A/N: Well, I really love the Zack files, and I really wanted to write a fic. It's probably gonna change a lot, and one ZF will be more than one chapter (I hope) so they'll be marked similarly. The stories are gonna be like the eps, so there will be that little thing with Spence at the end and beginning of every file.

I own nothing, want nothing, only the rights to my character(s) and story idea.

Spence - "Zack file 2679-New Girl-Active Brain. The past week has been very, well exciting! Kalil is the nicest person ever and she more knowledgeable about paranormal stuff than Zack is! She says that it's been happening her whole life, but why doesn't Zack have a clue?" Kalil - "I thought you said I could film the next Zack file Spence? By the way, what did you do with my digital camera?" Spence - "Uh, I left it at home.ya."


Zack was watching TV when his Dad came over to him. "Zack, I have some bad news." said Dan. "What? Did Grandma die!" said Zack, a bit worried. "No, Grandma didn't die, but my aunt's husband's daughter's son just died." "Who?" "Yes, I don't even really know. Well anyways, they also had a daughter." "Who had a daughter?" "My aunt's husband's daughter's son. He had a daughter." "Ok, so. I don't get what you're going at?" "Well, no one can take her, so I kind of." "Kind of what?" "Well she's coming to live with us!" "...Dad, are you sure that's a good idea?" "Sure it is son! It'll be nice to have a girl around the house!" "Have you even met the girl dad?" "Well no, but that's ok!" "Why couldn't her Mom look after her?" "Well you see Zack, her mother is well.kind of in a special hospital right now." "What do you mean special hospital?" "Well she was seeing things, and she started to become violent, so she's in a mental hospital." "Oh." "Well, don't tell anybody. They tolled me she doesn't remember much about her mom." "Oh, ok. So what's her name?" "Oh, it's Kalil. Try and be nice, she just lost her dad remember." "Ya I will, so when is she gonna be here?" "Oh, Sunday." "Sunday! Dad, that's tomorrow!" "Oh! Is it? We better clean up the guest room!"


"Well, that was a lot of stuff!" said Zack. "Yup, but I feel a lot better now that we've cleared all that stuff out." "So what is Kalil going to be doing here?" "Oh, right, she's going to be going to school with you!" "What! You mean she's 15! She's coming to Horace Hyde-White!" "Yup! They've already made all the arrangements. I think Gwen might be happy to have another girl around." "Ok, well I'm going to go now so that I don't hear anything else shocking and horrifying."


Sunday 12:15 AM

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "Oh, that must be Kalil, come and meet her Zack." said Dan getting up to get the door. Zack was following. When Dan opened the door, there stood Aunt Velma and her butler. Aunt Velma was the meanest, smelliest, vilest, person Zack had ever met, and she hated children! She was a skinny tall woman that used to be a model, but now she was just rich. "Hello Dan, Zack," she said with a bit of venom when saying Zack's name. "here is the girls luggage, but I daresay it's much." Her butler lifted up the two small suit cases beside him and placed them inside the doorway. "I don't know why I have to be burdened with picking this girl up, I am a very busy woman you know Dan!" "Yes, I know Velma, but it's kind of easier." "Of shut up you fool. Girl, hurry up! I have a lot of work to do today; I don't need your dodling!" "Ya, ya I'm commin!" said a girl's voice. In stepped a girl unlike any Zack had seen before. She was about 5'7. She had short messy hair that was colored blue and purple, bright green eye's, she was wearing a studded wrist band and Atticus T-shirt, long grey shorts with a studded belt, and a pair of worn out skater shoes. "Goodbye Dan." Said Velma, and then she left. "Well, hi there Kalil!" said Dan. "Hi, um. you can just call me Kal." she said. "Well, this is Zack, my son. He's going to be going to school with you." They shock hands and exchanged hi's. "So well, Zack, why don't you help her with the baggage, while I make her something to eat?" "Oh, no that's ok, I'm not hungry, and I only have two bags." said Kal. "Well, Zack will help you with one at least." said Dan, and walked over to the kitchen to make him self a snack. "So, Kalil, where did you used to live?" said Zack picking up one of her bags and leading her to her new room. "Well, I was living in Vancouver. I used to live in Italy for a while, and L.A. too, but Vancouver was the best." said Kalil, putting down her suit case and sitting on the bed. "Must have been nice there." "Ya, me and pop had so much fun there." "You must miss your dad." "Ya, I do, but he always tolled me that if he died, that I shouldn't worry. Live your life without me, even thought I'm not there to talk to you I'll still be there to guide you, live life to the fullest." "So.Ah.Is this all your stuff?" "Oh! No way! My boards and guitars and the rest of my stuff should be here in a bit." "Boards, guitars?" "Oh, don't worry, It's not a lot." "Sure." They both started laughing.