touch yourself?"

The breathy tone of Hanna's voice catches Emily off guard and she can feel her body heat up even more than it already is. She almost chastises herself because this is her best friend she's talking too, but then again Hanna did suggest this game. For a minute she lets her mind wander to a place she doesn't ever dare let herself.

She's lost in her thoughts of Hanna's red lips and soft hair and the curve of her hips when she hears the girl let out a little moan.

Almost sure she'd imagined it she opens her mouth to answer the question, but before she can the blonde speaks up, impatient on the other end of the line as her hand trails down her body and settles between her legs.

"I do…"

The image of Hanna on her back, with her hand between her legs makes Emily let out a gasp. She doesn't usually let herself think about her friends that way, but the fact that Hanna, and the others are three of the most beautiful girls she's ever seen doesn't escape her notice.

Feeling even bolder she decides that if Hanna is going to up the game, she will too.

"I do too. What do you think about?"

Pushing her hand under the waistband of her panties Hanna trails her fingers over her soaking wet core, conjuring up her own image of Emily pleasuring herself. Unbeknownst to her Emily's thinking of her too.

Throwing caution to the wind she lets out a whimper when she brushes her clit.


Hearing Hanna's admission is too much. Emily shoves her hand under her shorts and presses her fingers against her clit.

"Fuck Hanna…"

Emily's voice is husky and Hanna can hear the arousal in her tone. And hearing Emily curse is the sexiest thing she's ever heard.


Hearing Hanna moan her name she has no question in her mind that her friend is doing exactly what she's doing and it turns her on more than anything she's ever felt.

"Are you wet Han?"


"Are you touching yourself?

"God yes, it feels so good…"

"Are you thinking about me?"

"It's always you I think about…"

Letting out another moan Hanna shutters.

At the sound Emily pushes two fingers into her core, gasping out Hanna's name.

"Earlier you asked me what my fantasy is… still want to know?"

"Fuck yes, tell me Em…"

Keeping a steady rhythm against her clit Hanna presses her ear closer to the phone, loving the seductive tone in her friend's voice.

"When I'm alone and getting myself off, I imagine you. I imagine shoving you up against the wall and kissing you until your breathless. Gripping your ass and lifting you up your legs wrapping around me. Then I carry you to the bed and toss you down, climbing on top of you. We don't waste any time getting naked. I kiss every inch of your beautiful body, before you flip us over. But I'm desperate for you, so I look into your eyes and beg you to ride my tongue…."

Emily is so close now, lost in her own fantasy imaging Hanna straddling her face, riding her tongue, almost forgetting that Hanna's still on the other end of the phone, desperate for release.

Hanna is close too. She's in shock that Emily's fantasy is about her, and she can picture it, all of it and she wants it, more than she's ever wanted anything. Slipping her fingers into her wet heat she hisses out Emily's name.

"Fuck Emily… fuck, I wish you were here, I wish it was you touching me…"

"God me too, I bet your dripping, I wish I could taste you…"

"Oh Emily,"

Hearing Hanna moan her name sends her over the edge.

"Fuck Hanna I'm coming…"

Picturing Emily's body arching, her fingers working furiously between her legs Hanna rubs her clit one last time and explodes.


It takes several minutes before the girl's both come down, their breathing heavy, hearts pounding in their chests.

When her orgasm subsides Emily can't help the fear that shoots through her, terrified that Hanna's going to be upset or ashamed or…

"Han I'm sorr…"

"Emily Catherine Fields don't you dare finish that sentence."

A little confused she stays silent. When Hanna speaks again her tone is softer.

"That was amazing, even better than I imagined. But there is one thing that could make it better…"

"What's that?"

"The real thing."

Still a little confused Emily reverts back to her earlier whispering.

"What do you mean Han?"

"I mean I want you to get your sexy as fuck ass over here and act out your fantasy… then I want to fuck you so hard you won't remember your name… AND then, well then I want to cuddle up and fall asleep together…"

"Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure, I didn't want to tell you this over the phone but, I broke up with Caleb because I'm in love with someone else… because I'm in love with you."

Feeling emotion swell in her chest Emily lets the information sink in. Hanna is in love with her. And that, that's her real fantasy, she'd just never let herself dream it because she didn't think it would be possible, not in a million years.

"I'll be over in 10 okay? Oh and Hanna?"


"I love you too."