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Chapter 2: First Sight

I woke up the next morning in pure bliss. I had forgotten how comfortable my bed was. I sluggishly got out of bed and knocked on Bella and Dad's door making sure they were up before I went and took Isaac on a moderate walk and took a very relaxing shower. I put on my dressing gown and left my hairspray to set a bit whilst I made breakfast for the three of us. As it was my first day back I wanted to make something nice. I looked through the pantry and fridge to see that Dad severely needed a trip to the supermarket, as usual when I turn up as he only usually had cold cut sandwiches, Harry Clearwater's fish fry, takeaway or goes to the local café The Lodge for meals. I made a mental reminder to borrow Bella's truck and go after school. With what little resources I had I made an English Breakfast without the tomatoes, hash brown and black pudding (gag) as Dad didn't have any. As I finished dishing up and pouring the OJ Dad and Bella entered the kitchen both fully dressed for the day.

"I sure have missed you cooking Gen." Dad sighed smelling the aroma of the food.

"I'm surprised you remember it considering the only meals you've had all year are from The Lodge or you've been supplied by Harry Clearwater. You're lucky they like you, or you'd be the malnourished Chief." I lectured.

"Alright Gen. You're my daughter, not my mother." He reminded teasingly. He loved that I worried about him really.

"Oh, ha, ha!" I commented dryly. Bella just watched the both of us smiling at our funny father daughter relationship.

We ate in an awkward but also comfortable silence until we had all finished. After saying a quick goodbye and good luck at school Dad departed leaving Bella and I to finish getting ready for school.

"Well I already finished getting ready so why don't you go ahead and I'll wash the dishes." Bella instructed.

"Alright then. When you're done you can head up to school and I'll meet you there." I replied and she looked uncomfortable.

"Are you sure, cuz I think I'd feel better if we got there at the same time, save sitting in the truck waiting for you like an idiot."

"Bella trust with by the time you get there, I'll definitely be right behind you. That truck starts to wheeze when you reach 50." I informed chuckling and she lightly slapped my arm.

"Oh go and get dressed you wicked thing." She dismissed and I jogged up the stairs laughing.

I got dressed into light blue, ripped skinny jeans, a grey, three layered strapless top, black bootie wedges with white/ grey fur from the top of my mid foot to my ankle, a black leather jacket with a white fur collar and my worn brown leather and fur riding gloves. I grabbed my black and brown Michael Kors bag off my chaise lounge at the foot of my bed and my SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 Zoom cell phone and my keys off of my vanity table and got downstairs. I went to feed Isaac to see that Bella had already done it so I grabbed my helmet and lock chain off of the stairs and set out the house.

I smoothly and quickly swerved onto the Forks High School car park just as Bella got to the main entrance, she looked overwhelmingly relieved to see me. I instantly drew everyone's attention as I pulled into a motorbike parking space at the front of the school. I turned off the engine, kicked out the stand and lithely swung my left leg over the back of my bike, so I was standing next to it. I pulled off my helmet and shook out my curls so they rested around me. I knew that I caught the attention off the students. More than likely never seen a girl on a bike before. Stereotypes. I opened the black plastic storage box on the back of my bike 'her' and took my bag and bike lock out and placed my helmet inside and shut it. I quickly looped my chain through the wheel and around the handle bars and secured the lock, then sauntered up the stairs to the main entrance and hooked my arm through Bella's and we strolled through the doors. Bella passed me my schedule and I browsed over it whilst she buried her nose in hers. Suddenly a mid-height, lanky, Asian guy our age appeared from behind us.

"You're Isabella and Genevieve Swan, the new girls. Hi, I'm Eric, the eyes and ears of this place." He introduced grinning like a cat that ate the canary. "Um, anything you need? Tour guide? Lunch date? Shoulder to cry on?" He concluded with a laugh.

"Uh, I'm really kind of the more 'suffer in silence' type." Bella replied depressively.

"That's just her," I told him. "In the inspiring words of Robin Williams. I'm more of a 'touch me, I'll drown you' kind of person." He widened his eyes at me slightly but grinned anyway.

"Good headlines for your feature… I'm on the paper, and you're both news baby, front page." He informed us skipping along next to us.

"No, we're not. You… please don't have any sort of…" Bella interrupted not wanting any form of attention.

"Whoa, chillax. No feature." Eric reassured.

"Okay, thanks." Bella murmured gratefully.

"Cool?" Eric asked and she nodded.

"It would probably be pointless anyway. I mean everyone is going to know literally everything about the both of us by third period." I told him and he laughed.

Bella and I had parted ways after Trig as she had Gym and I had Biology. It took me about 10 minutes to actually find the class as I had no idea where I was going. When I found it I tentatively knocked on the door as I felt bad for interrupting the teacher. I opened the door after being told to come in to see the whole class had already settled down. I looked to the teacher Mr Molina to see him giving me a gracious smile.

"One of the two Swan girls?" He guessed and I smiled.

"Yes, I'm Genevieve." I introduced moving further into the room as I unzipped my coat and placed it on the coat rack as it was slightly warmer in here.

"Well I'm not going to embarrass you by making you introduce yourself, so why don't you go take the last seat which is next to Mr Hale." He told me pointing towards the back of the room. As I looked and walked to where he was pointing I caught my breath.


I'd never thought or believed in perfection being a real thing. But looking at this man, and yes I say man, I couldn't help but rethink that belief. Mr Hale is the closest thing that I have ever seen to perfection. His skin was pale – the color of ivory – and unblemished in all the visible places that I could see. He had a tall structure maybe 6'3 and was lean but with obvious muscle tone but it was his face that captivated me. His feature are sharp, defined and angular and he looked quite hostile but I could instantly see it was a mask. His enviable, wavy honey blond hair fell just above his collar bone but his eyes caught my attention. They were coal black with blackish/purple bruises underneath them like bruises. They were alluring, mysterious and beautiful. All traits I believed to be a part of his personality. But there was another emotion in those beautiful eyes as black as an abyss. Pain. Unbearable pain. I don't know what caused it but there was a yearning not very deep down inside me, which wanted to take it all away.

I took me seat and retrieved my binder and fountain pen out of my bag so I could take notes. I peeked out of the corner of my eye to look at Jasper. I saw him take a tentative deep breath and he instantly relaxed and slumped in his seat ever so slightly. He looked really confused and looked at me and made eye contact. He looked overwhelmed, amazed, wondered I could go on for days naming the emotions that flittered across his face and finally he smiled at me. A shy, sweet, beautiful smile and it brightened up all of his feature. He no longer had any signs of hostility at all. He, in some impossible way looked even more like a real life Adonis. I quickly took control of the situation and gave him a seductive and quirky smile and he lowly chuckled looking at the desk and then back at me and held out a large, manly hand.

"I'm Jasper Hale. It's nice to meet you ma'am." He greeted politely. Oh. God. He had a southern accent. Maybe Texan. I used to hate the southern accent before I started watching True Blood and now it just got me hot and bothered. Focus Gen! I gave his a coy smile.

"Genevieve Swan." I responded shaking his hand. Another thing I realised about him. His skin is as cold as ice. "But you can call me Gen." I told him my hand still in his.

"Gen." He uttered sensually as if reciting a sonnet and it made me blush. I realised he had been holding my hand for well over 2 minutes that I finally withdrew it and got to writing my notes.

Through the rest of the period the small smiles never left either of our faces.

After a very tense Biology lesson I walked out of the room but not after exchanging a smile with Jasper. I wandered towards what I presumed was cafeteria since everyone else was walking there when I saw Bella heading in with a mid-height blond boy with blue eyes who reminded me of a golden retriever and a girl shorter than me with curly brown hair and brown eyes who by my first judgement looked like a perky but gossipy girl.

"Bella!" I called speeding over to them as she turned to me with a gracious smile.

"Gen. Guys this is my sister Genevieve." She told her new friends and they both gave me a smile. Well the boys seemed a little over friendly. He held out his hand to me.

"Hi, I'm Mike Newton." He informed and I took his hand and shook it.

"Gen." I replied smiling back and then looked at the girl.

"I'm Jessica Stanley. It's nice to meet you." I was right she is perky.

"Nice to meet you too." I said and Mike gestured to the cafeteria.

"Shall we?" And we walked in.

Once we had gotten our food Mike led us over to a table where Eric was sitting having a conversation with some other kids. We get to the table and Mike pulls out two chairs next to each other for me and Bella I just raise my eyebrows whilst Bella nods thankfully.

"It's my pleasure." He says and takes the seat next to Bella. "You know my friend?" He asks Eric.

"Hey, Mikey, you met my home girls, Bella and Gen." he boasts to Mike.

"Oh, you-yo-your home girls?" He grills disbelieving.

"Yeah, yeah" Eric confirms. Wow! Pettiest pissing contest ever. Suddenly a black guy about mid-height popped his head between Bella and Mike's.

"My girl." He says and kisses Bella on the cheek and then proceed to pull Mike's chair out from under him so he falls on to the floor making everybody laugh and them runs for it and shouts: "Sorry, I had to break your day, Mike!" whilst Mike runs after him. By this point Bella is beat red.

"Oh Tyler." Eric sighs I guess referring to the black guy and Jessica scoots over in to Mike's seat next to Bella.

"Oh my god, it's like, the first grade all over again, you're the shiny new toy…" She breathes laughing slightly. Then a tall, olive skin toned with light brown eyes and brown hair and white framed glasses appears in the seat next to Jessica with a camera.

"Smile!" She sings pointing the camera at Bella and I and it clicks and flashes and I am blinded for a few seconds.

"Okay." Bella breathes awkwardly.

"Sorry, I needed a candid for the feature." She tells us apologetically biting her lip.

"Uhh…" I respond. I thought they weren't doing it.

"Feature's dead Angela, don't bring it up again." Eric snaps and stands up quickly pushing his chair out.

"It's okay, I just…" Bella stuttered unsurely.

"She hates attention." I intervened with a kind smile to Angela.

"I-I got your back baby." Eric reassures patting Bella on the back and walking off and I again laugh. I think I'm going to like these new friends of ours.

"I guess we'll just run another editorial on… teen drinking…" Angela sighs sadly.

"You know, you could always go for… eating disorders." Bells contributes helpfully.

"Speedo padding on the swim team." I add with a laugh.

"Actually, that's a good one…" Angela approved and started discussing with Jessica.

"Kirk-" They both said together.

"—right? That's exactly what I thought." Jess agreed.

"We're talking 'Olympic-size'." Angela gossips and I smile but my attention along with Bella's is dragged away as we both look to the people walking outside the window to the cafeteria door.

"There's no way. He's so skinny, it doesn't make sense." Jess commented about this Kirk guy.

"Totally." Angela agrees but I am no longer interested. I wanna know more about the beautiful teenagers entering the room, and it seems Bella does too.

"Who are they?" We both ask together still looking at them through the window.

"The Cullen's." Angela answers shyly and Jessica expands on it.

"They're um… Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They moved down here from Alaska like, a few years ago." Jess informs.

"They, kinda keep to themselves." Angela finalises as two of the six enter.

"Yeah 'cause they're all together, like TOGETHER together." Jess dishes as another two enter. "Uh, the blond girl, that's Rosalie Hale" Hale? ", and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett Cullen, they're like a thing. I'm not even sure if that's legal." She continues as Rosalie and Emmett pass by us. Rosalie was by far the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long, lustrous golden blond locks and a statuesque 5'9 form. I think every girl in the room took a major hit to their self- esteem, myself included. She must be related to Jasper as she also had onyx black eyes and pale skin which was no doubt ice cold. Emmett however towered over everyone in the room at (by the looks of it) 6'5 with body building muscles – even his muscles had muscles – with dark, almost black curly hair, his face though had an innocent look about it not often seen in a grown man. He too had had pale skin and black eyes.

"Jess, they're not actually related." Angela reprimands as another two walk towards us.

"Yeah, but they live together. It's weird, and—okay, the little dark-haired girl's Alice." Jess spills as the guy holding her hand spins her around. "… she's REALLY weird, and, um, she's with Xavier Hale, the even weirder one next to her, he's Rosalie's and Jasper's cousin from Australia." Again, Alice, like Rosalie was stunningly beautiful. However Alice looked like a pixie with her height being around 4'10 and her thin structure. Her hair was cropped short and deep black pointing all over the place. Whilst Xavier towered over her at 6'1 with a lanky frame, however Xavier was more interesting visually than the others because (again like the others) he had dark black eyes with sharp features, but whereas the rest of his adopted siblings and cousin possessed a natural hair colour, Xavier Hale's tousled hair was a mix of both light and dark purple as well as various shades of blue highlighted within his hair, making it look like a galaxy from outer space (I think I will get along with him). Both Alice and Xavier like Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper had alabaster skin. "Uh… Dr Cullen's like this… foster dad slash matchmaker." Jess ended mockingly.

"Maybe he'll adopt me." Angela jokes. When I see Jasper and someone else, another guy pass the window.

"Who're they?" Bella asked staring mainly at the guy next to Jasper. Good. Sorry sister but I have dibs on Jazz. Jazz. I liked the sound of that. I saw the guy next to Jasper. His brother? Give a quick smile as if he had just heard something funny. Jessica followed Bella's line of vision to see her staring at Edward and smirked.

"That's Edward Cullen. He's totally gorgeous, obviously. But apparently nobody here is good enough for him." She ended bitterly. Oh someone got rejected! I thought as a smile tugged at Edward's lips as if he knew exactly what Jessica was saying. Edward also like Xavier and Emmett, Edward was tall at 6'2 but he was less bulky and lankier with untidy bronze hair. He too had pale skin and black eyes. "Like I care, you know, uh, and the other guy with him is-"

"Jasper Hale." I overtook smiling at him and he sent me one back. Jess, Angela and Bella sent me confused look and I explained. "I-uh I sit next to him in biology," and they nodded in understanding and Jess continued.

"He's Rosalie and Xavier's younger brother. Again, gorgeous but always looks like he's in pain, so people tend to avoid him like the plague." She finished sniggering and that pissed me off.

"Hey! There's no need to be rude. He's a perfect gentleman and really, really nice." I defended offended by her cruelty, and both Jess and Angela looked gobsmacked.

"Wait. He actually spoke to you?" Jess gaped and I nodded.

"Whoa. I mean he never talks to anyone but his family. I mean even the teacher avoid asking him questions." Angela notified and I just raised my brows in shock. After a second Jess just shook her head and continues from earlier.

"But seriously right, don't waste your time." She encouraged.

"I wasn't planning on it." Bella replied. Speak for yourself. I thought loudly looking over at them. I saw Edward smile again and lean over to Jasper and say something to him to make Jasper look over to me. He gave me a breath-taking smile and I returned it after a few second of being dazzled and returned to my lunch. I looked to my left to see Bella still watching Edward and he was watching her with a look of confusion on his face. Hmm, maybe Bella was planning on it.

I walked with Angela to AP: History as we were the only two who had it whilst everyone else had Biology. She led me into the room and over to the teacher.

"Mrs. Bayliss, this is Genevieve Swan." She introduced simply and the teacher gave me a kind warm smile. She reminded me of Gran. She had her grey hair up in a knot and wore a grey blouse and a khaki green skirt.

"Hello dear, welcome to AP: History. Take any of the free seats you wish." She instructed kindly. I looked to Angela but she gave me an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, I already sit with someone. But I do know someone who doesn't sit by anybody." She said with a mischievous smirk and I looked at her with furrowed brows and she merely discreetly nodded her head to the back of the room and I looked over to see none other than Jasper Hale. My eyes darted back to Angela and she just wriggled her eyebrows at me making me laugh and walk to the back of the room with her following. He looked up as he heard me approaching and gave me a bright smile that made me lose my breath as Angela took a seat at the desk in front of Jasper's.

"Hey cowboy. Is this seat free?" I asked razzed pleasantly and he gave a low chuckle.

"Why yes ma'am it is. I would most desire the presence of your company." He bantered back laying his accent on really thick and I let out a giggle and sat down next to him.

"You really know when to use that accent against someone don't you." I observed lightly.

"Only when I want something." He responded easily.

"Hmm… and what do you want Mr Hale." I countered inquisitively generally curious to know his answer.

"To get to know you?" He retorted seriously with a cute smile and I blushed. What the hell was wrong with me? I don't get nervous or bashful.

I went to answer but Mrs. Bayliss called for the class' attention. So I wrote my phone number and address down on a piece of paper in my binder and a note instructing him to pick me up tonight at 7 o'clock. I slid it over to him and he read it quickly and gave me a quick nod with a small half smile.

"It's a date." He whispered.

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