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Chapter Twelve: It's my life


Last time, on Heroes:

"Inugi-sama?" Yamcha and Goku both asked at once, earning them a strange look from the other two.

"What are you talking about?" Vegeta asked softly, though the glint in his eye told otherwise.

"Yes, dearest, what ARE you talking about?" Chichi replied, before giving a sadistic little smile.

Goku fell back into a fighting stance.

"Who are you?"


~*This ain't a song for the broken-hearted *~

Vegeta, (as he'll be called for now, to save as much confusion as possible), merely smirked. His eyes darted back and forth from Goku to Yamcha once, before finally settling on Bulma, who was still passed out, tossed carefully over Yamcha's shoulder.

Goku gave a slight growl upon noticing the stranger's gaze fall upon Bulma's limp form. "You'd do well to never let your eyes so much as accidentally fall on her again, do you understand me?" Goku snarled, still poised to fight, should the need arise, which really didn't seem like that strange a possibility.

~*No silent prayer for the faith-departed *~

Vegeta's gaze remained on her for a moment longer, a look of recognition seeming to cross his features for a split second, before settling back into the same distant stony glare that Goku had grown so accustomed to over the last year.

It wasn't the same as the normal look he gave.. That look had always held at least a bit of humor.

~*I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd*~

This look was completely devoid of emotion.

This look reminded Goku of the look he had seen in Frieza's eyes just as he realized that Goku had won.

~*You're gonna hear my voice *~

Vegeta must have regained his composure a bit then, because his trademark smirk returned.

Yamcha must have decided that then seemed like a good time to regain his voice, because he used it then, asking what seemed like the only logical question at the time. "Who the fuck ARE you?"

~*When I shout it out loud*~

Vegeta's smirk widened then. "Tell me, who do you THINK I am?" He asked nonchalantly, his arms crossed over his chest as though he had not a care in the world.

"I don't know. But I can tell you this. I'm going to find out who you are, and then, I'm going to find out what you did to Vegeta." Goku replied, his face scrunched up in obvious anger at the other man.

~*It's my life *~

Bulma began to come back to the land of the conscious then, and Yamcha sat her back on her own feet, keeping one arm under hers to help her to support herself. She pulled away from him, however, and walked towards the Saiyan Prince, her brow wrinkled in confusion.

She reached a hand up to touch the side of Vegeta's face, and remarkably, the man never flinched or moved away. "Vegeta's right here." She replied, before turning back to face the others. "He's been here all along."

~*It's now or never *~

Then, it was Yamcha's turn to speak again. "And how could you POSSIBLY know that?" He hissed angrily, his eyes never leaving those of his rival.

"I just know." She answered simply, before turning to Goku, and speaking again. "He's here, but he's a prisoner. All he can do is watch the story unfold, he can't alter the way the characters move..."

~*I ain't gonna live forever *~

"Bulma, I don't understand... Is this Vegeta, or not? Has someone taken Vegeta's body, is that it?" Goku asked, obviously confused at the entire situation.

"No.. Not his body.. Only his mind.." She replied, before grabbing her head, and falling quickly to her knees.

~*I just want to live while I'm alive *~

Goku was the first to her side, but she shooed him away a moment later, stating simply that she was alright. Goku's look showed his obvious hurt at her behavior.. but given the extenuating circumstances, he decided to suck it up and just deal.

"I'll have to give it to her, she's definitely got talent. That, and Vegeta needs to learn to keep his thoughts to himself." The imposter replied as he tapped one finger slightly on his temple.

~*My heart is like an open highway *~

"I'm through playing guessing games with you!" Bulma cried out suddenly, earning her questioning glares from all parties present. She regained herself then, and shot a quick glare at whatever it was that had taken control of the Saiyan Prince. "It's funny. All along, I blamed Vegeta for everything that happened. But it wasn't Vegeta, was it? It was NEVER Vegeta." She mused, one hand still clamped painfully on the side of her head.

"Ah, so you are paying attention, eh little one?" He asked with a smirk.

~*Like Frankie said, I did it my way*~

Which was promptly wiped off as her hand connected with his face. "Never call me that." She hissed, her blue eyes glowing nearly black from anger. "Vegeta called me that.. and YOU are NOT Vegeta."

Goku moved beside her, afraid of what retribution she might incur for losing her temper like that.

~*I just wanna live while I'm alive *~

Remarkably, all the man did was cross his arms again. "You'll never be able to find him again, Bulma. And if you did, it would never be the same for you, and you know it. Could you really look at him the same after all that you've shared with his mortal enemy?" He asked calmly, his eyes shining brightly at the hurt look that crossed her features.

~*It's my life *~

She regained herself rather quickly, however, a smirk on her face to match Vegeta's own. "No. It would never be the same. But I won't leave Vegeta to you. YOU tried to take away my life. You're taking away Vegeta's right now. You made me hate him.." She took a deep breath before continuing, her voice no louder than his had been before. "Where is he?"

~*This is for the ones who stood their ground *~

The imposter actually burst into a fit of laughter then, small tears burning their way down his cheeks. "That was it? That's your answer as to how to appear menacing? I told you once that you'd never find him. At least not the same Vegeta that you knew. He's seen everything you've been through. Every move you've made with your precious Goku.. Every word you've spoken to Yamcha.. Every tear you've shed as you cursed his name. Your Prince has seen and felt everything. Do you honestly think he could look at you as anything else than a whore?"

~*For Tommy and Gina who never backed down*~

He might have considered continuing on after that line, but he never got a chance, because he suddenly found himself flying backwards through the air at a rather alarming rate.

Goku had obviously heard enough.

~*Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake *~

"You're going to tell us who you are, Or I'm going to rip your head off." He replied as he walked nonchalantly to where he had knocked the other man to.

"You wouldn't even fight me. You really think you're man enough to kill me?" Vegeta asked with a snarl, before turning to face the, until now, silent Chichi.

~*Luck ain't even lucky *~

"He's not man enough for much, actually.. That's just the way he's always been, though. Nothing like you, Inugi-sama." She replied with a grin, before sauntering over to where the other man stood.

And then, that was it.

~*Got to make your own breaks *~

In the blink of an eye, with no more than five drops of blood being spilled, Vegeta fired a blast straight through the dark haired woman's heart, the heat from the potent beam cauterizing the wound before the blood could even begin to spill.

Bulma walked over to where Goku stood, and placed a hand on his arm. "Could you hear her too? Like I hear Vegeta?" She asked, her eyes swollen and tear stained. Regardless of what might have been happening now, Chichi had once been one of her best friends.

~*It's my life *~

"No." He replied, almost sadly. "Chichi blocked me out of her thoughts a long time ago. Her story doesn't follow the same line that Vegeta's does. This isn't something that's taken over her life.. This is just the bitter thing she's become. " He answered softly, before leaning over and closing the eyes of the woman that had, not quite so long ago, meant more to him that the world.

He stood upright again, his eyes and hair having shifted from their normal dark color to the colors of a Super Saiyan. "Chichi wasn't a saint." He replied softly, a tear actually escaping the corner of his eyes. "But she was no threat to you."

~*And it's now or never *~

"But it was ok for her to meet her death by your girlfriend's hands?" Vegeta asked with a smirk, obviously pleased with the current turn of events.

"You, and Chichi challenged Bulma. She fought to save her own life, not to take someone else's. But you.. You took advantage of an already upset woman, you made her believe that you had all the answers in the world, and then you took the last thing she had left, her life, away from her." Goku replied, his voice eerily calm.

~*I ain't gonna live forever *~

The rather unhappy Super Saiyan took a minute to massage a kink out of his neck, before continuing. "I'll repeat what I said a minute ago. You're going to tell us where Vegeta is, or I'm going to rip your head off and hand it to her as payment." He gestured to Bulma then, who cringed slightly at the thought of having Vegeta's head in her hands.. or at least what looked like a reasonable facsimile of Vegeta's head.

"But if you rip my head off, how would that help you find your precious prince?" The man asked quickly, thinking of course that he had the upper hand in the situation.

~*I just want to live while I'm alive *~

"You're right, it would take a bit longer to find him, but it would by no means be impossible, I'm fairly certain that Bulma here could make enough sense out of the things he's babbling now to get a good idea as to where he's at... Plus, hearing your head go crunch under her foot would make me feel so much better." Goku approached him then, his aura glowing a brilliant golden color. He stretched his hand out and fit it around the other man's neck. "See? Perfect fit."

Bulma gave a sudden cry then, before running over to where Goku stood, and pulling his hand away.

~*My heart is like an open highway *~

"Vegeta says there's more that I need to know first, or this guy's right, we'll never be able to find him." She replied simply, before turning back to the imposter. She opened her mouth to speak again, but was quickly silenced as Yamcha pulled her to the side.

"I hate to be the one to think logically about all of this, but has it occurred to you that you SHOULDN'T be able to talk to Vegeta?!" He asked, completely flabbergasted that she hadn't seemed to think of that before.

~*Like Frankie said *~

"It's a bond, Yamcha." Goku replied, his eyes darting quickly from the imposter to Bulma and back again.

"Best I can tell, it's a Saiyan thing." Bulma continued, though you could tell by the tone of her voice that it was the last thing she wanted to talk about at the moment.

~*I did it my way *~

"But.. Ok, I'll buy that somehow you're linked up with the insane Prince.. but why couldn't you hear it before?"

"Because someone was blocking it from me. Someone a lot stronger than me." She replied, her eyes locked firmly on Vegeta's. "He thought it might be fun to watch me get killed by Chichi...But there was a side effect to all of this that he hadn't counted on."

~*I just want to live while I'm alive *~

Yamcha merely blinked.

"I got one hell of a lot stronger. Stronger now, than he had ever anticipated me becoming. Strong enough to hear him again." She answered, never once breaking eye contact. "But that's not everything. There's more to this story.. and I want to know everything you know, right now." She hissed to the other man, before placing her hand around the man's neck, as Goku's had been just minutes before. "And you're going to tell me, or I'M going to rip your head off." Her face held a smirk that she could only have picked up from one other place in the world.

~*'Cause it's my life *~

"You try to make yourself sound like a saint." Inugi whispered softly, whether from the story, or from Bulma's grip on his windpipe, none could be sure.

"I'm nothing of the sort," she answered, "So, what did Vegeta do to you? Destroy your race? Your planet?"

~*Better stand tall when they're calling you out *~

The bastard actually had the nerve to laugh at her then.

"You think this has something to do with VEGETA?" He asked in between gasps, his face turning a deep red from lack of oxygen.

~*Don't bend, don't break*~

Bulma merely sat there, confused for a moment, before raising an eyebrow ever so slightly and speaking. "Ok, I'll bite. If this was nothing about Vegeta, then why are you here? Why even bother? Revenge would have been the only motive I could think of that even would have made sense in this situation." She continued, though her bafflement was easily seen.

She wasn't alone though, Goku and Yamcha were standing there, jaws nearly to the floor, dumbfounded looks playing on both of their faces. For once, Vegeta HADN'T been the one to make the evil guy angry? That was new..

~* baby, don't back down *~

Inugi finally stopped laughing after a moment, then focused his attention back on the blue haired woman in front of him. "It's revenge alright, you at least got that much right, but it has NOTHING to do with your little Saiyan Prince. He was just something fun that we came up with after the fact... No, not Vegeta at all." As he spoke, his features began to change, not very noticeably at first, and then gradually more dramatically, until Bulma finally had to release her hold on him and back away. "The reason I'm here, Ms. Brief's, is YOU." He hissed angrily.

Bulma could only assume that the creature wore a smirk on his lips. She would have been more certain, but his face had melted into nothing more than a giant blob of ooze. His arms might have been crossed as well, had there not suddenly become twelve of them, all dripping the same ooze that had covered the rest of his body.

It was then that Bulma decided she was glad she hadn't eaten breakfast that morning, because the contents of her stomach was spilled suddenly all over the ground.

~*It's my life*~


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