It was a quiet day on nowhere farms. Courage heard a lot of racket outside, and thought it was Eustace hammering on the truck again. He looked out the window, to see a bus breaking down on their farm. He shivered, and thought something bad was going to happen, but saw the bus fully stop and six figures emerge. One was a white blonde guy, and the others were African- American men. One was very large, and dressed in a bizarre way.

He recognized these guys from their music! It was D12! They were cool as they petted Courage and helped Muriel in the kitchen. But D12 had a deep secret, one that only came out at nights, as Courage was about to learn. They all sat and watched TV while Muriel and Eustace were asleep.

"C'mon Courage, I watch your show, I know you can talk." The one called Eminem said. "So what's been going down?"

Courage enjoyed the fact that his favorite rapper liked his show. And even better, he could actually understand him talking!

"Yeah, how do you put up with all that weird shit?" the big one know as Bizarre asked, shoveling popcorn into his mouth.

"Well, it's just a show. I really had those encounters, the show just chronicles them for entertainment. Although I didn't find it very entertaining when it really happened." Courage said, looking toward the door, like something was going to come on cue.

"Well, we're goin' out to do something. Wanna come along?" the one called Proof asked.

"Nah, I gotta take care of Muriel. I can't leave at night, because that's when the weirdest stuff happens." Courage said. "I'm going to bed."

"Okay, we'll see ya in the morning then!" Eminem said, and they walked out the front door.

Courage wandered upstairs and made himself comfortable in his spot at the foot of the bed. He drifted off to sleep, unaware of what would greet him next morning.

That morning, he got up to the smell of Muriel making breakfast. She must have let him sleep, as he was more tired than usual. He wandered downstairs and was greeted by Muriel's cheery voice.

"Good morning, sleepyhead! Your new friends helped me with breakfast. I never knew you could make so much with so little!" Muriel said, amazed by the talents of the six guys.

"Well, we're always on tours and stuff, so we had to learn somehow!" the one called Kon Artist said, and they all laughed.

"Freaks!" Eustace muttered.

"Excuse me? Bitch, you did not call me a freak!" Bizarre said, ready to climb off the couch.

"NO! I mean these freaks in he paper!" Eustace said pointing to the picture. Six very interesting characters, almost cartoon in appearance was pictured together, actually posing at the scene of the brutal murder of several people.

The six rappers converged in the kitchen, while Courage continued to shiver at the picture. He ran upstairs and did research on these guys.

"OH MY! These are the most vicious killers ever! They make Jack the Ripper look like a rookie!"

"Enough of the emotional trauma!" Courage objected. "Just tell me about these guys!"

A better picture of the six came up. This made Courage think about something. Six rappers, six killers. They ran to the kitchen when they saw the picture. Could they be connected somehow?

There was a big African-American man, wearing a Viking helmet that went over his eyes and a green shirt with a spray-painted B on it. He had a huge axe and a beer stein. The next was a mummy, brown bandages and all. He had a green glow coming from his eyes and mouth. The next wore a blood red robe and a white mask. The mask had an evil smile and his hand held a wicked curved knife. The next was a cyborg with a laser for his right arm. The next was a hunchbacked African-American man with a metal bowl on his head. The final looked like a burglar or bank robber. He had a pair of waist high pantyhose over his head and a leather jacket. He held a money bag, complete with the dollar sign painted on it.

"These guys are named Peter S. Bizarre, Slim Shady, Mr. Denaun Porter, Dirty Hairy, Von, and Swifty McVeigh. They are the other six members of the rap group D12, as each rapper counts their alter ego as a member. Six people equals twelve." The computer explained.

Courage now knew that the guys in his home was the killers. But did they know that? It was time to investigate!