Dear readers,

As you might have noticed, it has been embarrassingly long since I've published anything concerning the Harry Potter xo Avengers universe. My first reason is the lack of time and opportunity (life has been a b*tch lately and I have a bit more to worry about than focus on writing stories; though I probably shouldn't have started all four at once). The second reason is much simpler; I completely lack motivation to keep on going with the Marvel-verse. The last movies, while pretty awesome, completely drained any interest I had in that universe (fine, I admit the Clint/Laura pairing completely butchered it with time).

Maybe I'll pick up where I left someday but it won't be until a really long time, and I am the first to be frustrated at an unfinished fic. The trouble is, I have the plot, I just don't have the words to put it down.

As a compromise, I figured might as well post a draft of what I had intended to write. If anyone is interested by continuing what I've started, feel free to PM me to let me know.

Many thanks and apologies to those who have favorite, reviewed and followed this story up till now; I'm sorry I couldn't go till the end.

Special thanks to Blue for her beta-proof work at light speed.


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- Wrighting'GIRL3000

Keep an eye out for them!

Till next time.