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Tony is Lily and Petunia's brother. He is a wizard too. He takes in his nephew Harry Potter and the blood wards activate. Harry grows up with his loving family…


Tony had moved to the States after graduation from Hogwarts with his wife Bellatrix. Her family was trying to kill her for choosing a Muggle-Born over a Pure-Blood. So they moved to the states where Tony studied to be a cop. He finished the Academy and joined the Police Force. Going to different places we got several awards for heroism. He always kept it contact with his sister Lily.

Tony was 10 years older than Lily and 7 years older than Petunia.

Tony joined NCIS as an Agent under Gibbs years ago he had saved Kate's life with a quick invisible shield charm. Tony had figured out Ari was a wizard Tony and Ari got in a big duel after Ari tried to kill Kate. Tony won without killing Ari but Tony did snap his wand. Tony took Ari to the American Wizard prison. Knowing it was the only place where he wouldn't escape. That's when Ziva joined the team and they got a new director Jennifer Shepherd. A few years passed.

Tony and Bellatrix was at Lily and James's wedding Petunia didn't go. Hating what her brother and sister had. Her jealously made her a vile person.

His parents where happy but not happy about their eldest daughter Petunia's behaviour. Then they died. Missing Harry's birth.

When Lily and James went into hiding they told Tony that Sirius was going to be a decoy. Tony didn't like it but he said he would live with it. Tony and Bellatrix and their family visited the Potter's up until September when Bellatrix gave birth again.

When news broke that Lily and James had died and Harry survived. Tony was devastated at the loss of his sister. Tony and Bellatrix went to the funeral and asked Dumbledore were Harry was but he wouldn't tell them. So Tony used his skills to find him it took 3 months but he found him and to his horror found him at Petunia's in a broom cupboard. He took Harry in the middle of the night knowing Petunia wouldn't miss him. He also collected Remus, Sirius and Severus who were their friends and took them safely to his and Bella's house in the United States. Far away from Dumbledore's manipulation.

Now 2-year-old Harry was going to work with Tony. This was going to be interesting…

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