Everyone waited until nightfall. Courage was hopeful that these other guys of D12 would lead him to Muriel's rescue.

They changed and left, and Courage followed closely behind. He hoped this would work.

They got into Eustaces' truck and Courage leapt into the back, hidden out of sight. They were off to this "8 Mile" place. Courage looked at the full moon in the sky, the only light in the darkness back there. He sighed contently and whished Sandy was here to share this.

He drifted off to sleep, missing out on several robberies between Nowhere and Detroit. It wasn't too long of trip and Courage was a heavy sleeper.

When they arrived in 8 Mile, there was a loud slam of a car door that made Courage snap awake. He saw an old abandoned house looming over the bed of the truck, covering him in it's shadow.

Courage looked over the edge of the bed, and saw the 6 enter the house. He waited until they were fully out of sight and then followed. The smell of mold and rotting wood showed years of abuse. This was Eminem's childhood home. He remembered seeing it on TV when that one guy won it in that E-Bay auction.

Apparently he hasn't tried to fix it up yet. Courage snapped from his thoughts when he heard yelling, screaming, and swearing in the next room. He peered around the corner and saw the 6 cussing out poor Muriel, They kept asking her questions about where to find money.

"My what filthy mouths ye have! Do you kiss your mothers with those mouths?" Muriel asked, looking more angered than shocked.

"Man! Shut the fuck up bitch! We don't need this fuckin' shit! I got 21 Questions (50 Cent reference) to ask about where we can score some scratch! Either you answer them or I bust a fuckin cap!" Swifty said, ending his statement by pointing the gun sideways to Muriel's forehead.

"Chill, damn! It ain't like she gonna pose a threat!" Slim said, munching more Vicitan pills.

Bizarre grabbed Swifty's arm and jerked it down, grabbing the gun from him.

"You fucking idiot! If we kill her we won't get ANY fuckin' answers! Bitch! This is how you get them to talk!" Bizarre swung his axe over his shoulder.

Von stopped Bizarre from doing something drastic and they all agreed to not argue amongst themselves. Courage continued watching this profane soap opera unfold, until his knee hit the corned hard from leaning in to far.


"What the fuck was that?" Slim asked, bolting upright.

"I dunno, we got some bitch ass spy! Swifty get your gun!" Denaun said, reading his curved knife.

Dirty Hairy pointed his laser at Muriel.

"You better hope we don't find his bitch ass! Or so help me...." he said in a metallic voice.

He ran off to the calls of the other 5 members.

Courage had already started running, swearing more than the 6 of them combine. How could've he been so stupid to get caught?

He was too busy trying to run to hate himself now. He had to save Muriel, but needed to get them off his back first.

"Mutthafucka! I know you here bitch!" Swifty said, kicking in a closet door and pointing his gun at the shadows.

:Maybe if you took off the fuckin pantyhose you could see shit!" Slim said, yanking on the hose over Swifty's head.

"No Fuckin way bitch! Theay a part of who I am!" Swifty said.

Courage had found refuge in the basement. He heard the door rip apart and saw two bandaged feet walking down the stairs.

"Remember me?!" Slim asked as he looked around for his victim.

[I'm gonna cliff-hang it right here!]