1st place winner October 2015 Feudal Association Best In-Character Fanfiction [InuYasha]

1st place winner October 2015 Feudal Association Best InuYasha/Kagome Romance Fanfiction

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Kagome looked up into the blue sky from the bottom of the dark, slightly damp well and closed her eyes. She took a deep, full breath of the cleanest air she had thought to never smell again and a smile graced her face. She was back! Finally after three long years she was home. She could feel the summer air rustling her bangs and caressing her cheek as if it too was welcoming her home. Opening her eyes she was greeted by a site that made her heart stutter. There before her was the firm, slightly rough, clawed hand of her hanyou. Reaching up she grasped it firmly as he practically launched her out of the well and into the air before him. Kagome's eyes softened upon seeing his handsome face again. "InuYasha, I'm sorry, were you waiting for me?"

InuYasha could only stare into her eyes, hoping that everything he felt for her could be reflected in his. He felt her settle one foot onto the rim of the bone eaters well as graceful as ever, her raven's wing hair fluttering down around them in an inky black cloud. Unable to find the words he reverted back to old habits and gruffly replied "You idiot! What have you been doing all this time?" Before pulling her tightly into his body, fitting her perfectly under his chin and against his chest, her feet barely touching the ground he held her so tightly. He found her to be slightly taller than he remembered and her curves seemed to be fuller as well. He was unable to really believe she was here right before him in all her beauty, gripping the front of his haori like it was a life line anchoring her to this world, dressed in her strange clothing; skirt swirling around her thighs.

Pulling slightly away Kagome looked up at InuYasha wanting to tell him everything that was in her heart. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared into his liquid gold eyes, losing herself in there depths. Suddenly she heard another voice call her name.

"Kagome! You made it back!" Turning towards the voices she saw Miroku, Sango, and Shippo running towards her as well as three extra additions that were new to her but not totally unexpected. After all it had been three years and Sango and Miroku had been planning to marry post Naraku. As she went to step away from InuYasha and run towards the others she could feel his reluctance to let her go but it was only momentary as he released her arms.

Kagome ran into the arms of Sango and hugged her tight, peaking over her shoulder at the precious bundle strapped on her back. The tiny face of the baby boy looked at her quizzically before giving her a big beautiful grin! 'Oh you little flirt! You're definitely Miroku's son! What a heartbreaker you'll be when your older.' She thought. Looking at the precious baby made her smile and yearn for lost time. Turning from Sango she looked at the twin little girls Miroku held in his arms while Shippo sat, almost vibrating, on his blue and indigo robe covered shoulder. 'What Karma! Twin girls for the lecherous monk!' Laughing internally, the smile she gave Miroku was a touch wicked.

"Sango, Miroku, Shippo! I've missed you all so much! Look at your beautiful family. Oh I want to know everything that I've missed! Shippo you've grown so much!" Hearing her say his name was just too much for the little fox demon and he launched himself off of his perch and into her arms. Catching him, Kagome practically squeezed the life out of the kitsune.

"Kagome-sama it's good to have you back with us! Please tell us are you back for good this time?" Miroku, ever the blunt one, asked having seen Kagome's wicked smirk and not wanting to be on the receiving end of whatever clever quip she was about to launch his way.

InuYasha, who had been hanging back, allowing her the time she needed to great their friends, stiffened at Miroku's question. Swiveling towards Kagome, his ears quivered in anticipation. It was something he too wanted the answer to but hadn't wanted to just blurt it out. Catching the monk's eye he gave a slight nod in appreciation for his bluntness. Miroku smiled in understanding and nodded in return. InuYasha tucked his hands into his sleeves and holding his breath awaited her answer. What if she wasn't staying? What if this was only a visit and she planned to go back through the well? Heart in his throat he waited. No matter her answered he was determined to not let her leave him again. She was back with him where she belonged and dammit he was keeping her!

Looking at Shippo she urged him to jump down to the ground and missed the exchange that occurred between the hanyou and the monk. Kagome smiled softly at Miroku before glancing back to InuYasha, noticing his ridged stance and the way his adorable ears seemed to strain towards her. 'Is he holding his breath?' She wondered. Barely able to restrain her anxiety she looked to Sango, "I'm here to stay... if you'll have me?" She dropped her eyes to her feet and was wringing her hands together when Sango threw her arms around her and cried, "Of course we want you! I've missed you so much!" Sango's tears were so unexpected, Kagome was shocked at her reaction and looked sharply at Miroku for help. Smiling at his emotional wife's outburst, he quickly moved to Sango's side and gathered her against him while helping to untangle her from Kagome.

InuYasha exhaled in utter relief upon hearing Kagome's answer. He was elated she was staying and also terrified that she wouldn't want to be with him. Inhaling, he caught the scent of her panic and confusion as well as Sango's tears and slipping up behind her he whispered softly against her ear, "Sango's a little emotional for a few weeks post baby. She cries, laughs, and loses her temper rather easily." Chuckling softly he continued. "You should have seen her after the twins were born. I thought she was going to kill Miroku with the Hiraikotsu before I snuck it out of their house and locked it up in Miroku's shrine." The mental picture his words drew made Kagome giggle softly. Lifting her hand she smothered the sound and InuYasha smirked at having helped calm her down and make her smile.

Miroku had finally calmed Sango and Shippo, who had been patiently waiting up to this point, leapt into Kagome's arms again and was telling her everything about studying to be a full-fledged fox demon. It had been a long time since she had listened to the little kit babble but she couldn't help being distracted by InuYasha's body heat. He hadn't moved away after telling her about Sango in fact it felt like he'd moved closer. She could feel the fabric of his fire rat brushing along her body, sending little tingles across her skin, and she knew if she shifted her weight she would be able to press herself against his chest as little more than their clothing separated them. The heat radiating from him was almost scorching down her back. Suddenly she realized the little kit had asked her a question and she'd missed it. He was staring at her waiting for her response and she flushed with embarrassment at her distraction. "I'm sorry Shippo but what did you ask me?"

Seeing her red cheeks and being able to guess where her mind had wandered too, Miroku gave her a lecherous grin and piped up "Shippo was asking if you'd be coming back to the village and staying with us tonight? As he stays with us when he's in the village he offered to stay with InuYasha tonight so you could have his space."

Kagome felt her face grow hotter under her blush. Taking a deep breath she knelt down and place Shippo on the ground before standing up and stepping back beside InuYasha. "Thank you Shippo for your kind offer, and you two as well," She said looking at Sango and Miroku standing with their beautiful children, "But I need to speak with InuYasha before I can make any decisions. Would it be all right if we come by later and let you know… everything?" Her voice and eyes pleading for her friends to understand and give them the time they needed to sort through their feelings.

Surprisingly it was Miroku who spoke up without even a hint of teasing "Of course Kagome. Take whatever time you need. We will be here when you're ready and InuYasha can show you where our home is." Miroku smiled at the nervous young miko, while Sango was nodding her agreement. He almost wished he could be a fly on the tree for that conversation. He hoped with all his heart that Buddha would be merciful and allow the young miko and his boneheaded friend to finally be able to express their own hearts desires.

Kagome breathed a sigh of relief that her friends understood her need to be with InuYasha and looking up into his face she noticed he was gazing at her with those same soft eyes. Unsure of what he was feeling she placed a hand to his forearm and asked "Is this ok with you InuYasha? I didn't even stop to think that you might have other obligations-".

InuYasha slipped his hand out of his sleeve, placing it over hers, and stopped her with a smile and a softly spoken, "Keh woman! You're my only priority right now. Come." He led her away from the others. Sango was getting Shippo to help corral the twins towards home although he was loudly protesting the assignment for he wanted to stay with Kagome.

Miroku, watching his two friends, murmured so only InuYasha would hear "If you don't make it back to our place tonight I will keep them from sending out a search party." InuYasha's head whipped around to glare at Miroku receiving a lecherous grin in return before Miroku turned and walked away.

'Feh! Damn perverted monk!' He thought before realizing Kagome was looking at him with a small frown.

"What did Miroku say?" She asked him causing him to blush slightly.

"Just being his typical perverted self." InuYasha grumbled.

Kagome couldn't help but laugh. "Oh I've missed all of this so much!" She squeezed InuYasha's forearm in her joy for she couldn't remember the last time she'd been this happy!

InuYasha knew exactly where to lead Kagome for their 'talk'. Releasing the hand on his arm he quickly grabbed her fingers and started pulling her towards the Goshinboku tree. 'Why not return to where it all began', he thought to himself. 'This is where I fell in love with her so many years ago it. Seems only fitting to tell her here as well'. Growing impatient with how slow she walked he huffed loudly and scooped her up, his sudden action causing Kagome to squeak in surprise, through her arms around his neck and hug him tightly. He leapt forward into his ground eating run reaching the base of the tree quickly before launching them straight up to his favorite branch, the one he had used to watch over the well these last three years. From this vantage point he could see across the valley where the village nestled and the meadow where the bone eaters well resided. The view was beautiful and serene and when the wind blew it caused the long grass of the meadow to sway in waves like the ocean. He'd spent many days simply watching from this tree, watching life move on around him, forever feeling frozen, waiting simply for Kagome to return to him.

Settling himself cross-legged against the trunk he tucked Kagome's head under his chin and her feet and legs curled up in his lap. She settled against him with a content sigh and brought her hand up flat against his chest, feeling his strong heart beating against her palm and the unique texture of his fire rat haori. Red had become her favorite color while she'd been trapped in the future. She had taken to wearing red as often as possible, especially for her underwear and pajamas, needing to feel like her InuYasha was holding her close even if it was only an illusion, but she had never been able to find fabric of just the right texture as his robes.

InuYasha breathed in her scent, the smell he had longed for. She always smelled of vanilla and lavender bath oils as well as her own unique spice of cinnamon. He buried his nose in her hair and closing his eyes he pulled her closer to him, his hands opening and closing around her as if trying to understand that yes she was really here in his arms and wasn't going to disappear again, nothing more than a dream. He let out a happy growl that rumbled deep in his chest and made Kagome smile and relax more fully into him. She was all he'd ever wanted, soft and yet strong, able to take charge yet still be gentle. He was completely at peace for the first time in three years.

Still not quite believing she'd finally made it back after all this time, Kagome thought about why she was here and prayed to any Kami that was listening that her words would come out right and she would be able to tell him everything she felt for him. He was the one and only reason she had returned to the past. Taking a deep breath she prepared to confess her deepest feelings and desires to the only man she'd ever loved. "InuYasha…" Kagome pressed herself away from him slightly so she could look up into his face. His golden gaze reflected her own image back to her, emotions swirling in their depths. "Do you know why the well let me through?" She asked him, wondering if he had any idea of her feelings. She reached out to play with the silky ends of his hair needing something to do with her hands to help distract her from her nerves.

She smelt like cinnamon and nerves and he knew that if he brushed her off with his typical gruff response he'd lose her. Taking a fortifying breath InuYasha blurted out his own confession. "Kagome, I've been to the well every three days since it stopped working. I've prayed to every Kami I can think of to bring you back to me or to let me cross to you. I haven't the faintest clue why it worked this time but I will never stop giving thanks to whatever being allowed me this chance to have you back with me again." InuYasha leaned forward and buried his face against her neck, breathing in her scent that could both calm and excite him at the same time. He felt Kagome's hands move up, one sliding into the hair at the back of his neck, the other threading through his long hair like a living comb.

She stroked gently through his hair gradually getting closer to his ears. Feeling him breathe against her neck, lips brushing against her skin as he nuzzled her, was making it difficult to concentrate. Closing her eyes at the sensation he was producing and from the heartfelt words she whispered, "InuYasha, the reason that the well worked, the reason I was allowed to come back, the only reason… was because I came back for you. You InuYasha, no one else. I wanted… no I needed to see you again!" Opening passion glazed eyes and tugging slightly on his hair to make him raise his head she locked her chocolate eyes firmly with his golden and allowed every feeling and desire in her heart to show. "I'm only here because I couldn't stand not being with you any longer." Lifting her hands she cradled his cheeks. Stroking his cheek bones where his demon marks appear she leaned towards him. Stopping just shy of his lips, letting their breath mingle, she finished by simply stating "I love you InuYasha. I would do anything, even cross five hundred years, to spend the rest of my life with you." Finally she pressed her lips to his and allowed her eyes to close.

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