Chapter 1

Lavagirl smiled sadly as she watched Sharkboy swim away, his armored fin glinting in the sunset.

It was not like he would be gone forever, but she dreaded every evening when he had to return to sea, to his world. It reminded her of the gap between their worlds, their lives, them. It reminded her of how they could never be as close as they wanted to be.

She sighed. It was hard when your crush was the complete opposite to you. They could barely touch each other. He had attempted to hold her hand on more than one occasion and obviously tried to ignore the burning that came with it, but either one of them always pulled away because of that.

She turned around and trudged through the sand, back to her home. Maybe someday she would get over this petty crush and just move on. Yeah. Doubt it.

The crisp morning air cooled her down from the inside as she calmly walked down the beach, making the lava in her clothes turn a darker orange. (Max's theory about the lava being in her skin was just an exaggeration of her body temperature).

It was a beautiful day. The sun was peeking over the horizon, lalas were floating off in the distance and waves were rolling over the water, stretching themselves up against the beach and retreating.

Her fear of water had eased up a lot since she had trained herself to control her temperature, and she was now even able to stand as much as ankle deep in the waves without speeding for the nearest volcano. Of course, she could only survive in water and around ice, just not in falling snow and stuff like that.

The waves were nearly touching her when she stopped in her tracks, a completely strange smell reaching her. Looking down, she saw that the water

She kneeled down on the sand (the golden material she usually wore was wisely left behind whenever she went down to the beach) and felt the water in her hand. It felt different, almost softer, for lack of a better description. She stood up, careful not to shake the droplets off her fingers, and ran back to the volcanoes.

She ran straight into a cave where Max had dreamed up a huge labratory-like control room with a supercomputer. She pressed a few buttons with her dry hand, and a tube sprung up from the desktop. She scraped as much water as possible from her hand into the tube and instructed the computer to analize it.

Information popped up onto the screen, a huge title displaying the words "PINK GILLFISH ESSENCE" This particular liquid is released through the breathing of large groups of female Pink Gillfish that are ready to mate, attracting male Pink Gillfish. The pink-colored substance also has a surprising effect on male sharks, and the results are often more effective as on the intended target.

Her first thought was Sharkboy. Would he be affected by the essence? Would he change?

It is important that males of all species stay as far from affected sharks as possible. It would immediately consider you as a threat and go as far as to breach onto the shore to kill you.

Wow. Powerful stuff. She only hoped Sharkboy was alright, and everything around him. Let's be honest, he's not the best guy to deal with when he feels threatened. Why was the irony so against her today?

She shut the computer down and walked back onto the beach. She and Sharkboy had arranged to meet up at the usual spot on the beach and then go explore the tunnels they had found last week.

That day, she passed time staring at the horizon, throwing small stones on the beach to see the waves take them away, and doing all sorts of small time-consuming things. He never came, and she had a horrible feeling why.

It was nearly noon the next day. She was lying on the beach, chewing on lava rocks (just because everyone else hated them, didn't mean she had to. Really, they weren't that bad!) and looking up at the sky, looking for cloud-shapes.

A dissapointed giraffe. A donkey with a crutch. Marshmallows being shot out of a ship's cannon. A chihuahua chewing on a horse's ear.

The sun was warm and the sound of the waves calming. Soon enough, her eyes were starting to feel heavy, the sand below her comfortable.

She was almost immediately awakened by a familiar scent, and sat straight up in an instant. Sharkboy was standing over her, blocking the sharp sunlight from her face, water dripping from his body. He seemed normal.

She cautiously stood up, his expression never changing. He stood a head taller than her, and he had to slightly look down as his eyes never left hers. He didn't say a word, and his expression was unreadable. Something was wrong.

Looking closer, she noticed something wrong with him, with his eyes. There were fine flecks of dark purple sprinkled across brown, something he had never had before. A soft, low growl from him confirmed her suspicions, but it was too late...

AN: Sup guys! Thanks for reading! Just wanna clear up that I know they are supposed to be on Earth, according to the movie, but I thought it would be more fun to shoot this scene on Planet Drool (really, who likes a realistic world anyway?). Anyway, hope you dudes liked it!