Note: this was my first endeavor at writing. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This short story is not authorized or endorsed by William Schmidt, ABC, Warner Brothers, Lars Thorwald, Inc., Edelson Productions or anyone else having rights to PREY or the world of PREY. It is not intended to infringe upon any rights or copyright, and it is not written for profit. All characters originally affiliated with PREY belong to those mentioned above and I am just borrowing them for a while and I hope to do them justice.

Writing Challenge - Fate By Laury

I am dead. The inevitable cannot be changed. So why am I so calm? Shouldn't I feel sorrow at my passing? Shouldn't I feel SOMETHING other than this stillness within me?

RELIEF. I feel relieved of the burden of having to kill her. I didn't do it. I COULDN'T. Just like the boy and his mother. So now my life is about to end. I am a Chameleon. I am expendable. I live to serve my species - or I DID. Now the Council will want me eliminated. Lewis will have no choice. Will it be swift? Will I be killed by one of my own or taken away and killed later - to be used as an example to all Chameleons: not to fail and not to disobey orders.

As I ponder my fate, I wonder if HER life is worth it. Who's to say? I only know what I FEEL when she's near me. SHE IS SPECIAL and definitely worth saving. Just as the boy was..maybe more so. I've given up trying to understand it. I just know it's true. She's worth it. I CAN FEEL IT.

So I sit and wonder.will she survive? Will she escape death and turn another Chameleon away from killing her? Will my sacrifice keep her alive? I can only hope. I have lost direction. I cannot go back and I cannot go forward. I DID NOT KILL HER. I cannot change that. I WILL NOT.

So I take a deep breath and listen to the chimes ring in the breeze. The calm feeling returns. I know what I've done is RIGHT. There is no turning back.I must accept my fate and wait for the inevitable.